Build words. Whomp friends. Be a Bookworm Hero!Get ready to rumble in an all-new test of vocab valor! Play for free and face off with friends as you build words from letter tiles and whomp foes. Hire literary Heroes to join in the fray and use their prodigious powers and special gems. The bigger the word, the badder the damage, so be sure to build the best word possible. Can you spell your way to victory in this vocabularious word challenge?ONE-ON-ONE FUNPlay head-to-head against friends via Facebook or skip logging in and choose a random opponent.LITERARY HEROESAssume the role of Lex the Bookworm or be a famous character like Hamlet or Polyphemus and use their special powers to supercharge your words.POWERFUL PETSChoose from a host of Pets that each have their own magical powers to add extra bonuses, damage or health. But use them wisely!CLASSIC GEM TILESBoost your word power with Emeralds, Diamonds and other gem tiles from the original Bookworm game.COINSEarn Coins as you play to rent or buy new Heroes. Plus, you could win extra Coins at the end of each game with a special bonus payout.THE NEXT CHAPTERThe Bookworm series continues with more wordy fun for all ages. With millions of fans worldwide, Bookworm is one of the most popular digital word games ever!AVAILABLE FREEBookworm Heroes is free for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.EXCLUSIVELY FOR iOSMore Apps from PopCap: BEJEWELED Match sparkling gems in the worlds #1 puzzle game.PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES Soil your plants in the award-winning action-strategy game. iTunes Rewind 2010 iPhone Game of the Year.SOLITAIRE BLITZ Discover a whole new world of Solitaire in this fast-paced treasure hunt!ZUMAS REVENGE! Take on the tikis in this ball-blasting challenge!PEGGLE Clear the orange pegs in this epic blend of luck and skill.BOOKWORM Feed your appetite for fun in THE brain-tickling word puzzle game.CHUZZLE Slide and match cute, cuddly and surprisingly explosive furballs.POPCAP MAKES LIFE FUN!*Visit us at*Follow us at*Like us at

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