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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Arrawnt

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/08/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Sega CD
     Version 3.0
     Made by Arrawnt aka Cass Bisping
     E-Mail: arawnt@yahoo.com 
    Vay Perfect Guide
    This guide is copyrighted to me, Arrawnt, it may not be reproduced in any way 
    without my consent. If you want it on your site e-mail me. 
    Version 1.0-5/09/00-Finished!
    Version  .4-5/05/00-Kerzalt and Penan covered.
    Version  .3-5/02/00-Sections VII,VIII,IX completed, Lorath covered.
    Version  .1-5/01/00-Sections I,II,III, and V finished.
    Table of Contents:
       I.  Introduction/Story
      II.  Controls  
     III.  Characters
      IV.  Walkthrough  
       V.  Magic
      VI.  Weapons/Armor/Items
     VII.  Shop List
    VIII.  Bestiary
      IX.  Tips
    I. Introduction/Story
         It came from space more than a millenium before. Two tons of advanced 
    technology, programmed only for destruction. The five mightiest wizards of the 
    land joined forces and drew away the power of the battle machine, dividing the 
    power into five orbs and sealing the armor away from humanity. Now, the Danek 
    Empire has partially duplicated the fearsome mechanized technology, creating a 
    deadly armor of metal warriors programmed for world domination. The only hope 
    for salvation is to find the legendary orbs and restore power to the armor   
    that nearly destroyed the planet more than 1000 years before.
         At last the day had arrived! Prince Sandor and Lady Elin would exchange 
    vows before the most important dignitaries of the four kingdoms. Thus, the  
    power and prominence of the Kingdom of Lorath would be confirmed for another 
    generation. However, the young prince was to have a rude awakening. With power 
    comes responsibility, and Prince Sandor was soon to learn that the hard way.
         For you see, as the wedding ceremony advanced, the bloodthirsty Danek 
    Empire was about to execute a ruthless surprise on Lorath using mechanized 
    technology never before seen.
         As they spoke their wedding vows, the silence of the cathedral was 
    shattered by the sounds of light energy ripping mortar apart. Prince Sandor   
    was knocked unconscious, and Lady Elin was captured by the Danek Army.
         Where did these enemy warriors come from? Legends of old spoke of a   
    fierce mechanical warrior that resembled these units, but that been sealed for 
    over a millenium, and it was only one. Danek had assembled thousands of 
    mechanized warriors!
         Sandor was soon to discover that his only hope for recovering his bride  
    and stopping the insane advance of the Danek Empire was to find the five orbs 
    the Magicians of Sealing created to seal the Legendary Armor of Vay. But, will 
    the Armor save his world, or destroy it forever?
    II. Controls
      D-pad: Moves Sandor
      A button: Speak to characters, select menu items and commands, hold to run
      B button: Use to open command menu, cancels commands
      C button: Same as A button, run option not available
      Start button: Start's game, zooms out on world map
      When a certain EXP level is reached, the character's level will increase,   
    the player will be rewarded in gains of HP/MP and statistics, and possibly a  
    new spell. Upon reaching a higher level, HP/MP will be restored.
      Status Ailments:
        Poison-Character loses 10 HP per turn
        Frez-Character cannot be used until effects wear off
        Ston-Character turns to stone
        Conf-The character becomes confused and may attack other members
        Slep-Character falls asleep
        Mute-Magic cannot be used
        *All status ailments can be cured with a Mandacore
        Attack-Attacks enemy
        Magic-Allows you to cast a spell
        Defend-Decreases damage from enemy attacks
        AI-Computer fights for you (This option sucks, stay away)
        Item-Use items in your inventory
        Run-Escape from battle
    III. Characters
         A savage attack on his father's kingdom and the kidnapping of the lovely 
    Lady Elin throws him headlong into a quest that will take him from the depths  
    of Magmal to the heights of the bloodthirsty Danek Empire. Is he prepared to  
    pay the price of world salvation?
         This hyper-enthusiastic bundle of energy is a serious disciple of the   
    wise man Otto. His years of studying under Master Otto have given knowledge on  
    a  wide range of useful subjects, but he has a habit of speaking first and 
    thinking later that Otto has yet to break. Don't let his size fool you, he is   
    a powerful warrior with good magic abilities.
         This leather-clad mercenary loves nothing more than to be in the thick of 
    battle. A talented fighter with limited magic abilities, she makes her living 
    fighting for hire. While not under contract, she practices her deadly skills   
    on legendary monsters.
         Prudence Jurissa, although being quite young, is quite a powerful  
    magician. Her magical powers could come in handy on Sandor's quest. In fact,   
    if he's not careful, Sandor may just become her first love!
         This mysterious bard loves hosting good old-fashioned sing-alongs. 
    Unfortunately, he sings like a half-dead grogg. Fortunately, he is quite 
    talented with his blade and his magic power is well developed. Now, will he  
    join your quest, or just sing about it?
         She commands the Pirates of Exeter village. Never underestimate this  
    woman, she is probably the toughest warrior you'll ever meet. Just wait until 
    you can see what she can do with that whip! Ooh, hurts so good!
    Jeal (Unplayable character)
         As ruler of the Danek Empire, his single-minded ambition is conquest of  
    the world. The Vay Armor is the key to his plan, and his forces seek it 
    relentlessly. But, is he a pawn in a much larger game?
    IV. Walkthrough
      1. Meet Otto
      2. Liberate Gilan
      3. Magmal Isle
      1. A Windy Tale
      2. The Last Dragon
      3. Of Water and Warriors  
      1. You Maytake this
      2. Treefall Liberation
      1. The Vay Armor
      2. Pirates!
    E.Bonarren and Danek
      1. The Charnel
      2. The Dark Castle
      1. Air Castle
      2. Finale
      1. Meet Otto
    Lorath Castle-Rec. Level=1
        You begin the game in a ruined corridor in Lorath Castle. There is a   
    hidden passage along the right wall that leads to three chests containing a  
    Long Sword, 1500 GP, and a Phoenix Heart. Talk to the people in the throne  
    room, who will tell you to meet Otto, and leave the castle. Head south to 
    Treasue List: Long Sword, 1500 GP, Phoenix Heart(Hidden Room)
    Jeffle-Rec. Level=3
        Enter the town and recover if necessary, purchase some Herbal Extracts   
    from the item shop and talk to the townspeople. There is a secret passage in  
    the upper right wall of the Tavern. When you're ready leave town and head   
    south to Pauth Cave.
    Treasure List: Leather Band, Herbal Extract x2, Jelignite, Bronze Sword,  
    Leather Shield, exit stone.
    Pauth Cave-Rec. Level=4
        Head straight on floor 1 and take the steps to floor B1. Head straight to 
    floor B2. The first set of stairs lead to a dead end. The quickest path   
    through this floor is to take the first right and follow that path until you  
    can go right once more. At the lower right is the path to floor B3, there are 
    three passages to the top, the left and right lead to a Herbal Extract and 
    Quilted Tunic respectively. On floor B3, head up until you reach the stairs, 
    take these and you meet Otto. The first path to the right on floor B3  
    eventually leads to a Smoke Screen. Pottle joins the party. Leave the cave and 
    head west to Smythe.
    Treasure List: Herbal Extract, Quilted Tunic, Smoke Screen
      2. Liberate Gilan
    Smythe-Rec. Level=6
        Upgrade your equipment and then leave town, head west to Gilan.
