Long ago there was an age of magic and steel, an age when creatures roamed unchecked throughout the land. Once rich and fertile, Aega was ravaged as the creatures battled to claim these riches for themselves. Fearing the struggle might rage for all eternity, the Seven Sages sacrificed themselves to bind the creatures in magic chains.Despairing at the ceaseless quarrel, the Seven channeled all their magic into a binding spell, trapping every living creature of Aega in a deck of cards. And peace reigned over the land... for a time.Chains of Durandal is an epic trading card game pitting players chosen by the hand of fate against the ancient creatures bound by the Seven.Players collect hundreds of cards and upgrade them to build the ultimate deck to wield in battle.FEATURES? Breathtaking graphics that set a new standard in realism and production value.? A simple battle system with surprising depth. Easy to learn, difficult to master.? Over 300 amazing manga-liked card crafted by 30 talented artists and 10 studios.? Quests featuring a variety of locales including vast plains, fiery volcanoes and ancient castles.? New areas and cards added regularly, with ALL updates FREE to play.Immerse yourself in the kingdom of Aega, an ancient world of steel and magic!***After updating the app on some devices, the game may not launch properly, or display a black screen.If this occurs, try deleting the app and reinstalling it, or deleting the app data from your device's application settings. (So long as you login with the same ID, your game data will not be affected.)

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