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Reviewed: 04/13/09 | Updated: 04/20/09

More like iFailure... Review for the iPhone

For the love of god, Apple please stick with computers and iPods...

Alright. I'm pretty sure all of you reading this know what the iPhone is or have an idea of what it is. I'm pretty sure you've heard a lot of praise and goodwill for the iPhone, all of the news articles and press conferences about the iPhone. Is any of it justified? Hell no, more like vastly overrated. Why? The iPhone is one of the worst phones on the market, and that's saying a lot after spending well over 5 months with it and experiencing the NGE.

So, I'm like anyone before buying the iPhone. It looked really awesome in the ads and people were raving about it. Chances be known, I required a new phone and wanted something good because the prepaid phones were lacking. So, I ended up choosing the iPhone after trying the instore kiosk of it.... Biggest mistake of my life. So why do I hate the iPhone?

Let's start with the monthly bill. Note, I am doing this review for the "official" plan with AT&T, so prices apply to it. EXPENSIVE. Cheapest plan for the iPhone is like $69($39 for the cheapest plan and $30 for the data plan)... And that's with 450 Anytime minutes and 2000 Nights/Weekend minutes. As I sad above, the other part of the price comes in with the data plan, which is required. That "supposedly" allows you unlimited data transfer for the internet and voice mail options. Now, at first I thought it was worth it, but now, the overall price is ridiculous because you do NOT get text messaging with it... I mean, you're spending $70 for a cell phone plan and internet, but no text messaging...? And the problems only get worse.

The phone itself currently comes in 8GB(black) or 16GB(black and white). The iPhone is pretty slim and very comfortable to hold. But it feels pretty awkward to hold at times, but thankfully, it doesn't look like a taco when you're talking on the phone.

One of the biggest gripes I have with the iPhone is the poor battery life. Never before have I ever had a handheld device that uses so much batter power and requires a charge that's pushing to twice a day. Even the PSP with its graphics and capabilities didn't require this many charges. And it's just ridiculous. I could merely use the iPod on my phone for maybe about an hour, and the battery life's already down by a significant amount...and that's just from listening to music? Even changing the setting to 2G when I'm traveling and dimming the brightness seems to have little effect. I use the internet on it, but I don't visit sites that require a lot of data to transfer. Basically put, this phone uses too much battery power, which is even sadder when the option to change between 3G and 2G even acknowledges that the batter dies faster under 3G.

Another pet peeve I have with the iPhone is the speed. At times, the phone and especially the internet are very slow. I could have full signal somewhere and still have very poor service or slow internet. Sometimes the internet will slow so much that it won't even load at all. And one problem I seemed to have whenever the internet started messing up is when I had to reboot my phone because I couldn't click on any of my links or enter any text. It's kind of hard to explain, but basically, my browser became unresponsive.

To add to that, I have had my phone freeze up on me twice - one time it froze for like 10 minutes before it finally shut off(because I kept pressing the power button) and rebooted.

One of the most annoying things with the phone, and believe me, I almost threw the thing out of my apartment onto the NYC street one time, is when my phone will randomly boot up an app or the phone. I have never figured out why it did this, but it does so an awful lot.

Feature wise, I am disappointed. I bought the iPhone for its features, but more so for a phone, and as a phone, it fails. I said up above, the signal tends to die out in areas where it should have strong coverage, especially in NYC since AT&T have loads of coverage up here. It also lacks features a smartphone should have. It has a camera, but you can't send pictures via text message nor can you record movies and send them. It has virtually no MMS support at all, and for a phone like the iPhone and the price you pay for it, that's unacceptable. My prepaid phone that I only paid $30 had MMS, so there's really no excuse for Apple to not have it. The iPhone was targeted as a media phone at times, but for it to miss one of the most important aspects of a smartphone is just maddening.

And last but certainly not least, iTunes and Apple. If you ask me, Apple was very lazy by not giving a manual with the phone and iTunes because it took me a bit before I finally could work iTunes. It was frustrating because I was trying to add music only for me to realize I had to Sync. This is pure laziness on Apple's part because some of the features that iTunes and the iPhone share were confusing until I spent an hour working with it to finally get the gist of it.

Let's not forget about how Apple likes to double charge you for ringtones. Oh yeah, remember when you used to be able to buy ringtones for $.99 on most phones, well, on the iPhone, you have to pay $.99 for the song AND another $.99 to turn it into a ringtone provided the song can be made into a ringtone. It's the biggest load of toss I have ever seen. Virtually no excuse whatsoever considering the fact that the iPhone is also an MP3 player with access to music. If I already own the song, or paid for it already, why in the hell should I again pay Apple(for songs I buy off iTunes) to turn a song that's now mine into a ringtone?

I'm going to be honest here and say the iPhone is the worst phone on the market, and that's saying a lot after seeing the N-Gage. I had high hopes for Apple and the iPhone. People will disagree, moan, and gripe but it's the truth. It's features are lackluster, it's service is very poor, and the internet on the phone is a joke. And it's missing so many key features while being ridiculously overpriced compared to most phones. And not to say that the iPhone is a bad idea by any means, but really, there's so much unused potential for the iPhone. My advice, save yourself the $840/yr you'd pay for the overpriced iPhone and it's overpriced plan and just do a one time investment and get yourself a good MP3 player and a good cell phone because as both, the iPhone fails.

+Sleek, smooth design
+Very nice home page and design

-Lack of MMS support
-$2.00 for a ringtone?
-Very slow especially during high coverage
-Lost of signal in spots where signal strength is normally high
-Poor battery life
-Unresponsive at times
-Waay too pricey
-Because of the iPhone's design, using it to talk on the phone is kind of awkward
-Apple's laziness in providing a good, detailed manual for iTunes and the iPhone

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: iPhone 3G (US, 07/11/08)

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