    Treasure List: -
        Enter the fortress and you hear a conversation between Danek soldiers, 
    Pottle will tell you of another path. The north building has a Circlet. Leave 
    and return to Smythe
    Treasure List: Circlet
    Smythe Revisited-Rec. Level=6
        Talk to everyone in town, then head to the graveyard, search the tombstone 
    on the right in the middle row to uncover a secret passage. Enter the 
    Tunnel to Gilan-Rec. Level 7-8
        Go up and grab the chests containing a Silver Knife and 367 GP. I'd give  
    the Silver Knife to Pottle so that he can do respectable damage to the undead 
    enemies. Conserve your MP for now. If you haven't already done so, I'd advise 
    you to advance Sandor to level 8 and Pottle to level 7. Follow the one-way  
    path, you really can't get lost, and grab the Strange Brew at the end of the 
    tunnel. Take the stairs to..
    Treasure List: Silver Knife, 367 GP, Strange Brew
    Gilan Revisited-Rec. Level 7-8
        Follow the path and you encounter Sadoul, he departs, but leaves a 
    Supermantis for you to fight.
    Boss:SuperMantis 800 HP
        Have Pottle use Flame, and have Sandor attack, use Balm or an Herbal  
    Extract when necesarry, you shouldn't have much trouble.
        With his defeat, the fortress is liberated. From the main room take the  
    left or right door to a room with a Gnome Sand, take the middle door to get   
    500 GP and a Strange Brew. On the West side of Gilan are the shops, upgrade  
    your weapons and then head West to Coryan.
    Treasure List: Gnome Sand, 500 GP, Strange Brew
      3. Magmal Isle
    Coryan Rec. Level=8-9
        Upgrade your weapons and talk to everyone, especially the girl at the  
    docks. Buy three filtration masks. Leave town and head North to Droust Cave. 
    Treasure List: -
    Droust Cave Rec. Level=10
         Head up on floor 1 to floor 2, on this floor you see Rachel losing   
    against a Night Gaunt, you automatically jump in fight and it. Once it's dead 
    (just use flame), Rachel joins the party. Her armor is kinda crappy, and   
    you'll probably want her equipped with a Battle Axe as well. Once you're 
    satisfied with her proceed forward. In the next room there are two holes and a 
    set of stairs, take the right hole to a Iron Wrist, then take the stairs to 
    floor 3. Floor 3 has seven rooms to enter and stairs in the top right corner, 
    the middle set of rooms lead to Strange Brew (left room) and a Circlet (right 
    room). The far left hole on the top row leads to a Exit Stone, Mandacore, and   
    a Suede Tunic, the far right hole leads to 400 GP.  Take the stairs up when 
    you're ready. On floor 4 just go up to exit the cave.
    Treasure List-Iron Wrist, Strange Brew, Circlet, Exit Stone, Mandacore, Suede 
    Tunic, 400 GP.
    Windspur Rec. Level=11
        Go North to Windspur tower. The tower first floor has 4 doors, the left 
    leads to a Static Sling, the right to a Bashy's Flute, and the lower center to 
    the next floor. On floor 2, head down to a room with a Sirufa's Kiss, then   
    head up to the stairs to floor 3. On floor 3, head down to the next stairs up. 
    On floor 4 just go straight up. Floor 5 has chests with a Bronze Shield and 
    Gnome Sand, take these and enter the door. On floor 6 make sure everyone has 
    Filtration Masks equipped, then go upstairs and meet Sirufa. She'll send you   
    to Magmal Isle. 
    Treasure List-Static Sling, Bashy's Flute, Sirufa's Kiss, Bronze Shield,    
    Gnome Sand
    Magmal Isle Rec. Level=12
        Take the ship if you wish to return to Coryan, otherwise enter the cave. 
    Upon entering you are presented with 2 staircases, take the left one to a   
    chest with a Mandacore. Then go back and enter the right staircases to advance. 
    Straight up and slightly right are a pair of chests with a Smoke Screen and 
    Battle Axe, go right and up to the stairs to the next floor. On floor B2 just  
    go straight up to floor B3. Go down the first bridge, and then across the   
    right bridge to a Strange Brew, go back and take the southern bridge, go left 
    and take the bridge up to a Static Sling, finally go straight down to the next 
    floor. Cross both bridges to get a Sirufa's Kiss, then return to the door in  
    the center, save your game and enter.
    Boss: Elemental
        Just have Pottle use Fire/Blaze, Sandor and Rachel should attack with   
    their battle axes or heal with Herbal Extracts when necesarry, Elemental's 
    nastiest attack is a Malybu spell which will damage all characters for around 
    40-60, make sure you heal up after that and you'll be fine.
    Once he dies you get the first orb and exit automatically.
    Treasue List: Mandacore, Static Sling, Battle Axe, Smoke Screen, Strange Brew, 
    Sirufa's Kiss, Orb of Earth.
    Lorath Castle Rec. Level=12
        A soldier asks you to return to Lorath, trek all the way back and talk to 
    Otto, then head to Coryan and take ship to Shadhook.
    Treasure List: -
      1. A Windy Tale
    Shadhook Rec. Level=12
       Upgrade your armor and weapons yadda yadda yadda, and begin stocking up 
    Herbal Extracts. Leave town and head East to Kerzalt Castle, building up to 
    Level 14 or so on the way.
    Treasure List: -
    Kerzalt Rec. Level=14
       Keep going up until you reach the king, P.J. joins your party, the left and 
    right towers each have 3 treasure chests. Leave the castle and head south to 
    Treasure List: Herbal Extract, Long Bow, Iron Wrist, Jelignite, Silver Knife, 
    2000 GP
    Hayhill Rec. Level=15
        Upgrade everyone's gear here, most importantly Sandor and Rachel with  
    Silver Axes. When you're ready and hopefully a little stronger head West to 
    Raxaal Cave.
    Treasure List: -
    Raxaal Cave Rec. Level=17
        Build up to level 17 fighting the undead in the first few rooms. On floor   
    1 just head right and go down the stairs. There are three set of stairs   
    leading downward, the right leads to a Thor's shield (equip it on Sandor) and   
    a Silver Axe. The left leads to a Smoke Screen and the center leads toward the 
    end. When you arrive on Floor B3 head into the first stairs to go to a room  
    with a Angel's Cross and Scaled Tunic. Go back out and go farther south in  
    floor B3 to the next steps. Follow the path to a door, save your game and 
    proceed forward to a coffin, it opens and you fight…
    Boss: Vampyr
       Bosses aren't too bad now that you have four characters. Most importantly, 
    P.J. and Pottle should cast Blaze, with Sandor and Rachel healing with 
    Balm/Herbal Extracts and attacking when you get a chance.
    With the undead dead, the Vizier of Xaal is yours, return to Hayhill and heal 
    Treasure List: Smoke Screen, Thor's Shield, Silver Axe, Angel's Cross, Scaled 
    Tunic, Vizier of Xaal.
    Mt. Bole Rec. Level=20
       Head south from Hayhill to Mt. Bole. The upper right corner has a smoke 
    screen, go to the upper left corner to find a high staircase, the Vizier of  
    Xaal will be used and you end up on floor 2. The path up is on the right, the 
    lower left corner has a Mandacore and the lower right corner has a Fire Bomb  
    and Sirufa's Kiss. On floor 3, follow the path around and take the first set   
    of stairs to a Sprite Ribbon and Elf's Hat. Go back down and take the next 
    stairs to the right. On floor 5, the go to the lower center of the floor to 
    advance. Save your game on floor 6 and try to take the Orb of Wind, a fight  
    with Krager's Wind ensues.
    Boss: Krager's Wind
       This boss is mega-boring, no matter what, it always takes like 20 minutes   
    to beat. Magic Spells generally do less than 40 damage, and Sandor and   
    Rachel's attack only do 45 or so. At 4000 HP, you're in for a long battle. The 
    main attackers should of course be Sandor and Rachel, with P.J. and Pottle 
    taking care of any needed healing, if the elemental uses an attack all spell, 
    it's wise to have all characters heal and bide your town, hope you have around 
    60 Herbal Extracts... just keep at it and you'll win. Victory nets you the orb 
    of Wind and passage to the other side of the mountain.
