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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KyoraStryker

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    Guide Information
    Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker)
    Version 3.0
    Original File Date: 11 Jan 2010
    Last Updated: 01 Aug 2011


    Considering that I'm immensely amused with my recently purchased iPod Touch, I've been looking into games to purchase for it. I've written a couple guides for Metal Gear Solid: Touch and thought to myself, "I wonder if there's any other games I could write a guide for." Then genius struck me. I browsed through the FAQ Bounty section of GameFAQs to see if there were any games for the iPod Touch that had a bounty, and was in shock to find two games with bounties listed. I went with the RPG (as opposed to the shooter), since I prefer RPGs over shooters. But I'm digressing at this point.

    Inotia is a touch-based RPG (obviously) in which you use a simple tap on the screen to do pretty much everything. After playing the game thoroughly, I've found a general agreement with the reviews - there's not much of a storyline, and there's tons of grinding. If you're unfamilar with MMORPGs, "grinding" is the action of killing many of the same exact enemies over and over in order to obtain experience points and gain levels. Despite this, Inotia is still entertaining enough to continue playing. But once again, I'm digressing.

    This is the first full-length walkthrough I've submitted for GameFAQs. Therefore, if you must critique it, please ensure it's constructive criticism and not demeaning, rude, insulting, or otherwise immature opinions. The inital version of this guide will contain the meat and potatoes - a walkthrough capable of allowing anyone who plays this game to beat it with ease, as well as basic goodies, like controls, skills, etc. In subsequent versions, I'll include all the other semi-pertinent info that is acceptable to leave out of the first version.

    I feel that I've spoke long enough. You checked this guide to read about how to beat it, not listen to the author ramble about insignificant nothings, right?

    So without further delay, here's the guide.

    Update History

    Pre-Upload: 11 Jan 2010 [Version 0.1]

    Initial gameplay has begun and notes have been taken. Guide concept is still on the drawing board, but I should have something up and ready for submission sometime within the next week. Hopefully the bounty doesn't get claimed while I'm in the process.

    Pre-Upload: 16 Jan 2010 [Version 0.25]

    Over the course of the work week, I've been playing the game to get an understanding for its controls, plot, gameplay, etc. For some weird reason (and I really don't know why), I JUST started to annotate strategies for the guide. This means I'll have to play it again once I beat it, but that's how creating a full walkthrough works, right? Controls, contact, legal, and credits sections added. No content added to the bulk of the guide - it's on a separate document for some personal reasons - content will begin appearing during this weekend, since I have nothing planned other than the continued work on this guide.

    Pre-Upload: 17 Jan 2010 [Version 0.4]

    Guide structure is starting to form. Against my own better judgment, I restarted the game after discovering I wasn't as far as I thought. After a full day of guide work, I got back to where I was before starting over. Guide content up to Sutmok Monument 3F complete. More work to come tomorrow.

    Pre-Upload: 21 Jan 2010 [Version 0.75]

    After a brief hiatus, work has continued on the guide. Info up to The Contaminated Forest has been completed. Based on inquiries regarding progression, I'm over 2/3 complete with the game. This has taken far longer than anticipated, but I'm fairly certain that the guide will be complete by the first of February. Also added a Quests section, which is a complete listing of every possible quest and all the important information regarding them.

    Pre-Upload: 23 Jan 2010 [Version 0.95]

    After considerable thought, I've decided to omit all the extra stuff for the guide, at least for the inital version. Once the guide gets uploaded to GameFAQs, I'll replace all the extras and what not to reflect a new version. The initial version will only contain the controls and the walkthrough - future revisions will include the item lists, experience charts, skill information, and quests. The bulk of the walkthrough is complete. Expect submission within the next couple of days. Once submitted, I'll continue playing to complete the missing sections of the walkthrough.

    Pre-Upload: 27 Jan 2010 [Version 1.0]

    The guide is finally complete! I apologize for taking so much time in creating it - this guide should have only taken me a couple days at the most, but I got tired of it more often than note. Still, it was a fun guide to write, and there's lots more I can add to it. Initial version complete and submitted for upload.

    Update: 28 Jan 2010 [Version 2.0]

    Guide has successfully been uploaded and submitted to GameFAQs. As mentioned in previous updates in the history, I will add all the extra bells and whistles a full walkthrough deserves, like XP tables, item lists, and the like; although lots of info has been added, it's still inconclusive. I will continue playing the game to complete the listed info.

