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"An experience never to forget is a touch away: Review for IPod Touch 4th Gen"

What is there to say about the iPod Touch, released by Apple? Well, while it does not do as much as the iPhone, it still does a lot of things. It works as a personal organizer, a watch for keeping track of time, a camera, a music player, an eBook reader, a calculator, a web browser and your own personal video game handheld system. Before we get into the megatude of features, let's look at the build of the iPod Touch.

The iPod is light, it feels like an empty box of playing cards. While hard and unlikely to be broken by dropping it, lack of care for it WILL lead to a cracked screen, which does not damage the touch screen. When you need to type something it takes a little bit of getting used to. You cannot use a pen or a stylus such as a Nintendo DS stylus on the iPod Touch for typing. The keyboard also takes up half the screen when needed, very inconvienent. The touch screen is much better than the one for the 3DS. You have your time, battery life and WiFi connection at the top of the screen. You can scroll down a curtain of some sort for notifications and a 5 day forecast.

The speakers are very loud for such a small thing. If you plug earbuds in and move the volume up to the maximum level it doesn't sound like you have earbuds in. That's how loud the iPod Touch can get.

The battery will last you a while if you're just listening to music but for 3D games it will only last you a few hours, keep that in mind if you want to buy an iPod Touch.

Off of the screen you have your volume control, power button and sleep button. I usually just put my iPod Touch to sleep as the boot time is dreadful. That's about it for the build of the iPod Touch. Extremely well made but it's worth noting that the iPod Touch will not connect to the internet without a WiFi hotspot. It is one of the major issues with the iPod Touch. If you want internet without WiFi you will need an iPhone.

The iPod Touch camera is a decent camera. You aren't likely to get a good picture without light as there is no flash. It functions as a video camera as well. While the picture quality is great, as with other cameras it has trouble taking pictures of televisions and computer screens. You can press a button to point the camera towards you or yourself, a great feature. A problem that I'm unsure if others have is that the camera will occasionally turn to a black screen, leaving me locked out for a while, a huge pain. There's a grid option, not sure what good it does though. Saving pictures to your computer is an easy process that just works as a USB drive does. Overall, is it the best camera? No but it gets the job done.

The music player is excellent. You can organize playlists, search by albums or songs, see how many songs you have, and you can search through your library with keywords. You can download music from the iTunes store on your iPod (if you have WiFi at your location of course). Song prices range from 50 cents to 3 dollars. In my opinion music should cost nothing more than a quarter, the current price is way too expensive. Overall the music player is very odd in design, but it gets the job done well. It's easier to get music through your iPod Touch as iTunes is complete garbage. Slow, hard to get through, laggy, poorly designed are all great words to describe iTunes.

The Safari browser is bad. I don't know what the designers were thinking when they made tabs so difficult to use. Very confusing layout, tabs are horrible, and just one of the worst features on the iPod Touch. I would just go to the App Store and download Dolphin, a free, superior browser than Safari.

The App Store is well done, easy to navigate. It's laggy though and you have to type your password in every time you want to buy something. There's not much to complain about with the App Store, very easy to find what you want. Many apps are free and the overall feel of the App Store makes you want to buy something. A lot of apps are junk though and a waste of money, you can get a good feel of which ones are worth your money with the reviews in the App Store.

Now, on to the important thing. The gaming! The iPod Touch is light and very hard to game with, which is why I use the LevelUp iPod/iPhone controller. Not the best iPod controller out there but it does give you more grip. Most of the games remind me of NES games as they are cheap, not a complex story, very light in depth and just time killers. You can backup your old Gameboy and NES games that no longer work after years of playing, and play them on your iPod Touch. I love my gaming iPod. Games like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Robot Unicorn Attack are excellent fun. The touch controls once again alone are hard to get control on which is why if you are looking to turn your iPod Touch into a handheld system, you want to get a controller to put your iPod Touch in for that console feel and a little bit of grip. However due to the magnitude of great games for the iPod Touch, it is very worth it..for the right price. The iPod Touch is expensive! The 32GB model will run you 300 dollars just for the thing alone, a controller is about $10 give or take but the games are affordable. I still think that music is a ripoff though.

So is the iPod Touch worth the money? Well, the iPhone is more powerful and does everything that I've mentioned in this review. If you're in need of a new phone and have the extra money to send out, I would just get the iPhone but if you are fine with having a cheaper phone, go for the iPod Touch. While it doesn't do as much as the iPhone and it is expensive, it is a great handheld system and music player.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/05/12

Game Release: iPod Touch (4th Gen) (US, 09/08/10)

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