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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Menji

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        Menji Presents...
        Can You Escape FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Version 1.00
                         July 20, 2013
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    Update History
    July 20, 2013 -- Version 1.00
        - Walkthrough for all currently available Floors 1-8
    Each floor is described below with a step by step walkthrough. Items that can
    be added to your inventory are listed and noted by [item]. If a floor has more
    than one room I have started the step out with a letter that corresponds to a
    floor I listed at the start.
    Can You Escape is a free mobile game that challenges you to solve hidden
    puzzles. If you enjoy the game be sure to check out Escape If You Can and 
    Escape Challenge for free as well.
    Game Instructions:
    "The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve the puzzles and
     find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to
     advance to the next floor."
         i    - Floor 1
         ii   - Floor 2
         iii  - Floor 3
         iv   - Floor 4
         v    - Floor 5
         vi   - Floor 6
         vii  - Floor 7
         viii - Floor 8
         Floor 9 and 10 in development!
                                        Floor 1
        - Very Easy
        - One Room
        - Drawer handle
        - Screwdriver
        - Key
    1. Examine the box to the right and complete the puzzle. It is a bit long but
       just click to rotate the squares and grab the [drawer handle]
    2. Use the [drawer handle] on the stand to the left and grab the [screwdriver]
    3. Examine the painting to the left and note the code 1915
    4. Use the [screwdriver] on the vent to the left and put in 1915 to get [key]
    5. Use [key] next to elevator to move on
                                        Floor 2
        - Easy
        - One Room
        - Handle
        - Key
        - Key Card
    1. Click the desk on the left and flip over the deck of cards to reveal 493
    2. Enter 493 into the case on the floor then click to reveal the [handle]
    3. Use [handle] on the faucet by the green container. Use it again to bring the
       [key] to the top
    4. Use [key] on the white cabinet and grab [key card]
    5. Use [key card] by elevator to proceed
                                        Floor 3
        - Normal
        - One Room
        - Cane
        - Pipe
        - Hard Drive
        - Key
    1. Grab the [cane] on the floor in the bottom right
    2. Open the top door of the cabinet and use the [cane] to get [pipe]
    3. Open the bottom door of the cabinet and grab the [hard drive]
    4. Below the TV are four colored cars: yellow, blue, red and green
    5. Use the [hard drive] on the computer and put the color code in to reveal:
              . o .
              . . o
              . o .
              . . o
    6. Below the TV is a door. Move the puzzle to match the above and use the
       [pipe] to open the door and grab the [key]
    7. Use the [key] by the elevator and go to the next floor
                                        Floor 4
        - Normal
        - One Room
        - Battery
        - Handle
        - Rod
        - Knife
        - Flashlight
        - Key
    1. Click the chairs and then the one on the right to reveal the [battery]
    2. Note the colored bottles to the upper right: blue red yellow green
    3. Enter the color order on the oven to get [handle]
    4. Use the [handle] on the blinds to grab the [rod]
    5. Click to move the flowers on the floor and use the [handle] on the secret
       compartment to get [knife]
    6. Use [knife] on the box to the right to cut the rope and obtain [flashlight]
    7. Use [handle] on the center floor compartment. Click the [battery] and
       then the [flashlight] to combine them. Use [flashlight] into the darkness,
       then use the [rod] to grab the [key]
                                        Floor 5
        - Hard
        - Two Rooms
          - Elevator (a)
          - Bedroom  (b)
        - Blue Eye
        - Pencil
        - Key
        - Brown Eye
        - Seeds
        - Key #2
    1.  (b) Click the basket on the bicycle and grab the [blue eye]
    2.  (b) Note the colors of the candles behind the pictures above the bed:
            Pink Teal Black White
    3.  (a) Examine the dresser below the dart board and move the circles around
            until the four colors from step 2 are aligned with the arrows. Grab the
    4.  (b) Use the [pencil] on the white paper attached the clipboard. You will
            have to rub the paper to get the secret message to appear. The secret
            is six pillars with heights of tall, medium, short, tall, medium, tall
    5.  (b) Click the chest next to the front bike wheel and then move the puzzle
            to match the secret from step 4 and grab the [key]
    6.  (b) In the left corner is a night stand that can be hard to see. Grab the
            [brown eye]
    7.  (a) Use the [blue eye] and [brown eye] in their respective spots on the
            table below the plant to get the [seeds]
    8.  (a) Use the seeds on the bird in the cage in the corner and grab [key #2]
            that was dropped
    9.  (a) Examine the dart board and note that the Green, Red and Blue darts are
            in the 8 4 and 5 spots respectively. 