    Update: 05 Feb 2010 [Version 2.1]

    An email from a reader contributed a list of the locations and enemies that drop items throughout the game. Guide has been updated to reflect this information and credit has been given in the Credits section. Minor reconstruction to the guide's formatting was made, hopefully allowing easier navigation. Work on a new section under the Appendix has begin, and is expected to be added to the guide later today.

    Update: 08 Feb 2010 [Version 2.2]

    Regardless of the work I started on the new section, it didn't get completed when I thought it would. However, since I've had ample time to do so, I've completed the work and got the guide submitted for revision. The new section is an enemy list - all listed alphabetically - with their locations included for quick reference. I know, I'm obsessive-compulsive.

    Update: 27 Jan 2010 [Version 2.21]

    Information regarding the Fatal Strike skill has been updated by a reader who took the time to email me. Praise given in the Credits section.

    Update: 01 Aug 2011 [Version 3.0]

    Guide format revised. Admittedly, I have given up working on this guide, other than the cosmetic makeover. I'm fully aware that there are supplemental sections of the guide that are incomplete, such as the XP tables and what not. Because I'm no longer interested in playing this game, such content will remain incomplete. If you would like to contribute the missing data, send an email to me and I'll post it up in an updated version. Check the Contact Information section for methods of contacting me.


    I almost feel that this section of my guide is a waste of space, but for the sake of convenience, here's the controls.

    • Tap the screen anywhere on the visible map to move Feanor to that location. Any accessible area will display a green ripple effect, indicating where the screen was tapped. While Feanor is in motion, tap the screen in an alternate location to change Feanor's destination. Any inaccessible area will show a red ripple effect indicating that Feanor cannot access that area.
    • To attack an enemy, tap on the enemy you wish to attack. Feanor will automatically move to the closest adjacent space to that enemy. A similar ripple effect will indicate the enemy you tapped, but will display a red ripple instead of green. While attacking, tap one of the skill buttons in the lower left corner of the screen to use the desired skill. If the skill button is darkened, you cannot use the skill.
    • To pick up items, simply tap the item you wish to pick up. When Feanor stops on the item, he automatically picks it up and adds it to the inventory.
    • To access the "pause" menu, tap on the HUD in the upper left corner of the screen. Tapping this will bring up an interactive menu.
      • The first menu is the Status window. This window displays your Experience points, level, hit points, stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution and Agility), and also displays your pet's experience points, level, and the skill your pet increases and its current bonus.
      • Tapping right of the window will bring you to the Item window. This window displays the gear you're currently wearing, all the items in your inventory, your Attack score, Armor Class score, Critical Hit score, and your current funds. If there is a usable item in your inventory, tap it once to select it, tap it again to use it. Similarly, you can equip armor and weapons in the same fashion.
      • Another tap to the right will take you to the Skill window. This is where you can view the skills you've learned and assign points to a skill of your choosing.
      • Tapping to the right again will display the Quest window. This window will display any quests you currently have. Tapping on any quest listed within will bring up information regarding that quest. Tap again to return to the Quest window.
      • The last menu is the System window. Within this window, you're able to save your game, access the help menu, change the sound options or exit the game.


    Woo, it's the section of the guide you really came to see! Don't let me stop you, read to your heart's content!

    Take note that this game is based off of random number generators. The map layouts, gate/stair locations, and the locations of items like Sundu, chests and the merchant tents are completely random. Therefore it is not possible to create a definitive strategy for each level.

    To counter this, each map will have a recommended level, the enemies that are encountered, quests you can obtain (or complete within the map) and skills learned. The higher number of the recommended level is the level you should aim to obtain, although it's more than possible to move to the next map at a lower level.

    One more thing before I start to hammer out the guide: since merchant tents (and their contents) are random, upgrading your weapons and armor should be done whenever possible. Do purchase with discretion, however. Sometimes an item you're wanting to buy can be dropped from common enemies.


    • Recommended Level: 1~4
    • Enemies Encountered: Punyu
    • Quests Obtained:
      • Find the Queen
      • Gather Materials
      • Get Rid of Grunt
      • Help of a Sage
    • Quests Completed: Gather Materials (recurring)
    • Skills Learned: See Note

    After reading the cutscene and learning what you must do, you find yourself in the forest. Navigate through the little maze until you come to the "town" part of the map. Go north to the large tree with yellow leaves, then move east. You'll come across Arith, who will tell you that her sister went missing while picking medicinal herbs in the Mushroom Plantation. Agree to help her out and you'll receive your first quest: Find the Queen.

