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    Level Guide by Rman0099

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vay Level Guide
    Version: 1.0
    By: Rman0099
    email:  randypress@hotmail.com
    Author's Note:
    This is the first guide that I have ever written so if anyone sees any 
    mistakes or thinks there is something I
    should add let me know.  But considering the age of the game I doubt too 
    many people will be reading this.  I can
    give you a gaurantee;  If you follow these levels and the little startegies 
    and tips included then Vay should be
    VERY LITTLE trouble at all.  I have been known to be a bit of a level freak 
    and my levels are normally considerably
    higher than most peoples.
    Table of Contents:
    I.     Version History
    II.    About this Guide
    III.   Character Intro
            A.  Sandor
            B.  Pottle
            C.  Rachel
            D.  PJ
            E.  Lynx
            F.  Kinsey
    IV.   Level Guide (may contain spoilers)
            A.  Start
            B.  Pauth Cave
            C.  Fort Gilan
            D.  Droust Cave
            E.  Magmal
            F.  Kerzalt
            G.  Raxaal Cave
            H.  Mt. Bole
            I.  Danek Base
            J.  Dragon's Lair
            K.  East Dragon Shrine
            L.  Ice Tower
            M.  Water Shrine
            N.  Maytake's Cave
            O.  Penan Castle
            P.  Treefall Village
            Q.  Fire Lake
            R.  Toth Shrine
            S.  Marwick Castle
            T.  Redcliff
            U.  Charnel
            V.  Danek (first visit)
            W.  Danek (second visit)
            X.  Draktyr
            Y.  End: Sadoul/Ardor
    V.    Tips and Hints
    VI.   Conclusion
    I.  Version History:
    1.0:  Added all character info, my level, and the tips.  This should be the 
    first and final version
    II.  About this guide:
    	This being my first guide and all i figured I would keep it nice and simple 
    and make a level guide to an old game
    that was recently made available to play agian by the wonders of emulation 
    (thank you creators of Gens).  This guide will
    give you a simple breakdown of the areas of the game and MY LEVELS at these 
    areas.  I can't stress this enough, THESE ARE MY
    LEVELS!!! You don't need to be on these levels so don't email me saying that 
    you aren't at this level or that one so is it
    still possible to get through.  I will answer that question now:
    Yes, It is most likely possible to beat the area at your level.  I have been 
    known for being VERY thorough with my levels and
    the are (in some peoples opinions) outrageous.  For example, if anyone has 
    seen the back of the case of Vay you will notice
    that there is a picture of a party at the last boss with levels as follows:
    Sandor: 39
    PJ:     40
    Lynx:   38
    Kinsey: 37
    If anyone notices Sandor and PJ are at greater than L 41 at Treefall Village 
    and Lynx is at L 38 before I got to Fire Lake in my
    game and Kinsey was at L 38 soon after I got her.  So technically my 
    characters had high enough levels to beat the game when I was
    only 3/4 complete.
    This guide will also offer some secrets you may miss your first time through 
    that could be helpful, some good things to do with
    equipment, general boss strategy, and good places for levels when going 
    through the areas.
    III.  Character Intro:
    A.  Sandor:
    Description:  He is the basic hero of this game and would-be strongest 
    fighter.  He will do atacking all of the time and should heal
    with magic when OUT OF battle.  His magic sucks and wont get spells past 
    like level 10.
    Stats  (starts Level 1)
    Strength..............3      Luck................3         
    HP................19    Attack......................11
    Agility...............3      Wisdom..............3         
    MP.................5    Defense......................9
    Level Note:  Sandors attack, luck, and agility will go up by 3 per level.  
    Wisdom by 1, HP by 19, MP by 5, and Defense by 2 per level.
                MP    ~Lvl    Effect
    Balm        10      1     Will do minor healing, the primary out of battle 
    healing spell throughout the game
    Flame        5      3     Weak Fire Magic attack (well weak when cast by 
    Blaze       10     10     Stronger than flame but still useless from Sandor
    B.  Pottle
    Description:  He is a little annoying elf character used for comic relief.  
    Uses bows and will be useful agianst flying enemies
    (because of the bow) and as a setup man.  By "setup man" I mean that he will 
    attack a monster and weaken it enough that Sandor or
    Rachel can kill it.  Will have magic to rival PJ and just as much MP as her 
    but MORE HP. Sadly he has the same strength as PJ : (
    Stats  (starts Level 2) will need some leveling
    Strength..............2      Luck................4      
    HP.................32    Attack................13
    Agility...............6      Wisdom..............8      
    MP.................14    Defense................8
    Level Note:  attack by 1, luck by 2, agility will go up by 3 per level.  
