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"Bravest? More Like Final Fantasy Dodgeball Except It isn't Fun"

I hate to say this but as it turns out, gaming publishers nowadays are so money hungry that they would willing to milk and break every chunk of their popular franchise and sell it for every ripoff dough they can get away with. The idea behind Final Fantasy: All the Bravest was just that. Fortunately the idea was suppose to be a cross multi-universe game like Dissidia for example where almost all the main heroes from every main Final Fantasy games in videogame history to team up and take on the villains of past games. Cool idea but ruin by the fact that it's a cash grab.


Square Enix is money hungry so they want iOS player who knows nothing about Final Fantasy to join in the celebration in this new adventure that really doesn't had any story at all but pretends like it had one. The pretend story goes like this, it's FF anniversary birthday again and Square Enix now wants to give player the chance to take command of almost all the recycle sprites they ever made in past FF games to come together and fight one last time. For those brave enough to take on this ripoff mini-adventure, you better have a stack of cash in your bank account or play the waiting game.


Good, the retro visuals and sprites brought some great nostalgic feeling back to any FF fans. Seeing guest star character like Cloud and Lightning in 16-Bit sprite form is kinda interesting, the bad part about it is that they aren't really that special in the game at all as pretty much you won't be able to do anything with them except include them in your party. The map is big and vast but is linear and unexporable. It's more akin to a Super Mario Bros. 3 map and every battle is like a level except they are short and complicated.


Okay I think, they're pretty much 16-Bit music recycled from past FF games, even the ones from the Sony era were recycle here in 16-Bit forms. Nothing special.


So how's the control? Nope, this game had no control at all, the only control you'll ever get in this game is the world map, tap the gang of sprites, and pay money to Square Enix. There is also no real value or fun to the gameplay at all either. Your party is consist of a whole bunch of random characters from random FF games who would die instant by one hit, lose all the characters and you lose the match. To revive failed characters you either had to wait for certain amount of time or pay Square Enix for some kind of hourglass and give you the time to get back in the match, it‘s kinda like in dodge ball where one group eliminates the other group where if one person is hit by the ball, they are eliminated then they wait until their teammate could manage to survive for a certain amount of time before they could allowed back in the game. Each match is either some random enemies, bosses or characters from past FF games. In terms of battling, there's only one strategy. Tap!, yeap that's it, you tap and tap and continue tapping until you had no one left to tap with. There's also a Fever Mode thingy feature that allows you to tap without having to delay your character's meter but either way it's still the same as a regular tap. You also don't have the option to determine the action of your party, just tap them and they'll randomly do their things on their own like attack, summoning, or using magic tech, and stuff.


Nah, there aren't any that are special, anything you want to unlock, you had to pay for, guest characters cost a dollar each randomly, game world map cost 3 bucks I think, and hourglass could range from a dollar to almost the full price of this game.

Buy or Avoid?

Definitely avoid, unless you are really freaking rich and just want to play for the sake that it had Final Fantasy in the title. This game is not a fun game, heck it was a shame to even called this garbage a game when it doesn't had any gameplay value at all. Every fun aspect of the game is ruin by limitation and the rewarding factor becomes a ripoff. If you're in the iOS for some FF RPG, just get Final Fantasy Dimension or those FF remakes that Square Enix kept milking on the app store or if you want to play a true Final Fantasy crossover between the heroes and the villains, just stick to the Dissidia games. This game doesn't deserve your money cause it doesn't reward you back.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/28/13

Game Release: Final Fantasy: All the Bravest (US, 01/17/13)

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