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"Very Great Portable System and has lots of potential."

iPod Touch is a fun and entertaining system IMO. There are flaws but everything else is perfect. Touch Screen can be take a while to get use to but it works very well. Many people might be thinking that using your fingers than using a stylus is inaccurate but still works well. Also that we don't need buttons on all of our gaming systems to play, there are many great ways playing by just isn't touch screen. I'm not bashing on the Dsi or PSP but I'm perfering this than both of them. Even though there is some apps that are useless (Like fart apps), we can always find better ones. There are many great games by EA or Gameloft like Metal Gear Touch, Megaman II, Tap Tap, and many more.

It's not all about he games too, it's about the apps too. Like you can check the weather, stocks, watch YouTube videos, and even send/recieve text messages also call people on your iPod (Need a Bluetooth Mic or earphones with a built-in mic) I think that using the Internet/Safari is very smooth and great than any other system/phone. But sometimes I wish that we can have bluetooth tethering like the PSPgo or even internet everywhere. But it's ok, there are wi-fi spots in some places like fast food the mall or food stores. I mostly use Safari or Youtube but I play games too. I never get bored with my iPod and it's very entertaining.

On conclusion, the iPod Touch is a great handheld system for all ages, and for people who love to listen to music. This is a time saver when you are bored or need something to do when on the go. I too own one and it's a 8gb 2nd Gen. Totally worth it IMO and I recommand to everyone and very cheap for just for $200. One of the funnest and cheapest handhelds out there...

Pros (+) and Cons (-)

+ Slim and shiny
+ Small and can fit in your pocket whatever you go
+ Many handy apps and fun games
+ 3 ways to play: accelerometer, multi-touch, voice
+ Bluetooth and Wi-fi
+ Play peer-to-peer games and apps
+ Like a Labtop in your pocket
+ Free/Paid Apps and Games
+ Built-in speaker and quality sound
+ Youtube and Safari

- Short Battery Life (Just lower Brightness)
- Crashes and freezes sometimes
- Bluetooth Problems (Can't connect to some headsets)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/09/09

Game Release: iPod Touch Second Generation (US, 09/09/08)

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