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"This Game Finished Under Par"

Mini Golf, this iPod Clickwheel game, clearly came from a person with Attention Deficit Disorder (and I mean this in a good way). The courses are varied, each hole is surrounded by animations and sounds, and gameplay is kept at a fast-pace (golfers with even shorter attention spans can press the center button to speed up even the slowest ball).

The mechanics of the game are simple: line up where to tee off, decide on a direction, and set your power. Of course, the holes also have obstacles, from windmills to moles (gophers?), so it's not always cut and dry. Control is easy; though overly sensitive at times, making it hard to line up a shot. It's not always clear where to shoot the first time you get to a hole, so there's some trial and error in the process.

The game features three courses, but only the third is a real challenge. I played each course twice, and it took me just over an hour to do so. By the second play through, I was making a lot of hole-in-one's. Some of the courses are very simple, to the point where you can bypass many of the trickier areas completely.

Outside the single-player mode, a pass-the-system multiplayer and a practice mode round out the playing options. The game keeps statistics for each course, hole-in-one's, and overall courses played.

Graphics are vibrant, but some of the obstacles meant to help you are too tiny to make out for such a small screen. There is a good variation between the three courses' surrounding animation, but sometimes I wished that the actual course itself was bigger or clearer. One other pet peeve: your player avatar can sometimes block your view of a hole (especially if you're standing to the left of it). The avatar turns transparent, but it's hard to see where a hole is through that.

The game was clearly ported from a mobile phone, and to that end, the sound effects are obnoxious and too loud (and there is no option to turn down the sound effects, so it's either "on" or "off"). I did not listen to the music provided with the game.

In the end, Mini Golf would be a great game for a casual gamer, but I was disappointed by the overall easiness. At $5, it's a great way to kill some time, and the game itself is fun, if you can get over the short length and control issues.

Reviewed on an iPod Nano 3G.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/02/09

Game Release: Mini Golf (US, 09/12/06)

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