This is the TD game for iOS which enemies and towers can attack each other!If you like war games or defense games, you must like this one!If you are so bored with classic defense games, then you must try this one, too!This is definitely the terminator of TD games! What you waiting for?!Features:- The BATTLE MODE! Enemies could attack your turrets in the battle mode which makes the game more challenging and interesting!- 2 defense modes, normal and endless mode.- 3 difficulty levels.- 3 different special skills : the Space Laser, EMP Bomb and the B2 bomber.- 9 kinds of different turrets contains the gatling gun, tesla coil, air-defense guns, the EMP generator- 100 well-designed maps which allows you to enjoy the game for months!- The true origin weapons from modern war and contains some sci-fi elements.- Stunning particle effects, high-resolution pictures and realistic sound effect- RPG-like upgrade system to upgrade your units.- 27 different kinds of medals are waiting for you to unlock!- Get random items occasionally when destroy enemies.- Military rank system.So what are you waiting for? Download our newest TD game right now!**Attention : Please set graphics settings to low on old phones to make the game runs smoothly.**Please note this game is not any version of 'Call of Duty : Modern Warfare' and completely unrelated to any COD series. It's the series of 'Soldiers of Glory', you can find the first version 'Soldiers of Glory: World War 2 TD' from App Store.Keywords:Modern War, Warfare Game, War Game, TD Game, Defence, TD, STG, Strategy,------------------------------Try other awesome games by Cat Studio------------------------------"Egypt Zuma - Temple of Anubis" - A Zuma game with egypt theme."Little Commander - World War II TD" - A TD game with very cute visual style."Soldiers of Glory : World War 2" - Act as the Allied commander and win the WWII!"Soldiers of Glory : Modern War" - A TD game that enemies could attack you back!"Epic Defense - the Elements" - A TD game with war3 visual style."Epic Defense 2 - Wind Spells" - the second work of Epic Defense series, more new elements! more new towers!"Galaxy Wars Defense" - A Space Sci-Fi TD with Stunning Graphics and Super Big Maps!"Zerg Must Die" - A TD game with SC2 style. The gameplay very like Defense Grid"Marble Blast - Zodiac" - Another very good Zuma Game, and you can draw your custom levels!------------------------------Cat Studio's Facebook Page: Studio's Tiwtter: Studio's Youtube Channel:

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