    Treasure List: Smoke Screen, Sirufa's Kiss, Mandacore, Fire-Bomb, Sprite  
    Ribbon, Elf's Hat, Orb of Wind.
       2. The Last Dragon
    Mortyr Rec. Level=20
       Heal up and upgrade everyone's equipment, talk to the mayor and leave. Head 
    west to Danek Base.
    Treasure List: -
    Danek Base Rec. Level=21
       This is a pretty straightforward dungeon, at the first intersection, go   
    left to a static sling and right to a jelignite. Go down and follow the path,   
    a short scene ensues and you hide by a couple of treasure chests, open them to 
    receive a Chrome Gloves and Iron Shield. Then go down and right and up again   
    to some stairs, save your game and go up and you encounter the boss.
    Boss: Gigatron
        I always thought this guy was way easy, just have Sandor and Rachel attack 
    with their new weapons and you'll be fine, P.J.'s shock spell does good damage 
    too, Pottle should just focus on healing. Gigatron's attack is the only thing  
    to worry about as it does a nice chunk of damage. Upon victory, leave the base 
    and it explodes. Go back to Mortyr.
    Treasure List: Static Sling, Jelignite, Chrome Gloves, Iron Shield
    Mortyr Rec. Level=22
        Talk to the mayor and get the Wedge of Ice. Go south to Segazz.
    Treasure List: Wedge of Ice
    Segazz Rec. Level=22
        Talk to Otto and the Chief about a dragon, then buy items and heal up.   
    Exit the town and head west to Dragon's Layre.
    Treasure List: -
    Dragon's Layre Rec. Level=23-24
       This dungeon is way too hard to explain, so I'll just tell you that going   
    in one direction is the easiest way to the end, no boss fight so you can take 
    your time and kill enemies. Just take the egg at the end and leave.
    Treasure List: Smoke Screen, Elves' Bow, 3000 GP, Chrome Gloves, Iron Shield, 
    Dragon Egg
    Segazz Rec. Level 24
       Go to the chief and show him the egg, the egg is hatched and you fly to the 
    Shrine of Pegasus.
    Treasure List: -
    Shrine of Pegasus Rec. Level 24
       Just go up and take the Water Gear, no enemies here.
    Treasure List: Water Gear
    Segazz Rec. Level 24
       Talk to the mayor and he lets you use the dragon, go to the eastern dragon 
    shrine and he takes you across the water to the Western Shrine
    Treasure List: -
       3. Of Water and Warriors
    Western Dragon Shrine Rec. Level=24
       Leave the shrine and head West to Cannisk. 
    Treasure List: -
    Cannisk Rec. Level=24
        Upgrade your equipment and stock up on healing items, when you're ready go 
    south to the temple.
    Treasure List: -
    Solon's Shrine Rec. Level 25
    Talk to Otto and he tells you to get the Blanket of Fog. Go North to Icetower. 
    Treasure List: -
    Icetower Rec. Level=26
        Ok from here on, the dungeons get a bit more complicated, so I'm going to 
    divide these sections into two parts, Part 1 will detail getting the treasure, 
    and part 2 is the fastest way to the goal.
    1. About midway on the first floor, against the right wall is a Sirufa's Kiss, 
    grab it and then go to the other side and go up the stairs. On floor 2 take   
    the first stairs you come to too reach a Plymetal Armor, go back down and  
    follow the path around to more stairs. Take these to floor 3. Go straight up   
    to get some Light Mail. Now return to floor 1 and take the stairs at the top.   
    On floor 2 go right to some stairs and take those to a Silver Shield. Go back  
    to floor 2 and follow the upper path to a Smoke Screen, Fire Bomb and 4500 GP. 
    Take the nearby stairs to Knight Helm. Go back to the center of floor 2 and  
    take the center stairs, then keep holding up to make it to the top. Save your 
    game at the strange statue on floor 7. Go into the next room and take the 
    Blanket of Fog, when you try to leave the statue comes to life and attacks.
    2. Just hold down up and you'll make it to the top. Save your game at the 
    strange statue on floor 7. Go into the next room and take the Blanket of Fog, 
    when you try to leave the statue comes to life and attacks.
    Boss: Arachylix
        Have Sandor attack with the Flame Sword, Pottle and P.J. should use Blaze 
    when possible and Rachel should attack when your HP is nice and high. Have 
    Pottle and Rachel serve as the primary healers since Sandor and P.J. do the  
    most damage. After winning (you did win right?) go  back to Solon's shrine in 
    the south.
    Treasure List: Sirufa's Kiss, Smoke Screen, Fire Bomb, 4500 GP, Plymetal   
    Armor, Light Mail, Knight Helm, Silver Shield, Blanket of Fog
    Solon's Shrine Rec. Level=26
        Otto raises the Water Shrine, go south to it.
    Treasure List: -
    Water Shrine Rec. Level=27
        Go left from the entrance to a Gnome Sand. Follow the path until you can   
    go up, take the Orb of Water and fight some Danek Soldiers. Win(not an 
    incredibly hard task) and you have to escape the shrine. Go around the   
    opposite way you got here to pick up a Puppy's Dance. Before you exit the  
    Shrine interior, de-equip Pottle. Leave the shrine and go to Solon's Shrine.
    Treasure List: Gnome Sand, Puppy's Dance, Orb of Water
    Solon's Shrine Rec. Level=27
        A Pottle-less party is told to talk to the Segazz chief. So fly back there 
    and he gives the dragon some instructions. Talk to the dragon to go south to 
      3. You Maytake this.
    Hogshead Rec. Level=27
        Hogshead is directly south of the shrine, ya can't miss it, upgrade your 
    armor, talk to the people and go south to the desert. In the middle of the 
    desert is Vaygess.
    Treasure List: -
    Vaygess Rec. Level=28
        Make sure you save your game here, if you see a guy warn you not to open a 
    chest, well, heed his warning unless you wanna lose all your hard-earned  gold. 
    The back of the tavern has a chest with 6000 GP, and the weapon shop harbors a 
    jelignite and a Phoenix Heart. Go east to Penan Castle.
    Treasure List: 6000 GP, Jelignite, Phoenix Heart
    Penan Castle Rec. Level=28
        Go talk to the king and he demands an Eye of Kalif to proceed to Treefall. 
    Nothing's easy. Go back out and head to Vaygess, due north of there is the 
    Maytake's Den.
    Treasure List: -
    Maytake's Den Rec. Level=28
        On floor 1, follow the hole around to the back where some stairs are. On 
    floor b2, the exit is at the very bottom, but enter the two rooms for a Bard's 
    Hat(top) and 5100 GP(bottom). Floor B3 has 3 rooms to enter, the left has a 
    jelignite and the right has a Dragon Claw. The bottom leads to Maytake.   
    Maytake asks for a song yadda yadda yadda read it for yourself, and you end up 
    leaving empty-handed. Return to Vaygess. 
    Treasure List: Bard's Hat, 5100 GP, Jelignite, Dragon Claw
     Vaygess Rec. Level=30
        Go to the tavern and a short scene ensues. Pay the guy's drinking tab of 
    20000 GP(ouch!) and Lynx joins. Buy some mandacores and return to the Maytake.
    Treasure List: -
    Maytake's Den Rec. Level=30
        The Maytake is disgusted by Lynx's 'singing' and you end up fighting him.
    Boss: Maytake
        He can turn you to stone but that's about the extent of his feeble powers. 
    Just use a mandacore to heal up and fight on. He loses pretty quick. Victory 
    scores you an Eye of Kalif. Return to Penan Castle.
    Treasure List: Eye of Kalif.
    Penan Castle Rec. Level=30
        Lynx leaves the party. Give the eye to the king and the ungrateful bastard 
    dumps you into the sewers.