    10. (a) Use the gold [key #2] in the left slot and put in 8 4 5 then use the
            silver [key] in the right keyhole to reveal 129. Add the numbers
            together to get 974 and put that in at the bottom
                                        Floor 6
        - Hard
        - One Room
        - Car Jack
        - Blue Weight
        - Metal Rod
        - Red Weight
        - Green Weight
        - Key
    1. Click the space below the model ship and grab the [car jack]
    2. Fill out the pyramid puzzle. Each square is the product of the two below it.
       Once complete, open the compartment below and grab the [blue weight]
       The solution is:     168        
                          12   14
                         6   2   7
                        3  2   1  7
    3. Examine the display to the right and grab the [metal rod] behind the vase
    4. Click the [metal rod] then the [car jack] to combine the items and use the
       new [cark jack] on the red car to reveal the [red weight]
    5. Now we need to collect some numbers. Examine the green reptile on the wall
       to the left for a Yellow 2, there is a Green 6 above the elevator, in the
       display window click the square that is not the same color to reveal a
       Blue 2, and lastly the stand behind the car has a Red 6 underneath a woven
    6. Enter the numbers 2 6 6 2 in the stand behind the car and open the safe to
       get the [green weight]
    7. Place the [blue weight], [red weight] and [green weight] on their respective
       spots click the grey rectangle below the horns to reveal the red [key]
    8. Use the [key] by the elevator to proceed 
                                        Floor 7
        - Hard
        - Two Rooms
          - Elevator   (a)
          - Photo Room (b)
        - Key #1
        - Screwdriver
        - Tool
        - Camera
        - Memory card
        - Key #2
    1. (a) Examine the model of the ship until you find the [key #1] hidden away
    2. (a) Examine the tool box on the right. Click to reveal a [screwdriver]
    3. (b) Notice the color attern of the cubes in the green area. Return to (a)
           and click the box to the left on the ground. Top row should be yellow,
           black, green, yellow. Bottom row is blue, black, red, black. Grab the
    4. (b) Use the [tool] on the locked red box to the bottom left. Grab [camera]
    5. (b) Click the camera on the desk and note 4861 printed on the camera. Back
           out and click below the desk to enter the number which reveals six
           squares [o][x][x][o][x][x]
    6. (b) Click the computer desk and turn the photo around. Use the [screwdriver]
           to get the [memory card] for the camera
    7.     Click on the [camera] and then the [memory card] to load the horse race
           photo. Notice the colored number sequence 9 8 6 5 4 3 2 1
    8. (a) Click on the entertainment center and click the squares marked with x's
           from step 5 then bring up your [camera]. Note the numbers with yellow,
           blue, red and then black backgrounds for the code 4316. Grab [key #2]
    9. (a) Click to the left of the elevator and use [key #1] and [key #2]
                                        Floor 8
        - Hard
        - Three Rooms
          - Elevator (a)
          - TV       (b)
          - Couch    (c)
        - CD
        - Remote
        - Power Cord
        - Device
    1.  (a) Click the yellow basket and grab the [DVD]
    2.  (a) Click the bookshelf on the left and grab [remote]
    3.  (a) Click the Cuckoo-Clock and take the [power cord]
    4.  (c) Click tricycle and grab take the drawer [handle]
    5.  (c) Use handle on the drawer below the lamp. Grab [device]
    6.  (c) Behind the horse painting is 7528
    7.  (b) Click the DVD player and use 7528 as the code and insert [DVD]
    8.  (b) Click the speaker on the left and use [power cord] on outlet.
    9.  (b) Use [device] with [power cord] and note 3462
    10. (b) Use [remote] on TV and count the animals on each picture: 4632
    11. (c) Use 4632 code on tablet from top left, top right, bottom left and then
            bottom right to see Circle, Star, Triangle and Square
    12. (a) Enter code 3462 and Circle, Star, Triangle, Square next to elevator
    Floors 9 and 10 are in development by the creator but I will add the solutions
    when they are released. Try out Escape If You Can for more free levels or pay
    for the bonus levels.
         Frequently Asked Questions
    Q - Why is your solution not working for me?
    A - It should not be. I tested each of these as I did them for a second time.
    Q - When are the new levels coming?
    A - Whenever they are finished!
    Q - There is an error, can you fix it?
    A - Absolutely, let me know if I got something wrong.
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    Copyright 2013 
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    No one may use this guide without permission from the creator.
    This is not the official FAQ/Walkthrough for Can You Escape and I have no
    affiliation with Kaarel Kirsipuu.
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