    Wisdom by 4, HP by 16, MP by 7, and Defense by 1 per level.
                MP    ~Lvl    Effect
    Alakazam   100      20     Escape from dungeon or battle
    Balm        10       1     Will do minor healing, the primary out of battle 
    healing spell throughout the game
    Flame        5       2     Weak Fire Magic attack
    Blaze       10      10     Stronger than flame but still useless
    Befuddle    30       8     Confuses enemy but useless (who uses these spells 
    Freezyr     25      18     Mutes Enemy (waste of MP)
    Inferno     40      22     Strong Fire spell that will really help 
    throughout the game
    Malybu      20      14     Multi enemy fire attack (great throughout game)
    Neuman      40       6     Healing spell, supposedly stronger than Balm
    Narcosis    20      ??     Puts enemy to sleep but dont bother with it
    Vilkyss     30      14     Removes all status effects
    C.  Rachel
    Description:  Hands down the strongest fighter in the game.  Early on she 
    will tower over Sandor when her levels finally catch up.
    Its a shame to see her go because of her natural strangth and defense.
    Stats  (starts Level 8) will need some leveling
    Strength..............32      Luck................8      
    HP....................144   Attack.................52
    Agility...............29      Wisdom..............8      
    MP....................40    Defense................32
    Level Note:  attack by 4, luck by 1, agility will go up by 3 per level.  
    Wisdom by 1, HP by 18, MP by 5, and Defense by 3 per level.
                  MP    ~Lvl    Effect
    Balm          10      1     Will do minor healing, the primary out of battle 
    healing spell throughout the game
    D:  Prudence Jurissa ( PJ )
    Description:  She will be the primary magic user of the group.  Watch out 
    for her terrible defense and lower HP.
    As the game progresses your strategy with her during battle will have to be 
    adjusted.  See Hints section for her
    Stats  (starts Level 16) surprisingly she is at a decent level i guess i was 
    going light early on
    Strength..............16      Luck................32      
    HP.................240    Attack...................29
    Agility...............50      Wisdom..............72      
    MP.................112    Defense..................36
    Level Note:  attack by 1, luck by 2, agility will go up by 3 per level.  
    Wisdom by 4, HP by 15, MP by 7, and Defense by 1 per level.
                 MP    ~Lvl       Effect
    Balm         10        ??     Will do minor healing, the primary out of 
    battle healing spell throughout the game
    Flame         5        ??     Fire Magic attack (most usefull spell later in 
    Blaze        10        ??     Stronger than flame but not worth it
    Blitz        40        18     All enemy lightning attack (expensive early 
    Befuddle     30        ??     Confuses enemy but useless (who uses these 
    spells anyway?)
    Freezyr      25        ??     Mutes Enemy (waste of MP)
    Inferno      40        22     Strong Fire spell that will really help 
    throughout the game
    L-Bolt       30        ??     Single enemy lightning attack VERY VERY Strong 
    (great for bosses)
    Malybu       20        ??     Multi enemy fire attack (great throughout 
    Megablast    50        40     Strongest attack, multi enemy lightning attack 
    (useful ony when in jam,costs too much)
    Narcosis     20        ??     Puts enemy to sleep but dont bother with it
    Neuman       40        ??     Sometimes heals more than balm and sometimes 
    not (healing is screwed up)
    Restore      80        23     Heals all but sucks (plain and simple, also 
    costs too much)
    Shock        15        ??     Nice little single enemy lightning attack
    Spellbane     0        30's   Steals MP from Enemy but who cares (I never 
    used it)
    Thyxaal     100        30's   Add strength for a single attacker for only 
    one attack
    Vilkyss      30        ??     Removes all status effects
    E:  Lynx (Prince Leopard)
    Description:  Yet another prince to travel around with.  The only difference 
    with this one is that he fights like the sissy prince he is.
    He will be your primary healer in battle with his spell panacea and can use 
    both strong swords and spears.  He is going to have to attack
    since you need to rely on attacking but by only gaining 2 strength per level 
    he will be a little weaker than I would like.  Keep in mind
    that his spears are usually anti-mecha and there are a lot of mecha enemies 
    (including the final boss) so keep some anti-mecha spears
    around even though they are a  little weaker.