    Treasure List: -
    Penan Sewers Rec. Level=30
        Sewers. God damn sewers. I hate trekking through sewers. But take heart,  
    the king will get his comeuppance, but for now you're stuck in this stinking 
    hellhole. The treasure here sucks with one exception so I'll detail getting  
    that and just list the crap. Okay? Okay. Follow the path to an intersection   
    and go up. At the next intersection go left, you'll see a door, this leads to 
    Moon Drops. Go down on the left side and follow the path to the…
    Boss: Black Dragon
        Lynx rejoins the party for this fight. This fight is similar to the   
    Maytake battle, only no stoning. So just use the same strategy you've been  
    using for bosses and you'll do peachy. Follow the path to some stairs and     
    you exit the sewers.
    Treasure List: Herbal Extract, Mandacore x2, Strange Brew, Moon Drops
    Penan Castle Rec. Level=31
        The jackass king is exiled and you get free passage to Treefall. Head east 
    to Treefall whenever you're ready.
    Treasure List: -
      2. Treefall Liberation
    Treefall Rec. Level=32
        Everything here is taken over by Danek, so go to the upper right hut to 
    liberate it.
    Boss: Rosale and Ultragoyles
        This fight is hard. Rosale heals the Ultragoyles and they have the awesome 
    inferno magic. The key to victory is to take out Rosale as quickly as humanly 
    possible, then concentrate on one Ultragoyle, once one falls, the second is no 
    big deal. Magic should be reserved for precious healing spells such as Restore 
    and Neuman, have Rachel and Sandor hack away and you'll [hopefully] win. The 
    prize is Treefall is liberated from Danek and even better the shops are open. 
    The mayor gives you a Sentinel Key. Buy whatever you want, an Ice Sickle for 
    Lynx and/or Sandor, or a Wind Blade. Exit the town and go north to the   
    Sentinel Tree.
    Sentinel Tree Rec. Level=34
        On floors 1, B1 and B2, just go down, there's no treasure. On floor B3 
    follow the path to an intersection, go down to a Goat's Beard, and left to 
    continue. At the next intersection, go down to a Lava Ring and up to proceed. 
    Next intersection- lower leads to Goddess' Love, upper advances. Next 
    intersection, left leads to Stardust, right leads on. Next intersection-
    *****Right leads to -LIFESTONE- Don't miss this item, one of a kind, totally 
    resurrects the party, should you accidentally die and use it, reload game,   
    save it for the final battle.***** Left leads to boss fight.
    Boss: Igneus
        This boss is way easy if you're prepared. Lynx and Sandor should attack  
    with Ice Sickles, with Rachel and P.J. serving as the healers. Igneus only has 
    around 4000 HP and it drops fast. Victory scores you a Orb of Fire. Leave the 
    tree and Rachel leaves you. Head north to Marl.
    Treasure List: Goat's Beard, Lava Ring, Goddess' Love, Stardust, Lifestone,   
    Orb of Fire
      1. The Vay Armor
    Marl Rec. Level=35
        Talk to the mayor and get the 8000 GP in his house. Upgrade equipment and 
    stock up on supplies and head east to Shrine of Toth.
    Treasure List: -
    Shrine of Toth Rec. Level=36
        Go talk to Otto and the game hits you over the head with a plot twist. 
    Anyhoo go find the passage down to the basement,(search the statue) and go 
    straight down, ignoring the little side passage(It's just a dead end). At B2,  
    go left to a smoke screen, follow the right path past a door to an  
    intersection, go right at this and the next intersection. At the next go down  
    to a Hellborne Axe, right to 9999 GP and Strange Brew, and up to floor B3. On 
    B3, take the first left to floor B4 or take the second left to a Rune Shield.  
    On floor B4, go straight down, stopping for the Barrier Stone and Power  
    Wristlet a bit to the side of the tunnel. Floor B5, a decent maze. Disregard 
    this next bit if you don't want 10000 GP, go left, take the first downward   
    path and follow it  until you can go up to a chest with 10000 GP. Go back to 
    start of the floor and go left all the way. Go down to an intersection. Go   
    down to follow a long path to a Runic Armor. Go right to the next   
    intersection, go down to get some Holy Shoes, and up to reach the final 
    staircase. On B6 go straight up to get the Vay Armor, sadly it sucks right   
    now, though the sword should be equipped for a good power boost. Return to   
    Marl and then the mayor directs you to Marwick Castle.
    Treasure List: Smoke Screen, Strange Brew, 9999 GP, Hellborne Axe, Rune   
    Shield, Barrier Stone, Rune Wristlet, Vay Armor
      2. Pirates!
    Marwick Castle Rec. Level=37
       Otto blows open the gates and you can go inside. On floor 1 go around to   
    the back and look for a narrow opening, mess around until you find all eight 
    chests. Then return to the beginning and take the stairs up. Go around the  
    walls here and take the stairs up. Go straight up to floor 4. Go straight up   
    to floor 4. You meet Jeal and he sends two Iron Giants against you. Beat them, 
    not too hard, and witness another plot twist. Leave here and go north to 
    Treasure List: Faerie Cloud, Goddess' Love, Static Sling, Stardust, Puppy's 
    Dance, Mega Spark,  Bashy's Flute, Phoenix Heart
    Penzance Rec. Level=38
        Upgrade your armor and inventory and go to the tavern, you fight some   
    wimpy soldiers and a bit of story develops. You end up volunteering to blow up 
    Redcliff. God damn Sandor, stupid nice guy attitude. Walk north to find the 
    place, ya can't miss it, it's a stupid red mountain with guns in it.
    Treasure List: -
    Redcliff Rec. Level=39
        Really easy dungeon. On floor 1 take the first stairs you see. On floor 2, 
    go up, right, down and right to the ladder to floor 3, on floor 3 follow the 
    path to the ladder leading to floor 4. Again follow the path, ignoring the  
    first room, take the second to reach stairs. On floor 5 go up to blow the   
    place up. Go west to some caves.
    Treasure List: -
    Exeter Rec. Level=39
        The old man gets you through into Exeter. You meet Kinsey and get a ship, 
    search her room for 12000 GP and a Knight's Shield. Upgrade your equipment and 
    go to the docks and see Kinsey. You go on board the ship but thanks to the  
    dirty Daneks, you end up in Bonarren.
    Treasure List: 12000 GP, Knight's Shield
    E.Bonarren and Danek
      1. The Charnel
    Hectare Rec. Level=39
        Upgrade your equipment, especially with some Aura Shields. Pay a visit to 
    the Mayor's house and loot it for 45100 GP(sweet!) and a Spark of Hades. Go   
    east to the warship.
    Treasure List: 45100 GP, Spark of Hades
    Charnel Rec. Level=40
        Enter the Charnel from the top right. The door slams behind you, no big 
    deal, take the stairs down, and then exit the room. Take one the ladders at   
    the bottom down. Go straight down again to B3. Go straight up and you find 
    ladders to floor B4. Go all the way down to the bottom and enter the room,   
    take the ladder up and then go straight up to...
    Boss: Betty June
        Kinsey pretty much sucks in this fight so just have her heal characters, 
    P.J. should use Shock/L-Bolt/Megablast, while Sandor and Lynx just attack and 
    heal when necessary. Win and the Charnel is yours. It takes you to Duncan.  
    Treasure List: -
      2. Danek Castle. 
    Duncan Rec. Level=41
        Despite the heavy price tags on weapons here, they suck, except for the 
    Goddess's Cane. Stock up on herbal extracts and moon drops. Head north to  
    castle Danek.
