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    FAQ by DiabloNeonX

    Version: ver. 1.0 | Updated: 05/11/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Phase FAQ Ver. 1.0
    by Don "DiabloNeonX" Cassedy
    v. 1.0 written 5/11/2008
    Obligatory Disclaimer:
    This FAQ was written by me.  It is only authorized to be hosted on 
    any website I create, 
    www.gamefaqs.com, or 
    Any unauthorized publication or reproduction will result in 
    legal penalties.If you wish to host it, you may do so by 
    contacting me first and obtaining my permission, provided 
    that I am credited for the work and this FAQ is not 
    altered in any way, shape, or form.
    Table of Contents
    1:  Introduction
    2:  Installation
    3:  Gameplay
    4:  Songs
    5:  Unlockables
    6:  Contact Information
    7:  Legal Information
    1:  Introduction
    Phase was developed by the wonderfully skilled team at Harmonix, 
    the people responsible for developing Rock Band, and Amplitude, 
    for the Apple iPod.  If you've played Amplitude, Guitar Hero, or 
    Rock Band, you'll have the general idea on how the game is played.  
    The notes come at you and you have to hit the corresponding buttons.  
    There is one little twist.  There are also what are known as "sweeps" 
    that you can collect for bonus points.  I'll explain more later on in the 
    FAQ.  You can play through the default songs (there are 7 songs), or 
    you can add songs from your iPod to create your own in-game 
    playlist (up to 1000 songs).  This gives Phase more replayability than 
    any other rhythm game out there.
    2:  Installation
    Phase can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store for $4.99.  It is 
    compatible with the 3rd generation iPod Nano (or later) or the 5th 
    generation iPod (or later).  It is NOT compatible with the iPhone or 
    the iPod Touch.   Keep that in mind when purchasing.  
    Installation is easy.  First, connect your iPod to your PC or Mac (with 
    iTunes open), and when the Devices tab opens on the left hand side, 
    click on your  iPod to bring up the Summary screen.  From there, click 
    the far right tab that says Games, then check the box for Sync games, 
    then you can either choose  the button for all games or selected games.  
    If you choose selected games,  check the check box for Phase, then 
    press the Sync button in the lower right  hand corner, give it a moment, 
    and voila.  Phase is now installed on your iPod.  Once Phase is 
    installed, you'll see a playlist pop up for Phase Music.  I'll get more into 
    that later on.
    3:  Gameplay
    Phase is played in the same general idea as Rock Band or Amplitude.  
    The notes scroll down towards you and you press the corresponding 
    buttons to hit  the notes.  You use the rewind button for the left notes, 
    the center button for center notes and the fast forward button for the 
    right notes.  As I mentioned earlier, there are also things called Sweeps 
    that are used to score bonus points.  They are a line of smallish notes 
    (kind of like the HO/PO notes in Rock Band, but not really).  To collect a 
    Sweep, your note collectors turn in a little basket automatically (and
    reverts back when the Sweeps are over), and  you scroll the basket 
    back and forth with the iPod's scroll wheel. Hence, that  is why the game 
    can't be played with the iPhone or iPod Touch.  
    At the start of the song and at the start of each checkpoint, you will be 
    informed on how many stars you need to collect during each section of 
    the song.  Stars are earned by hitting notes and collecting Sweeps to 
    earn points.  Green stars are required stars to earn, and orange stars 
    are bonus stars that will lead to extra points at the end of the song and 
    replenish a heart if you are down one.  You start with three hearts and 
    the maximum number of hearts you can have is four. 
    Depending on the duration of the song, there are a number of checkpoints 
    throughout the song.  I've personally seen as few as three checkpoints (on 
    a really short song), and as many as nineteen (on a really long song).  If 
    you fail to collect enough green stars during a section, you lose a heart.  
    Lose all of your hearts and the game is over.
    There are two modes of play, Quickplay and Marathon.  There are five
    difficulties total: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert (locked), and 
    Insane (locked).
    Quickplay is just that.  Pick a song, pick your difficulty, and play through
    Marathons are a series of five songs which will either play in sequence 
    alphabetically based on what songs you installed, or random (which can 
    be set in the options menu).  I personally prefer the random option when 
    playing marathons because you never know what songs you're going to 
    get and it adds to the challenge.  High scores are kept for every song 
    you do, whether it be in quickplay or marathon.  There is also a separate 
    high score page for cumulative marathon scores.  In marathon mode, 
    your score is a cumulative score of all five songs.  Also, the marathon 
    gets harder as you go along.  For example: if you are playing on medium, 
    most sections of songs require two or three green stars for completion.  
    In marathons, many sections of later  songs will require four and 
    sometimes (but rarely) five stars.  Harder difficulties will often require five 
    stars all the way through.
    4:  Songs
    As I mentioned earlier, Phase has seven songs in it's default playlist.  
    Those songs are...
    Bang Camaro - Nightlife Commando
    Dealership - Dots and Dashes
    Freezepop - Pop Music Is Not A Crime
    Inter:sect - Midnight Gamma
    Kodomo - Spira Mirabilis
    Speck - The Theme of the Awesome
    Universal Hall Pass - Dragonfly Remix
    As I also mentioned, you can add up to 1000 songs into the Phase Music 
    playlist and make your game as big or as small as you want.  At the time 
    of this writing, my playlist is at 336 songs.  To add songs, just find the 
    songs you want in your iPod's track list, then drag and drop them into the 
    Phase Music playlist.  Upon doing so, Phase will start to analyze the song 
    so that it can produce the note chart.  Depending on how many songs you 
    add, this can take anywhere from 30 seconds (for one song) to several 
    hours (a few hundred songs).  
    You can add or remove songs from Phase any time you have your iPod 
    hooked up to your PC or Mac.  With that said, the song possibilities for 
    Phase are virtually limitless (I say virtually because you are capped at 
    1000 songs, but you can add or remove songs whenever you want).
    5:  Unlockables
    There are only two unlockables in the game.
    Expert difficulty: complete a marathon on Hard
    Insane difficulty: complete a marathon on Expert
    6:  Contact Information
    If you wish to contact me to submit additional information or corrections, 
    or if you would like to be a host for this FAQ, you can e-mail me at 
    I will not answer any e-mails about game questions.  Any information or 
    corrections submitted will be credited to you.   Just let me know what 
    name you want me to credit you as.
    7:  Legal Information
    Phase is developed and published by Harmonix for the Apple iPod.  This 
    FAQ is the intellectual property of me, Don "DiabloNeonX" Cassedy.  As 
    stated before, the only sites authorized to host this FAQ are any sites that I 
    create, www.gamefaqs.com, and www.gamespot.com.  I will grant license 
    to other sites wishing to host this FAQ, provided that they contact me for 
    permission first, credit me for the work, and leave this FAQ unaltered.  Any 
    unauthorized hosting or alterations is prohibited and will result in legal 
    Copyright 2008 Don "DiabloNeonX" Cassedy

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