    Stats  (starts Level 21) Wow, bad level and will need serious help at this 
    Strength..............42      Luck................21      
    HP....................357    Attack...................122
    Agility...............63      Wisdom..............99      
    MP....................168    Defense..................84
    Level Note:  attack by 2, luck by 1 (what an unlucky bard), agility will go 
    up by 3 per level.  Wisdom by 4, HP by 17, MP by 8, and
    Defense by 2 per level.
                MP    ~Lvl    Effect
    Alakazam   100     ??     Teleport you from Dungeon or battle
    Freezyr     25     ??     Mutes Enemy (waste of MP)
    Narcosis    20     ??     Puts enemy to sleep but dont bother with it
    Neuman      40     ??     Sometimes heals more than balm and sometimes not 
    (healing is screwed up)
    Panacea    150     40     Will heal entire party completely
    Restore     80     23     Heals all but sucks (plain and simple, also costs 
    too much)
    Thyxaal    100     30's   Add strength for a single attacker for only one 
    Vilkyss     30     ??     Removes all status effects
    F:  Kinsey
    Description:  The pirate replacement for the mercenary who leaves (Rachel) 
    and what a sorry replacement she is.  Kinsey is
    SUPPOSED to replace Rachel but never will because she is WAY WEAKER.  Kinsey 
    only gains 2 strength per level making her half
    as atrong as Rachel would be at that level.  The only thing that works to 
    her advantage is that she can equip the powerful
    Odin's Blade (ATK +195).  But just think is you double the strength she has 
    and adds the Odin's Blade....Watch out Vay Armor,
    but alas it doesnt happen and you have another Lynx.  I say combine Lynx and 
    Kinsey and you finally have a worthy attacker.
    She also joins the party way too late and she never gets the chance to be 
    developed in the game and you have to kind of rush
    her levels all into 3 or 4 areas.  But now to her good points.  Her defense 
    is through the roof and can epuip the awesome
    plymetal armor, has high HP, and EXTREMELY high luck (whoopee).  But the 
    high luck can make her double attack more often so
    it almost evens out for her terrible attack.  She does have AlaKazam so make 
    her escape from dungeons for you when you are weak.
    Stats  (starts Level 33) Are they NUTS!!! This is way too low; she is almost 
    useless at this point.
    Strength..............66      Luck...............132      
    HP...................627    Attack...................155
    Agility...............99      Wisdom..............33      
    MP...................165    Defense..................149
    Level Note:  attack by 2, luck by 4 (this girl gets lucky), agility will go 
    up by 3 per level.  Wisdom by 1, HP by 19, MP by 5,
    and Defense by 3 per level.
               MP    ~Lvl    Effect
    Alakazam  100     ??     Teleport you from Dungeon or battle
    Shock      15     ??     Lightning attack to 1 enemy (no point for her to 
    have this)
    IV.  Level Guide
    WARNING!!!!  This may contain spoilers; not spoilers so much in plot but it 
    tells you when your characters are coming and going so there
    is not surprises.
    Also these levels that are written here are the levels that my party was at 
    when I entered the area and all levels I may have gained while
    in that area are counted toward the next area.
    A.  Start
    Sandor:        1
    When you start Sandor is a little wuss so you are gonna want to level him 
    up.  A good idea is to start off leveling him one level next to
    Lorath Castle and then move to the next town and buy some new armor.  Then 
    get him up to level 5 whiles NEAR (but not in) Pauth Cave and
    running back to town if your HP gets low.  Then when on 5 venture to the 
    left, around the mountains, and up to the next town and but their
    BETTER armor.  Then fight outside there for even more levels.
    ****specail note:  See hints section for items most likely missed when you 
    B.  Pauth Cave
    Sandor:         8
    Pottle:         2     (just thought I'd add him in here to show you what to 
    get him at to prepare for next area)
    After Pauth you need to make Pottle useful.  Take him to Smythe, buy him the 
    best weapons and armor and then level him up a bit outside.
    Then go to Gilan, activate the sequence, and go into the underground to 
    fight the undead.  They will give the best experience for this area
    but are much harder.  Give Pottle the silver knife to make him useful at low 
    levels or give it to Sandor and let him kill.
    C.  Fort Gilan
    Sandor:        12
    Pottle:        10
    Your gonna need money for axes and filteration masks in the next area so go 
    back to the underground and fight the undead for the best money.