    Danek Castle Rec. Level=45
        From the start go directly straight into the next floor and you'll get a 
    Jesse's Helm. Go back to the beginning. The door to the right leads to a Rhino 
    Glove, the first door the left has a Smoke Screen. Go left to a cluster of 3 
    doors. Take the left-most door to an exit stone, and the right-most of the 
    cluster of three to a Mega Spark, Phoenix Heart and Static Sling. Take the 
    center and go straight to floor B1. Lots of treasure here, from the entrance 
    there is a Fire Bomb(left) and Static Sling(right), take the lower right to a 
    Stardust and the lower left to a Lava ring, upper right has Goddess' Love, and 
    upper left has Goddess' Love. Go straight up to get to B2. Alright this crappy 
    little maze, follow the path up to a Dragon Ring. Follow the left path and you 
    end up in a room with 4 openings, the left leads to a Beam Lance, the second 
    from left to a Plasma Whip, and the second from right to the stairs. Ignore   
    the left door for now, the middle door leads to Fred, I recommend buying an  
    Odin Blade and several Sirufa's Kisses. Take the right path to the next floor 
    and then keep going straight until you reach Sadoul. De-equip Sandor right 
    before this. A scene ensues and you get the Orb of Soul and the Vay armor is 
    activated. Now I'd advise you to go build up some levels and restore your 
    inventory, when you're ready head to that path I told you to ignore and take   
    it to the Red Dragon, it leads to Draktyr, save your game here for there's no 
    going back.
    Treasure List: Jesse's Helm, Rhino Glove, Smoke Screen, Exit stone, Mega   
    Spark, Phoenix Heart, Static Sling, Fire Bomb, Lava Ring, Goddess' Love x2,  
    Beam  Lance, Plasma Whip, Dragon Ring, Orb of Soul
      1. Air Castle
    Optimizing your equipment
    Hopefully your equipment looks something like this.
              Sandor         P.J.           Lynx           Kinsey
    WPN       Vay Blade      Goddess' Cane  Beam Lance     Odin's Blade
    SHLD      Vay Shield     Thor's Shield  Aura Shield    Aura Shield
    ARM       Vay Glove      Moon Bracelet  Aura Gauntlet  Aura Gauntlet
    BODY      Vay Armor      Wizard's Robe  Titan Armor    Titan Armor
    HEAD      Vay Helmet     Raider's Cap   Aura Helm      Aura Helm
    OTHER     Tiger Paws     Lotus          Lotus          Tiger Paws
    Draktyr Rec. Level=53+, 67 for assured victory.
       Enter the castle by way of Hangar. Okay the path in these rooms can be hard 
    to see so I'll tell you where to go to reach each room. Go right to a room   
    with Mandacore and fire bomb, then go up, left,up,up,up, *optional, *down,  
    *down to a Static Sling and Jelignite* right 3 times, down twice, up to a  
    Static Sling and Mega-Spark, and  down 2 times, left, up, up, down, take the 
    stairs. Go around to the right or left and take the stairs, heal up at the   
    pool and go down. Go all the way to the right against a wall, go up a set of 
    rooms, and enter the second from the right. Take the stairs up to the  
    teleporter maze. Keep taking the only teleport you can until you reach a set 
    with 4. Take the upper right, then take the one on the far right, take the 
    lower-most one, take the one on the bottom right, and from here it's either   
    the one below or above(my writing is undecipherable) If you go to stairs you 
    took the right, if not just go take the other one. Go up the stairs and go 
    straight up to floor 4. Go around to the left and right to get a Goddess' 
    Love(left and right). Go up one level on the pyramid and go to the right and 
    left for a pair of Mandacores, repeat this on the third level to get Stardust 
    and Phoenix Heart. Then go through the door.
      2. Finale
        Throw everything you have at him, don't hold back on any items. The basic 
    strategy is this, P.J. should use the spell Thyxaal on Sandor. Sandor then 
    attacks and does 1400-2700(double attack) damage, this is the only real way to 
    hurt Sadoul significantly. Lynx and Kinsey should use Herbal Extracts to heal  
    up if Sadoul attacks. If Sadoul uses Megablast a few times in a row, or   
    several characters have low HP, use Panacea with Lynx. If Sandor has plenty of 
    HP, but the rest don't, Restore will suffice. After hopefully 5 turns, P.J.'s 
    magic will be depleted, so have Kinsey use a Stardust or Phoenix heart on her. 
    Hopefully you have at least one of each, which will take care of around 21400-
    He's dead damage. In that interval where P.J. needs her magic refilled, Lynx   
    can fill the position nicely as Thyxaal user. Make sure you have a phoenix  
    heart or stardust to refill Lynx's magic as well. I trust you found the 
    lifestone? If you're out of MP and Sadoul is alive, stop healing, when you die 
    you'll be restored with full HP, this should be enough to give you enough 
    Thyxaal's to win. Sit back and enjoy the ending. 
    V. Magic
    Balm      10 MP Level recovery power for HP
    Blaze     10 MP More powerful than Flame
    Flame      5 MP Engulfs enemies in a ball of fire
    Balm      10 MP Level recovery power for HP
    Befuddle  30 MP Confuses enemies 
    Blaze     10 MP More powerful than Flame.
    Flame      5 MP Engulfs enemies in a ball of fire.
    Freezyr   25 MP Prevents enemies from using magic
    Narcosis  20 MP Puts enemies to sleep
    Vilkyss   30 MP Returns character's status to normal
    Balm      10 MP Level recovery power for HP
    Balm      10 MP Level recovery power for HP
    Befuddle  30 MP Confuses enemies
    Blaze     10 MP More powerful than Flame.
    Blitz     40 MP Group lightning attack
    Flame      5 MP Engulfs enemies in a ball of fire.
    Inferno   40 MP Flame attack against all enemies
    L-Bolt    30 MP More powerful than shock
    Malybu    20 MP Flame attack against all enemies
    Megablast 50 MP Lightning attack against all enemies
    Narcosis  20 MP Puts enemies to sleep
    Neuman    40 MP Level 2 recovery power for HP
    Restore   80 MP Level 3 recovery power for HP
    Shock     15 MP Lightning attack
    Spellbane  0 MP Steals MP from enemies
    Thyxaal  100 MP Quadruples attack power for one attack
    Vilkyss   30 MP Returns character's status to normal
    Alakazam 100 MP Escape from combat and dungeons
    Balm      10 MP Level recovery power for HP
    Freezyr   25 MP Prevents enemies from using magic
    Narcosis  20 MP Puts enemies to sleep
    Neuman    40 MP Level 2 recovery power for HP
    Panacea  140 MP Recovers all HP to party
    Restore   80 MP Level 3 recovery power for HP
    Thyxaal  100 MP Quadruples attack power for one attack
    Vilkyss   30 MP Returns character's status to normal
    Alakazam 100 MP Escape from combat and dungeons
    Shock     15 MP Lightning attack
    VI. Weapons/Armor
    Body Armor
    Arm Protection
    Head Gear
    Story Items
    Pocket Knife   ATK+4  AGL+2             Pottle P.J.
