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Reviewed: 08/03/09

Like The Genesis Version!

The only newer generation iPod game that I really have played to death, Sonic the Hedgehog on the 'pod is virtually identical to the Genesis version, a nearly perfect port. When I downloaded it the day after I bought my new iPod, I immediately loaded it up, and proceeded to play for over an hour, its just as addicting as the Genesis original. Game play will tell you more.

Game play: 7/10

The only real downfall to the game play in this version of Sonic the Hedgehog is the control, and that is merely due to the design of the iPod. Otherwise, everything is classic Sonic! There is a great sense of speed, you jump everywhere in typical Sonic plat-former action. Everything in-game from the Genesis port is found in the iPod port, including special stages, bonuses, etc. Sadly though, there is nothing new in this port (other than a continue option every time you die {whereas in the home port, you had to earn it} and yes, still no spin dash...). The same thing can be said about the story (but that does not mean its bad).

Story: 9/10

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (his name is Robotnik by the way, not Eggman!) has taken over the magic island, and has collected the seven Chaos Emeralds, and has wreaked havoc on the island as a result. Sonic cannot sit by idly and allow this; it is up to him to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds, and restore peace to the island. Graphics will be up next, a surprising score.

Graphics: 9/10

Dare I say, does the game look better on the iPod screen than it does on a television screen? It comes close, and may even surpass it (I have not seen the two side by side thus I am not too sure), but the fact is, the iPod port of Sonic the Hedgehog is pretty indeed! Sonic looks great, the in-game animations look great, everything is just detailed and smooth. Sounds are next.

Sounds: 8/10

While not a bad soundtrack (Sonic soundtracks are never bad), the first installment's soundtrack is nothing special, and not nearly as good as the third game's soundtrack. The iPod does a good job of playing the music though, as it sounds smooth and sharp (what would you expect from an MP3 player after all?). Every sound from the home port is found in this port, and it sounds just as good. Replay ability will be coming next.

Replay ability: 7/10

While not an outstanding game for replay, Sonic is not bad either. It will take a little time to get used to the control scheme of the iPod, otherwise you would play this game for about the same amount of time as you would on a console.

Buy or rent?

Can you rent iPod games? If so, I suggest you rent it first to see if its for you. and if not, then you can just delete it!

Though Sega has had a terrible run the past few years, ports such as this game show that they are still a quality developer... when they want to be. I've played this game over 100 times on my iPod alone, and I will play more, its just too good!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 12/18/07)

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