    D.  Droust Cave
    Sandor:       13
    Pottle:       11
    Rachel:        8
    Alright, I entered got Rachel and left to get her equipment since her 
    starting stuff sucks.  I also leveled her up a bit then went BACK IN.
    You may want to level up inside the cave leaving to heal in the town.
    E.  Magmal
    Sandor:        15
    Pottle:        14
    Rachel:        12
    Before you enter the Hapies outside give you great experience when in pairs 
    so get your levels up a bit out here first.  Just wait until the
    last set gets up and you'll be fully healed. You really shouldn't take much 
    damage from them though since Pottle should be able to take one
    out alone and with Rachel and Sandor ganging the other they fall in 1 round 
    and you dont get hurt.
    F.  Kerzalt
    Sandor:        16
    Pottle:        15
    Ranchel:       14
    PJ:            16
    Wow, I'm surprised.  PJ starts at a good level but its not good enough for 
    the Wind Elemental fight.  This fight is tough at most levels.
    To fight this enemy you need a lot of leveling when in Mt. Bole.  I always 
    fight until Pottle and PJ both have Inferno and then go to Raxaal.
    This makes Raxaal Cave a cake walk.
    G.  Raxaal Cave
    Sandor:       22
    Pottle:       22
    Rachel:       20
    PJ:           22
    Well, going through here is good for a level or so and if you feel spunky go 
    fight in Mt. Bole some more for a few more levels.  This will help
    with the upcoming fight.  For that you need luck, skill, and lots of 
    H.  Mt. Bole
    Sandor:        23
    Pottle:        23
    Rachel:        21
    PJ:            23
    Well have fun with  the elemental, I hope your ready.
    I.  Danek Base
    Sandor:        24
    Pottle:        24
    Rachel:        23
    PJ:            24
    I didn't really level up much here.  Just make sure you bought all of the 
    best stuff from the previous town from both weapon and armor shops
    (yes there are 2 of each, one on either side).  Against the boss in here 
    just have PJ use shock since he is mechanical, shock does only 20
    less damage then L-Bolt here, and costs less so you wont run out of MP.  It 
    shouldn't be a hard area.
    J.  Dragon's Lair
    Sandor:       27
    Pottle:       27
    Rachel:       26
    PJ:           27
    Outside the Dragon's Lair is an area with some really good experience and 
    decent money.  Take this time to get up a bit.  Some of the battles
    can give you over 1000 EXP so take advantage.
    K. East Dragon Shrine
    Sandor:        28
    Pottle:        28
    Rachel:        27
    PJ:            28
    Not much to do here.  Just go to the next area.
    L.  Ice Tower
    Sandor:        29
    Pottle:        29
    Rachel:        28
    PJ:            29
    You can fight in here to get some levels go for it.  They have some decent 
    EXP in here and some of the fights can give you over 1000 EXP.
    The Flame Edge is a MUST here and make sure you find the Plymetal armor in 
    here.  Its the second strongest armor in the game (second only
    to the Var Armor).
    M. Water Shrine
    Sandor:        30
    Pottle:        30
    Rachel:        29
    PJ:            30
    Well this ought to be the easiest area and and boss fight ever.  Just after 
    you kill the boss take all of Pottle's equipment from him, trust me.
    Don't worry though because there are no fights on the way out.  At this 
    point if you  have been keeping pace with me on levels you should have
    lots of money.  I know I had at least 120,000 at this time.  Make sure you 
    buy a set of Plymetal Armor when you get to Hogshead and save it!!!
    Never sell it, it will come in handy.  The reason to buy it now is because 
    you have PLENTY of money now and later you will be really strapped
    for cash .  All of the prices for weapons goes up in the  game but the money 
    recieved from battle never goes up.
    N.  Maytake's Cave
    Sandor:       35
    Rachel:       34
    PJ:           35
    Lynx          27
    These levels are on the SECOND trip to Maytake's Cave when you have Lynx 
    with you.  Right when you get Lynx he is terrible.  He is weaker
    than or just as strong as PJ with the bow and be has a defense of about the 
    same.  Lovely!!! A new character and he stinks.  Well, level
    him up outside of town and head to Maytake's.
    O.  Penan Castle
    Sandor:         35
    Rachel:         35
    PJ:             35
    Lynx            28
    Just go through and don't get killed in the sewers.  The dragon at the end 
    should be easy, just use L-Bolt.