    Whistle Dagger ATK+11 Attacks All       Pottle
    Silver Knife   ATK+14 Anti-Undead       Sandor Pottle P.J. Rachel 
    Short Sword   ATK+8                     Sandor Rachel P.J. Pottle 
    Bronze Sword  ATK+12                    Sandor
    Long Sword    ATK+18                    Sandor
    Great Sword   ATK+52                    Sandor
    Flame Edge    ATK+74  Anti-Ice          Sandor
    Beast Sword   ATK+100                   Sandor
    Ice Sickle    ATK+120 Anti-Fire         Sandor Lynx
    Wind Sword    ATK+150 Long Range        Sandor Lynx
    Dragon Blade  ATK+168 Anti-Dragon       Lynx
    Limb Lopper   ATK+180                   Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Odin's Blade  ATK+195 Drains Enemy HP   Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Vay Blade     ATK+??? Legendary Weapon  Sandor
    Battle Axe    ATK+15                    Sandor Rachel
    Silver Axe    ATK+37  Anti-Undead       Sandor Rachel
    Ogre Hatchet  ATK+70                    Sandor Rachel
    Halberd       ATK+80  Anti-Gremlin      Lynx
    Hellborne Axe ATK+85                    Sandor
    Dual-Halberd  ATK+148                   Lynx
    Laser Spear   ATK+150 Anti-Mecha        Lynx
    Beam Lance    ATK+185 Anti-Mecha        Lynx
    Battle Claw   ATK+28                    Rachel
    Hacksaw Claw  ATK+38 AGL+4              Rachel
    Panther Claw  ATK+66 AGL+6              Rachel
    Dragon Claw   ATK+72 AGL+8              Rachel
    Kaiser Claw   ATK+95 AGL+10             Rachel
    Flute Bowgun  ATK+15 Long Range         Pottle
    Short Bow     ATK+25 Long Range         Pottle P.J.
    Long Bow      ATK+34 Long Range         Pottle P.J.
    Hunter's Bow  ATK+48 Long Range         Pottle P.J.
    Elves' Bow    ATK+62 Long Range         Pottle P.J.
    Great Bow     ATK+78 Long Range         Pottle 
    DaisyCrossbow ATK+98 Long Range         Pottle 
    Oak Staff     ATK+13 INT+8              P.J.     
    Ashwood Staff ATK+16 INT+16             P.J.
    Fire Cane     ATK+19 INT+25             P.J.
    Staff of Gaea ATK+22 INT+32             P.J.
    Mystic Rod    ATK+28 INT+92             P.J.
    Wisdom Staff  ATK+31 INT+168            P.J.
    Goddess' Cane ATK+35 INT+230            P.J.
    Heat Whip     ATK+116 Attack All        Kinsey
    Plasma Whip   ATK+129 Attack All        Kinsey
    Raider's Whip ATK+104 Attack All        Kinsey
    Rose Whip     ATK+89  Attack All        Kinsey
    Shock Whip    ATK+104 Attack All        Kinsey
    Body Armor
    Linen Clothes DEF+1                     Sandor Pottle
    Aura Armor    DEF+3                     Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Quilted Tunic DEF+4                     Sandor Pottle P.J. Rachel
    Dragon Mail   DEF+7  Anti-Fire          Lynx
    PlateEpaulets DEF+8                     Sandor Pottle Rachel
    Suede Tunic   DEF+13                    Pottle Rachel
    Blessed Mail  DEF+13                    Lynx P.J.
    Leather Teddy DEF+14 Babeliness         Lynx P.J.
    Breastplate   DEF+15                    Sandor
    Cleric's Robe DEF+16                    Pottle P.J.
    Goddess' Robe DEF+18 INT+16             P.J.
    Light Mail    DEF+19                    P.J.
    Rune Armor    DEF+20                    All
    Royal Mail    DEF+21                    P.J. Kinsey
    Scaled Tunic  DEF+22 AGL+2              P.J. Rachel
    Bronze Armor  DEF+24                    Lynx P.J.
    Titan Armor   DEF+26                    Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Battle Dress  DEF+29 AGL+4              P.J. Rachel
    Spiked Armor  DEF+36                    Sandor
    Silver Armor  DEF+41                    Sandor
    Wizard's Robe DEF+43                    P.J.
    PlymetalArmor DEF+49                    Sandor
    Vay Armor     DEF+?? Legendary Armor    Sandor
    Angel's Harp  WIS+4  Anti-Silent        Lynx
    Bard's Harp   WIS+6  Anti-Confuse       All
    Silver Flute  WIS+16 Anti-Sleep         Lynx
    Golden Harp   WIS+18 Anti-Sleep         Lynx
    LeatherShield DEF+3                     Sandor Pottle Rachel
    Tin Shield    DEF+3                     Sandor Lynx P.J. Rachel
    Rune Shield   DEF+3                     All
    Dragon Shield DEF+6  Anti-Fire          Lynx
    Bronze Shield DEF+8                     Sandor Pottle Rachel
    Titan Shield  DEF+8                     All
    Thor's Shield DEF+9  Anti-Thunder        All
    Iron Shield   DEF+14                    Sandor Pottle
    Knight Shield DEF+20                    Sandor Pottle
    Silver Shield DEF+24                    Sandor 
    Aura Shield   DEF+55                    Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Vay Shield    DEF+?? Legendary Shield   Sandor
    Arm Protection
    Leather Band  DEF+2                     Sandor Pottle
    Rune Wristlet DEF+3                     All
    Mail Gloves   DEF+8                     Sandor
    Rhino Glove   DEF+8                     Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Iron Wrist    DEF+9                     Pottle P.J. Rachel
    ThornBracelet DEF+11 ATK+4              Rachel
    Chrome Gloves DEF+13 Glare              Sandor Pottle 
    Moon Bracelet DEF+13 INT+4              Lynx P.J.
    Dragon Wrist  DEF+14 AGL+4              Rachel
    Aura Gauntlet DEF+19                    Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Vay Glove     DEF+?? Legendary Gauntlet Sandor
    Head Gear
    Leather Hat   DEF+1                     Sandor Pottle
    TurbanofAltairDEF+1  AGL+2              Lynx P.J.
    Liberty Crown DEF+1  INT+2              P.J.
    Titan Mask    DEF+1  Anti-Confuse       Rachel
    Bandana       DEF+2  AGL+1              Sandor Pottle
    Circlet       DEF+3                     Sandor Pottle Rachel P.J.
    Elf's Hat     DEF+4  INT+4              Sandor Pottle Rachel P.J. 
    FiltrationMaskDEF+5  Filter             Sandor Pottle Rachel
    Silver Mask   DEF+6                     Rachel
    Jesse's Helm  DEF+8                     Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Bard's Hat    DEF+9  INT+6              Lynx Pottle
    Iron Helm     DEF+10                    Sandor
    Battle Mask   DEF+11                    Rachel
    Aura Helm     DEF+12                    Sandor Lynx Kinsey
    Knight Helm   DEF+14                    Sandor 
    Raider's Cap  DEF+30 INT+6              P.J.
    Vay Helmet    DEF+?? Legendary Helmet   Sandor
    Angel's Cross Anti-Spellbane            All
    Barrier Stone DEF+10                    All
    Battle Shoes  AGL+5                     All
    Cat's Feet    AGL+15                    All
    Decoder Ring  WIS+10                    All
    Defenser      DEF+20                    All
    Dragon Ring   Anti-Inferno              All
    Elf's Boots   AGL+8                     All
    Fairy Loafers AGL+8                     All
    Fowl Legs     DEF+9 AGL+10              All
    Gauntlet      DEF+4                     All
    Goat's Beard  AGL+12                    All
    Hawk's Wing   DEF+22 AGL+20             All
    Holy Boots    Anti-Gremlin              P.J.
    Lava Ring     Anti-Flame, Anti-Blaze    All
    Leather Boots AGL+2                     All
    Lotus         WIS+20                    All
    Moonbeams     Anti-Sleep                Lynx P.J.
    Power Ring    ATK+20                    Pottle P.J.
    Sprite Ribbon Anti-Sleep                All
    Tiger Paws    ATK+30 DEF+30             All
    Warrior's BeltATK+30                    Pottle P.J.