    After talking to Arith, go west past the large tree and you'll see a fat guy holding a staff - talk to him. He will tell you that he's the Shaman and will make a scroll for you if you bring him three Magic Dusts. This will add a recurring quest to your list: Gather Materials. This quest can be completed over and over again - when you have three Magic Dusts, talk to him and you'll receive a scroll at random. The scroll may be a Scroll of Return, Scroll of Enchant Weapon, or Scroll of Enchant Armor.

    When you're done talking to these two people, head southeast and exit the "town" area. You'll come across a field dotted with trees and rocks along with Punyu enemies. These are simple to defeat, but can be a problem if you take on multiple Punyu at Lv 1. If you run low on HP, try your hardest to refrain from using your potions. Run from the enemies and allow your HP to recover naturally. Grind up to Lv 4, assign your first skill point, then hit the warp to the next map.


    Beginning at Lv 4, you will receive one skill point per level. This skill point can be assigned to any skill you currently have. At the beginning of the game, you have two skills - Fatal Strike and Power Slash. The skill you wish to start with is completely up to you, so choose whichever one appeals to you the most. As you gain levels and assign skill points to the skills you've learned, the skill will get stronger.

    Quest: Find the Queen

    Not much you can do in regards to this quest in this map. Talking to Arith will give you the quest, but ignore it for now - the Elf Queen obviously isn't on this map.

    To complete:

    Locate and rescue Ellia in the Mushroom Plantation map. See the Mushroom Plantation section for more information.

    Quest: Gather Materials

    During your gameplay, enemies will drop Magic Dust at random. Collect three of them and turn them into the shaman anytime you're back in Elftown.

    To complete:

    Anytime you are in Elftown, check to see how many Magic Dusts you have in your inventory. If you have three or more, talk to the shaman. He will reward you with one of three scrolls: Scroll of Return (which returns you to Elftown), Scroll of Enchant Weapon (which will enhance your weapon by +1) or Scroll of Enchant Armor (which will enhance a random armor item by +1; to use on a specific item, unequip every armor item except for the one you wish to enhance, then use the scroll).

    Quest: Get Rid of Grunt

    After rescuing Ellia from the Mushroom Plantation, talk to Ellia back in Elftown. Ellia will be in the same place that Arith was in. Ellia will tell you that the orcs have begun acting strange and have siezed the Protection Amulet. The amulet is being held by Grunt, leader of the Orcs. Ellia will then ask you to get rid of Grunt and claim the Protection Amulet, causing you to obtain a new quest: Get Rid of Grunt. (This quest is available once you complete the Find the Queen quest.)

    To complete:

    Defeat Grunt in the Fortress of Urc map. See the Fortress of Urc section for more information.

    Town Entrance

    • Recommended Level: 3~4
    • Enemies Encountered: Punyu, Fungus
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    Nothing really exciting here, except for the new enemy: Fungus. These enemies don't move around like the Punyu do, so they won't attack you unless you attack them. Regardless, they should still be easy to take down. Grind up a couple levels and hit the warp to the next map.

    Mushroom Plantation

    • Recommended Level: 5~7
    • Enemies Encountered: Fungus, Funguses
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: Find the Queen
    • Skills Learned: None

    The Mushroom Plantation is where Arith told you to go in order to locate her sister. You'll run into more Fungus, but will also find Funguses, which are more aggressive than their passive counterparts. Funguses will roam around and attack you if you are close, so beware. If you're at least level 5 coming into this map, you should have no real challenges.

    Completing the Find the Queen Quest

    From the Elftown section.

    Browse around the map until you locate a character lying on the ground surrounded by three (or four, if the chracter is adjacent to a rock or tree) Fungus. Defeat the monsters surrounding the character and she'll pop up. When you talk to her, you'll find that she is Ellia, the Elf Queen. She will heal herself (what a rip!) and tell you that she is on her way back to Elftown. When you complete the quest, you are rewarded with a Scroll of Return. You can either use this scroll to return to Elftown, or take your time to walk back (the preferred method).

    The gate that appears will link you to the next map. You may go through the warp if you wish, but to progress in the game, you must back-track to Elftown.

    Also, when you receive this quest, you'll be rewarded with an egg. This egg will hatch into a pet when it accumulates enough XP. To get your egg's XP to rise, obtain the item Sundu that is randomly dropped from enemies. Sundu can also be found in almost any level as a flower-like plant. When the egg hatches and levels up, the pet will randomly boost one of your stats (STR, CON, DEX, or AGL). Continue acquiring Sundu and raise the pet's level to increase the bonus stat value.