    P.  Treefall Village
    Sandor:         41
    Rachel:          41
    PJ:                41
    Lynx             36
    OK, here is the deal.  DON'T GO TO TREEFALL!!!  This may sound stupid but 
    the boss has 2 ultra-gargoyles and if you arent ready for them
    they will wipe you out.  The both use Inferno and have 5700 HP (the most HP 
    for any boss yet and there is 2 of them).  So the trick is to
    first go PAST Treefall and up to the big tree.  It will enter you into 
    another area, go around that tree, and out to the world map agian.
    Then head north-west to the town of Marl.  Spend the night and heal but DONT 
    BUY ANYTHING.  Next go north some more and cross the bridge.
    There are going to be some tough fights here but either run or just use 
    Malybu or Inferno to take care of them.  Then go East to the town
    of Penzance.  Here is where you buy the weapons.  Get a Laser Spear for Lynx 
    and a Wisdom Staff for PJ.  With these Lynx finally has a
    useful attack and PJ's magic now is AWESOME!!!  Then fight near Marl or go 
    into Treefall to fight the soldiers for big EXP.  Once you have
    leveled a bit go show those idiots who's boss.
    ****Boss tip:  Since these gus CAN give you trouble if not handled right 
    I'll help you out.  First take out Commander Rosale because she
    will heal the UG's.  I used a megaspark from PJ and then attacked her and 
    she fell in the first round.  Then the trick is to pick on the
    UG's one at a time.  Have PJ use Flame (yes flame, with the wisdom staff 
    equipped it does a lot of damage and is the most economical).
    and eveyone else attack the one PJ is.  Each UG should fall in 3 to 4 rounds 
    Q.  Fire Lake
    Sandor:        46
    Rachel:        46
    PJ:            46
    Lynx           42
    OK, before entering Fire Lake you are gonna need a few things.  First, get 
    Ice Sickles for both Lynx and Sandor.  Also get Sandor a Wind
    Sword because you'll need the attack boost in the Root Route.  Buy Rachel 
    all new stuff and get goin.  The only prob I ran into here is
    that I spent too much money before I got here and didn't have the money for 
    all this stuff.  So just fight some more until you have it all.
    The Ice Sickles are the most important because the boss and enemies in Fire 
    Lake are fire elements.  The Ice Sickles will do moer damage then
    JUST BOUGHT IN PENZANCE!!! You'll need that stuff for everything
    after Fire Lake.  For the money just fight outside of Treefall and hope you 
    get into fights with the Danek Soldiers (they have the best money).
    ******2 Important Things:
    1.) Make sure you find the Lifestone in Fire Lake becasue there is only one 
    of them in the game.  Its in the Top right corner.
    2.)  After the fight with Igneus take all of Rachel's equipment off and then 
    use an exit stone so that she doesnt get beat up.  And plus it was
    a pain in the butt to get down there so I doubt you want to fight your way 
    out again all beat up.  Its not worth it!!  Especially if you have my
    R.  Toth Shrine
    Sandor:        47
    PJ:            47
    Lynx           43
    Not much trouble here and not boss fight so stroll through and use your 
    magic.  Decent experience so take you time if you want.  Have PJ use
    flame on the enemies and things should be easy.  And to spoil the surprise 
    you will get the vay armor down here so make sure you equip the Vay
    Sword right afrer you get it.  Its the strongest in the game by HUNDREDS and 
    its not even powered up!!!
    S.  Marwick Castle
    Sandor:        49
    PJ:            49
    Lynx           45
    I say you do this place in 2 stages.  The first stage is the initial assault 
    to get the items in the hidden room to the north on the second
    floor.  After that leave and heal up since it may take a bit to get these 
    items, get in a whole lot of fights, and it would be easier to just
    use magic then replenish it.  After that its phase 2 and you just go in and 
    kill em,  The boss is EASY!!! Just one megabolt and attack and its
    over in 1 round maybe 2 if they are luck. : )
    T.  Redcliff
    Sandor:        50
    PJ:            50
    Lynx           47
    Another area with no boss so just feel free to use magic.  There is some 
    decent experience to be had in this area and it should be pretty easy
    considering you have the Lase Spear and the enemies are mostly mecha ones.
    U.  Charnel
    Sandor:         53
    PJ:             53
    Lynx            50
    Kinsey          38
    OK, before you go here do what I did and get Kinsey up in Levels.  What was 
    Working Designs thinking when they gave you Kinsey at level 33?