    Bashy's Flute Mutes enemy
    Blitzkrieg    Effect like L-Bolt
    Exit Stone    Warp
    Faerie Cloud  Rob's enemy's MP
    Fire Bomb     Effect like Malybu
    Gnome Sand    Puts enemy to sleep
    Goddess' Love Recover's the party's HP
    Herbal ExtractRecovers HP
    Jelignite     Engulfs enemies in a ball of fire
    Lifestone     Revives party upon death
    Mandacore     Heals conditions
    Mega Spark    Effect like Megablast
    Moon Drops    Recovers MP
    Oshyko Fire   Effect like Inferno
    Phoenix Heart Recovers all HP and MP
    Puppy's Dance Confuses enemy
    Sirufa's Kiss Recover's party's HP
    Spark of HadesGroup lightning attack
    Stardust      Recovers all MP
    Static Sling  Electric beam
    Strange Brew  Recovers HP, less filling
    Story Items
    Blanket of FogFound in Icetower 
    Dragon Egg    Found in Dragon's Layre
    Eye of Kalif  Found in Maytake's Den
    Magic Key     Found in Treefall
    Vizier of XaalFound in Raxaal Cave
    Water Gear    Found in Shrine of Pegasus
    Wedge of Ice  Found in Mortyr
    VII. Shop List
      Fortress of Gilan
    Inn 4 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop           Tool Shop
    Pocket Knife   80   Linen Clothes   50    Herbal Extract  20
    Short Sword   250   Quilted Tunic  200    Leather Boots  300
    Bronze Sword  580   Leather Shield 100
                        Leather Hat     60
                        Bandana        120
                        Circlet        400
                        Leather Band   150
    Inn 20 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Short Sword   250   Quilted Tunic  200    Herbal Extract  20
    Whistle Dagger400   Plate Epaulets 600    Mandacore     1000
    Bronze Sword  580   Leather Shield 100    Leather Boots  300
    Long Sword   1000   Circlet        400    
    Flute Bowgun  640
    Fortress of Gilan
    Inn 40 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Long Sword   1000   Breastplate   1200    Herbal Extract   20
    Short Bow    1100   Bronze Shield  850    Mandacore      1000
                        FiltrationMask 800    Leather Boots   300
                        Mail Gloves    800   
    Inn 25 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Silver Knife  800   Suede Tunic   1000    Herbal Extract    20
    Battle Axe   1850   Leather Shield 100    Strange Brew     750
    Battle Claw  1400   Bronze Shield  850    Mandacore       1000
                        Circlet        400    Leather Boots    300
                        FiltrationMask 800    Power Ring      5000
                        Iron Wrist     980    Decoder Ring    2000
    Inn 60 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Battle Axe   1850   Suude Tunic   1000    Herbal Extract    20
    Long Bow     2400   Scale Armor   3500    Strange Brew     750
                        Bronze Shield  850    Mandacore       1000 
                        Silver Mask   2100    Leather Boots    100
                        Iron Wrist     980    Battle Shoes    1000
                                              Power Ring      5000
                                              Decoder Ring    2000
    Inn 40 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Silver Knife  800   Cleric's Robe  1320   Herbal Extract    20
    Silver Axe   3800   Scale Armor    3500   Strange Brew     750
    Long Bow     2400   Iron Helm      1750   Mandacore       1000
    Oak Staff    1250   Iron Wrist      980   Battle Shoes    1000
    Ashwood Staff5700                         Power Ring      5000
    Inn 100 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Pocket Knife   80   Quilted Tunic   200   Herbal Extract    20
    Short Sword   250   Plate Epaulets  600   Strange Brew     750
    Whistle Dagger400   Suede Tunic    1000   Mandacore       1000
    Bronze Sword  580   Cleric's Robe  1320   Leather Boots    300
    Long Sword   1000   Scaled Tunic   2600   Battle Shoes    1000
    Great Sword  6200   Scale Armor    3500   Power Ring      5000
    Battle Axe   1850   Spiked Armor   9200   Decoder Ring    2000
    Silver Axe   3800   
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Short Bow    1100   Circlet         400   Herbal Extract    20
    Long Bow     2400   Elf's Hat       750   Strange Brew     750
    Hunter's Bow 6800   Filtration Mask 800   Mandacore       1000
    Battle Claw  1400   Iron Helm      1750  
    Hacksaw Claw 8900   Bronze Shield   850
                        Iron Shield    3900
                        Thorn Bracelet 2000
                        Chrome Gloves  2600
    Inn 80 GP
                                              Tool Shop
                                              Herbal Extract    20
                                              Strange Brew     750
                                              Mandacore       1000
    Inn 150 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop             
    Flame Edge   9600   Silver Armor  12400   Herbal Extract    20
    Fire Cane   11000   Knight Shield  4500   Strange Brew     750
    Elves' Bow  32000   Chrome Gloves  2600   Mandacore       1000
                                              Battle Shoes    1000
    Merchant                                  Elf's Boots     2800
    Oshkyo fire  3000                         Power Ring      5000
    Blitzkrieg   2500                         Warrior's Belt 15000
    Inn 120 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Ogre Hatchet10000   Plymetal Armor20000   Herbal Extract    20
    Elves' Bow  32000   Silver Shield  8200   Strange Brew     750
                        Knight Helm    4000   Mandacore       1000
                        Chrome Gloves  2600   Battle Shoes    1000
                                              Elf's Boots     2800
                                              Gauntlet        5000
    Inn 100 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Halberd      6000   Bronze Armor   5400   Herbal Extract    20
    Beast Sword 24000   Battle Dress  10000   Strange Brew     750
    Panther Claw13100   Bard's Hat     2300   Mandacore       1000
    StaffofGaea 15200   Battle Mask    4200   Bard's Harp     2000
    Wind Pipe   32000   Moon Bracelet  3200   Lotus           5000
                        Dragon Wrist   4500   
    Inn 300 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Ice Sickle  32000   Wizard's Robe 25500   Herbal Extract    20
    Wind Sword  42000   Tin Shield      800   Strange Brew     750
    Great Bow   40000   Raider's Cap   1000   Mandacore       1000
    Kaiser Claw 31000   Titan Mask     2220   Elf's Boots     2800
                                              Goat's Beard    4100
                                              Gauntlet        5000
                                              Lotus           5000
    Inn 500 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Dual-Halberd43000   Blessed Mail   2400   Herbal Extract    20
    Mystic Rod  60000   TurbanofAltair  400   Strange Brew     750
                        Moon Bracelet  3200   Silver Flute   15000
                                              Battle Shoes    1000
                                              Goat's Beard    4100
                                              Cat's Feet      6300
                                              Barrier Stone  20000      
                                              Moonbeams       4000
    Inn 670 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Laser Spear 40000   Rune Armor     4650   Herbal Extract    20
    WisdomStaff120000   Rune Shield    2900   Strange Brew     750
                        Rune Wristlet   800   Mandacore       1000
                                              Golden Harp    40000
                                              Fairy Loafers    800
                                              Fowl Legs         80
    Inn 300 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Flame Edge   9600   Knight Shield  4500   Herbal Extract    20
    Beast Sword 24000   Thor's Shield  1200   Strange Brew     750
    Ice Sickle  32000   Silver Shield  8200   Mandacore       1000
    Wind Sword  42000   Tin Shield      800   Moon Drops      2500
    HellborneAxe28000   Knight Helm    4000   Sprite Ribbon   2000
    Elves' Bow  32000   Bard's Hat     2300   Angel's Cross   4000
    Great Bow   40000   Raider's Cat   1000   Holy Boots    210000
                        TurbanofAltair  400   
    Weapon Shop2        Armor Shop2
    Raider'sWhip19200   Silver Armor  12400 
    Halberd      6000   Plymetal Armor20000
    Oak Staff    1250   Bronze Armor   5400
    Ashwood Staff5700   Battle Dress  10000
    Fire Cane   11000   Wizard's Robe 25500
    StaffofGaea 15200   Leather Teddy  4800
    Wind Pipe   32000   Chrome Gloves  2600
                        Moon Bracelet  3200
    Inn 300 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Rose Whip    1200   Royal Mail     3800   Herbal Extract    20
    Shock Whip  72500   Aura Armor      100   Strange Brew     750
    Laser Spear 40000   Aura Shield   14800   Mandacore       1000
    Limb Lopper 98000   Aura Helm      7500   Jet Pack         300
    DaisyCrossbow47000  Aura Gauntlet 15200   Fowl Legs         80
                                              Hawk's Wing     2160
                                              Tiger Paws     11400
    Inn 500 GP
    Weapon Shop         Armor Shop            Tool Shop
    Goddess'Cane 210000 Goddess' Robe  3200   Herbal Extract    20
    Dragon Blade 150000 Dragon Mail    3200   Strange Brew     750
    Beam Lance   190000 Dragon Shield   800   Mandacore       1000
    Heat Whip    120000 Liberty Crown   600   Moon Drops      2500
    Plasma Whip  200000                       Angel's Harp  690000
                                              Defenser          10
    Fred(Talking face inside Danek Castle)
    Fire Bomb       500
    Static Sling    500
    Sirufa's Kiss  1500
    Odin's Blade 110000
    Titan Armor    4800
    Titan Shield   1400
    Jesse's Helm   1600
    Rhino Glove    1400
    VIII. Bestiary
    Names in CAPS indicate bosses.
