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What is the best strategy for getting money fast without hacking? 2
Game keeps crashing. Help Please? 2
Game keeps crashing-help please? 8
Energy trick stopped working? 14
Difference between Gold and Reduced Gold package? 3
What is the best strategy for getting money fast and easy? 5
Can someone help me with the unlocks on Injustice Gods Among Us Android? 6
Gold packs? or characters? 7
Is starter pack better than silver booster pack? 3
Am I having bad luck in the gold booster packs? 3
Recent Questions Answers
How do I get Doomsday fast? 0
A level 80 Rebirth Raven? How is that possible? 0
What is a good character for completing my silver team? 0
How do you get arkham origins deathstroke? 0
Why do I get discount gold packs every time I load the app? 0
What are the odds at getting Ra's Al Ghul's Dagger in Gear Lockers (and is there any other way to get it)? 0
Bosses? 0
Help for Battle 38, best cards to use? 0
How to get cybernetic implants? 0
The previous challenge has expired? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
How Do I Earn Alliance Credits Through Injustice Mobile? 8
is the Red Son pack worth buying? 7
What is a CRIT boost/CRIT attack? 2
WhY I cannot have Batgirl? 2
Knightfall bane and arkham harley? 6
Daily Bonus day 3, 6, 9? 2
Game keeps crashing? 1
I've updated my Injustice to the latest iOS version 1.4 and now it crashed more often? 2
How can I save my Injustice file to my WBID? 1
Offline Mode??? 1

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