    Who is actually at 33 at this point!!!  Just remember that around the area 
    of Hectare there are Fleebags and IF you manage to kill one of these
    buggers you get 30,000 EXP in one shot!!!  But dont worry about the ship 
    Charnel, the enemies are easy and the boss is mecha so L-Bolt and
    attack with Lynx and its over quick.
    ****Note:  Remember this area as one full of fleebags and come back here 
    whenever you need levels (like right before Draktyr or before the 2nd
    visit to Danek).  When you are a little stronger you should have no problem 
    killing them (it is really easy after getting the Vay Armor).  Just
    have Sandor attack, PJ use Thyxaal on Lynx, Lynx attack (he should do well 
    over 6000 damage) and have Kinsey attack.  If your strong enough they
    will die.  And if you wonder why not cast Thyxaal on Sandor and make it 
    easy, don't try it.  Sandor attacks BEFORE PJ (at least in mine he did)
    and most likely after one round a fleebag will run and your chance was 
    V.  Danek (first visit)
    Sandor:        54
    PJ:            54
    Lynx           51
    Kinsey         39
    Alright I split this into 2 different segments because it makes this area 
    much easier.  The first trip should be used for levels, money, getting
    Odin's Blades, and all of the items.  But I suggest that you DON't PUSH IT.  
    These enemies are HARD and will kill you if you are low on HP and
    MP.  Just break it up into as many raiding trips as you need and always use 
    Kinsey's Alakazam to leave (it lets you explore farther without
    worrying about saving energy for the trip out),  Just make sure you have the 
    money to get the Goddess Cane for PJ and have enough of PJ's MP
    for the trip back to town from Danek (the trip back can be dangerous if you 
    fall up agianst the wrong set of enemies).
    W.  Danek (second visit)
    Sandor:        66
    PJ:            66
    Lynx           64
    Kinsey         57
    OK, this is a business trip.  Go in, get the Vay armor and get our or go to 
    the Red Dragon and save before going to Draktyr.  Just make sure
    you have plenty of Sirufa's Kisses from Fred and other healing items.  Ardor 
    will be a difficult battle.
    X.  Draktyr
    Sandor:        66
    PJ:            66
    Lynx           64
    Kinsey         57
    Draktyr has some enemies that will kill you if your not careful.  There is a 
    really good place for levels here.  As you journey through you
    will encounter an area where there are 2 circles for HP and MP resoration.  
    Fight here to your hearts content and get strong.  Now in Dractyr
    there are 2 annoyances.  1 is the room with 27 doors and only 1 door moving 
    you along.  The other is a series of annoying teleporters.
    Because I'm nice and I dont want you to die, I am gonna help you out now:
    1.) Doors:  The right door is the one 3 doors down to the right of the one 
    you come in and in the top row.  Top Row, 3 over.
    2.)  Teleporters.  A no nonsense, no BS way through but you may miss chests 
    but too bad if you dont have a map like me.  Here you go:  Up, Down,
    Left, Left, Right, Right into the far Right pod, Down and Left pod, Right, 
    and Down.
    Whenever in trouble around here just use Blitz, Malybu, or even Megablast 
    (in an emergency) and you should be fine.  Remember, right before
    Ardor there is a place that heals all of your characters (awww, isn't 
    Working Designs nice?).  Good Luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Y.  End: Sadoul/Ardor
    Sandor:         54
    PJ:             54
    Lynx            51
    Kinsey          39
    This is the end and you are right in front of Ardor/Sadoul.  These are my 
    levels and because I'm nice I'll give you a sure-fire strategy to
    beat him.
    Sandor:  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.  Only make him heal if he will use a Goddess 
    Love or Sirufa's Kiss that heals all the members completely.  Keep
    the healing at a minimum since with the armor he is like a god.  In my game 
    he was doing close to 300 dmage per attack.
    PJ:  None of PJ's attack magic stands out as being great in this fight.  If 
    you must make her use her attack magic then have her use flame to
    conserve MP.  But the real strategy is to have her NEVER HEAL unless its to 
    use a stardust on herself to fill her magic.  What she should do is
    cast Thyxaal on Sandor every round.  This allows Sandor to do (at least for 
    me) almost 1600 damage per attack.  This was easy for me since she
    had something like 460 MP and I only had to restore MP after 4 rounds (so I 
    never ran out of stardusts).