    Monster                          HP       EXP       Gold
    Alligator                       191       200         66
    ARACHylix                      3400      6000       2316
    Arch-Chimera                    800      2043        420
    Arch Fiend                      500      1470        240
    Arch-Griffin                    242       446        360 
    Assailer                        640      1760        400
    Assassin                        210      1250        320
    Barbarian                        50        31         27
    Baron                           500      1425        280
    Basalt Golem                    145        89         58
    Behemoth                         74        73         65
    BETTY JUNE                     4500      5210       2316
    Blindworm                       247       154        145  
    Blobert                        1140        30        200
    Blood Dragon                    800      2043        420
    Blood Leech                     242       386        260
    Cabbalist                       480       412        460
    Caduceus                        242       948        300
    Cave Bear                        90        54         62
    Cephlopod                       693       201        246 
    Chimera                         350      1400        340     
    CMDR.ROSALE                     300      2000       1000
    Cocatrice                       640       438        532
    Cockasaur                       145       182        108
    Conjurer                        500      1470        240
    Corlyx                           55        33         21
    Crayprobe                       322       283         15
    Crocodile                        75        52         28 
    DANEK SOLDIER                   220       516        423
    Dark Knight                     310       310        325
    Dark Mage                       235       351        260
    Destroyer                       640      1760        400
    Digger Ant                       13        13         12
    Dragonwasp                      132       146         10
    Drone                           385       295         20
    Druid                           500      1470        240
    Dryad                           280       235        346
    Dustacean                       456       412        332
    Eediot                          321       106        398
    EBONY DRAGON                   3300      7500      10000
    Electric Eye                    670      4913        420
    ELEMENTAL                      1400      1500        750
    Elite Guard                     210      1250        320 
    Evileye                         670      4913        420
    Eviserater                      850      2043        420
    Flee-Bag                      10000     30000          1
    Flint Golem                     210      1250        320
    Flitterby                       150       171         61
    Gargoyle                        242       601        380
    Garter Elite                    500      1425        380
    Gelatinoid                       22         7          5
    Ghost Rider                     187       167        116     
    Giant Wasp                      110        78         15
    GIGATRON                       2720      5000       2000
    Goblin                           16        11          9
    Gold Dragon                     800      3000       1000
    Gorgon                          242      1346        360
    Great Wyrm                      230      1351        360 
    Green Dragon                    800      2043        420 
    Griffyn                         464       503        428
    Guard                           164       183        210
    Harpy                           110        68         42
    Heavy Knight                    210      1250        320 
    Hireling                         22        28         21
    Hobgoblin                        38        19         25
    Horrorweed                      105        96         73 
    Hydra                           350      1350        340
    Ice Ape                         580       343        251
    Ice Queen                       194       211        121
    IGNEUS                         4000     10000      15000
    Illusionist                     550      1450        240
    IRON GIANT                      660      1800        400
    Kaiser                         3300      3000       3500
    Knarler                         132       624        260
    Laughing Boy                    200       312        284 
    Madden                          510      1470        600
    Magic Mole                      113        72         39
    Magic Sucker                    230       331        160
    MAYTAKE                        3500      8000      20000 
    Mechadrake                      230      1351        360
    Mechalid                        230      1351        360
    Medusa                          200      1254        320
    Mercenary                       165       938        300
    Millitant                       111       129         90
    Mudgarne                        149       110        100
    Mummy                           432       616        361
    Murex                           107        87         60
    Murker                           94        67         48
    Necromanser                     134       140         66
    Necrophager                     420       616        235
    Negator                         576       546        260
    Nereid                          242       264        318
    NIGHT GAUNT                     275       290        122
    Ninja                           176       836        300
    Ogre                            489      1450        350
    Osteal Guard                    114       170        100
    Phantom Kyte                    239       281        214
    Phoenix                         210       933        300
    Phreak                          167        78         85
    Powerbunee                      145        27         19
    Quetzalcoatl                    500      1370        500
    Raging Bull                      42        35         15
    Ravager                         500      1425        380
    Retardotaur                     210      1250        320
    Road Toad                       110       101         52
    Rotty Boy                       520       411        560
    ROUGH DANEK                     230      1351        360
    Rough Knight                    210      1210        320
    Royal Squid                     785       356        106
    Sabretooth                       76        44         40
    SADOUL                        23500         0          0   
    Salamander                      840       926        300
    Scissor Crab                    235       315        315
    Scorpion                        275       389        260
    Screamer                        264       127        105
    Skank                           169       304        215
    Skeleton                         70        28         30
    Skitterpod                     1050      1885        990
    Slugwort                          7         9          6
    Sorcerer                        210      1250        320
    Spellcaster                     138       183        161
    Spitter Frog                    294       284         86
    Spore Fiend                     158       236         83
    Spore Popper                    102        53         88
    Steel Knight                    230      1351        360
    Sucubus                         597       260        290
    SUPERMANTIS                     800       400       2000
    Tangler                          90        91         56
    Thingy                           97        54         63
    Toadstool                        82        83         87  
    ULTRAGOYLE                     5700      7000       4000   
    Ultra Grub                      330       321        348
    Undead Knave                    220       128         79
    Vampire Bat                     220       381        260
    VAMPYR                         3250      3500       2000
    Vandal                           99        65         73
    Warlock                         210      1250        320
    White Zombie                     75        40         27
    WIND ELEMENTAL                 4800      4000       1500 
    Wyvern                          220       604        240
    Zarwolf                         410       365        392
    *Bestiary Stats acquired from Vay Official Guide by Zach Meston and J. Douglas 
    IX. Tips
    *Save often, it just plain sucks to have to redo a dungeon because of a  
    careless mistake against a tough enemy.
    *Herbal Extract is a godsend, keep around 100+ on hand at all times.
    *The Vay Armor is useless when you first get it....but the Sword isn't, use it 
    for a major power boost.
    *Flee-bags provide a ton of EXP but tend to run away in one round and have  
    10000 HP, to overcome this, have Lynx or P.J. use Thyxaal on Sandor, then have 
    him attack and do around 8000-12000 damage, then attack with Kinsey to finish it 
    *It's usually a good idea to level up enough to buy all the best armor/weapons 
    in a new town right away.
    *Battles can be easily won with a Malybu/Shock spell by P.J., just make sure  
    her INT is nice and high, give her Staves to boost this, don't ever let her  
    near a bow.
    *The expensive items in the final town pretty much suck, avoid them.
    *Whips are pretty crappy weapons, give Kinsey a sword instead.
    *Save all Phoenix Hearts and Goddess' Love for the end of the game.

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