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"good enough for what it is"

This Mini Golf game is for the iPod Classics and iPod Nanos - you need the wheel controls to play it. If it has been adapted for touch screens or the iPhone and iPod Touch lines in general, I have no clue. As much as I love mini golf in general, I don't think it really translates well to video game formats. As a quick distraction, like a little flash game on those Orbitz ads, it's fun, but as a full released title, it just doesn't work as a major game you'll want to invest in. Part of what makes real mini golf so fun, is the sheer novelty of the game and of the quirky obstacles. You can go a few times during the summer with friends or on dates or with family, but it's hard to imagine that mini golf is any sort of hobby. I love it, I love that one weekend every summer where someone is fishing their ball out of a water hazard, the silly trash talk, and so on. Video game versions of mini golf just don't capture much of that, so you're left with an attempt at conquering geometry, for the most part.

It's fun for a bit, definitely. Rotate your club to try and hit the ball in a specific direction, work against whatever mechanic the game has for swing speed, and give it a shot. Even basic courses are fun for killing a little time. But without much more than that, it gets old pretty quickly. This version of Mini Golf isn't much different, it's fast paced and the courses are pretty short, so you'll keep motoring through. Great for killing some time.

There are three courses, you unlock the second course by getting through the first one, and then you have to make par on this second course to unlock the third. Plenty of holes, but most of them aren't that exciting, and if you play the course more than once or twice, you'll have most of them figured out, subsequent playthroughs are more an exercise against the precision of the game. This might be the biggest problem with the game, as it doesn't really have overall good course design to really keep you interested.

The thing is, Mini Golf is a $5 game and it's worth that much. If you have a plane ride coming up and want something that will kill an hour or so, this is a pretty effective way of doing so. The music and sound effects are horrid, you'll just want to turn those off and listen to your own music. So, if you have an iPod that can play this game, it's an acceptable level of quality for the price, and honestly you probably aren't expecting more than the game delivers anyway. It's not bad, there's just no real reason to play it for very long outside of killing time on trips and such.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/29/10

Game Release: Mini Golf (US, 09/12/06)

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