    Lynx:  Attack with Beam Lance and use Panacea to heal or possibly an item if 
    Kinsey:  Attack until someone is hurt and then heal with items.  She should 
    be the primary healer since she does the least damage in this fight.
    For me this fight only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes.  I used 3 Sirufa's 
    Kisses, 3 Stardusts, Panacea once, and 1 Phoenix Heart.  Keep the
    Phoenix Hearts for Sandor since normal healing items only have about 1/3 the 
    effect.   Watch PJ and use Strange Brews and Herbal Extracts on her
    when she is hit with Ardor's attack.  This thing deals over 600 damage to 
    her and if your not at my level then I would say it could do close to
    Ardor/Sadoul Rundown:
    1.)  Has a crippling physical attack that beats up everyone except Sandor.  
    200-300 Damage to Sandor, 300-500 to Kinsey, 400-600 to Lynx, and
    600-800 to PJ.  This is dependant on character level and the minimum is 
    approx. what he did to my characters.
    2.)  Uses Megablast to set up his physical attack.  This does approx 100-140 
    damage to all and can really mess you up if your not careful.
    He'll use this to lower the people down and then pick you off with his 
    physical attack if your not ready for it.  The only good thing is that
    he uses this attack probably 70-80 percent of the time (thats why your need 
    Sirufa's Kisses).
    3.)  He has just over 26,000 HP.  This is the only thing that drags the 
    battle out, but what do you expect for a man who is over 1,000 years old.
    ****As a special note, dont fear dying once if you run out of all magic for 
    PJ and Lynx and cant replenish it. Just die and the Lifestone will
    bring your entire party back with full HP and MP.  So take a dive if you 
    have to, just have everyone attack and dont heal until you die.
    ****Note 2:  If your really getting beat with your weaker characters then 
    save the Phoenix Hearts for Sandor and let everyone else just die.
    Most likely Sandor is the one taking the least amount of damage and probably 
    doing the most.  So let everyone else die and have him use Phoenix
    Hearts on himself to heal when he is low.
    V.  Tips/Hints
    A.  In the beginning of the game you see Sandor walk out of a secret room in 
    the back of the throne room.  When you get control of him walk to
    that room and run agianst the right side until you go through the wall and 
    find a Long Sword, Pheonix Heart, and 1500 G.
    B.  In the Jeffle tavern search the right wall and go through it to find 
    some more items.
    C.  Buy Plymetal armor early in Hogshead when you have money and when you 
    get Kinsey give it to her.  Its the strongest armor so make sure she
    has it.
    D.  This I call the PJ evolution:
    1.)  At first make sure she has a bow with her at all times.  Early on the 
    enemies are weak enough that she can do decent damage and is a good
    set up person.  Then right before a boss put a staff on her to give her the 
    Wisdom boost and make her magic unstoppable.
    2.)  Later in the game forget about the bows.  There is a definate point 
    when PJ no longer should have a bow.  That point is when you get her
    the Wisdom Staff and you are DONE Fire Lake.  In Fire Lake you definately 
    need the bow because the low damage everyone else is doing makes her
    useful.  After that just have her use flame and she will do 100-400 damage 
    regularly.  Then right before the end level her up and she will have
    no prob.  Considering that flame only takes 5 MP you may not even need to 
    level up in some cases.
    E.  Dont sell your Phoenix Hearts.  I know early on and later on when you 
    need money the 5000 G is tempting but the do help agianst Sadoul.
    F.  Make sure everyone has filteration masks when at Sirufa or those people 
    without it will die.
    G.  In Vaygess there is a chest on the right that is coupled by another and 
    it is a gold vortex.  This chest will steal all of your gold so
    dont open them.
    H.  Also in Vaygess there is a chest in the back of the bar with a ton of 
    money so get it and it will help with Lynx's bar tab.
    I.  Always carry a lot of herbal extracts.  They are the best healing items 
    to use before you get to bosses.
    VI.  Conclusion
    Well thats it for my guide.  It may or may not be helpful to people but I 
    think that it should be helpful.  Just follow the levels and
    strategies and you should be able to get through pretty easily.  If there is 
    anything wlse you think that i could help with shoot me an email
    with the the subject as "gametite: help".  Good luck with Vay and most of 
    all have fun.
    Legal Junk:
    1.)  Copyright (C) 2002 by rman0099
    2.)  Do not distripubtion without consent

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