    Southern Elf Forest

    • Recommended Level: 7~9
    • Enemies Encountered: Fox Cub, Killer Bee
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    Yay for new enemies! If you're at least Lv 7, the enemies here won't be too much of a problem. Grind up a level or two and move on to the next map.

    Northern Elf Forest

    • Recommended Level: 8~9
    • Enemies Encountered: Killer Bee, Wild Boar
    • Quests Obtained: The Favor of a Merchant
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    This map is much like the Southern Elf Forest, just with slightly different enemies. The Fox Cubs are gone, but they are replaced by Wild Boars. These little fatties aren't a real challenge, but multiple boars attacking simultaneously poses a threat to your health.

    This map is also the first map in the game in which there are two different connecting maps. One is the typical warp which will take you to the next map in order to progress through the game. The other is different in appearance - it looks like a cave, which is Snake's Cave - the first dungeon of the game.

    Quest: The Favor of a Merchant

    Almost everytime you come to Northern Elf Forest from the south, you'll see a character close by. This guy is the leather merchant. He wants to get snake skins from Snake's Cave, but he's too afraid to go in, so he asks you to help him. Bring him 10 snake skins from Snake's Cave.

    To complete:

    Bring the leather merchant 10 snake skins from Snake's Cave. See the Snake's Cave Section for more information.

    Snake's Cave

    • Recommended Level: 9~12
    • Enemies Encountered:
      • First Floor: Bat, Snake
      • Second Floor: Viper, Bluboa
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: The Favor of a Merchant
    • Skills Learned: None

    Snake's Cave is the first dungeon you come across in the game. The cave is divided up into two floors, with different levels offering different enemies. The first floor of the cave is pretty easy if you're at least Lv 9, but watch out for the bats. They're similar to the bees in Northern/Southern Elf Forest and can fly through obstacles and attack. The Snakes are no real challenge, but will start to flee if they are low on health. Time your Power Slash just right, and you should be able to hit the snake as it flees.

    If you venture off to the second floor, the Vipers may pose a slight threat. If you can get up to Lv 11, the only time the Vipers will be a threat is when they're attacking in larger numbers. USE the terrain and obstacles to your advantage and you'll essentially bottleneck them in which you can pick them off one by one. Also on the second floor is the rare Bluboa, a boss-like monster. Bluboa is easily identified, since it'll be a large blue snake. This monster moves faster than both the Vipers and Snakes, so be cautious if you're going to pick a fight with him. Bluboa also has the potential to drop the Snake Doll, which increases your maximum HP when equipped.

    Completing the The Favor of a Merchant Quest:

    From the Northern Elf Forest section.

    Previously mentioned, you need 10 snake skins to complete this quest. Snake skins are dropped by Vipers on the second floor of Snake Cave. It takes a considerable amount of time to get all ten, but it all depends on the random number generator. It's possible that the Snakes drop the skins as well, but they drop faster when dropped by Vipers. When you get your ten skins, return to Northern Elf Forest and talk to the leather merchant. He will reward you with a Bag, which doubles your inventory. Sweet!

    Deserted Forest

    • Recommended Level: 12~14
    • Enemies Encountered: Wild Boar, Goblin
    • Quests Obtained: A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: Air Shot

    Yay! A change of scenery! Deserted Forest is nothing spectacular. It does indeed look like a deserted forest. The enemies here are simple - Wild Boars can be taken out with ease, just like in Northern Elf Forest. Goblins will appear when you get within their attack range. They are invisible enemies, so take note of the ripple when you're navigating the map. If the area you tapped lights up red and there's nothing in that space, there is a Goblin there. You can go straight into attacking it, or use a Potion of Penetration to see. The Goblins are a little harder to defeat than the boars, since the goblins will run when their health starts to run low. Once again, time your Power Slash just right and you'll hit the Goblin while it's trying to flee.

    Quest: A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth

    Somewhere in this map is an NPC that looks just like the leather merchant in Northern Elf Forest. He will ask you to collect five wild boar's eyeteeth to make arrowheads. Don't be fooled, however. The eyeteeth will not drop from the Wild Boars in this area - they are dropped by Black Wild Boars in Deserted Forest 2.

    To complete:

    Obtain five Wild Boar's Eyeteeth in the Deserted Forest 2 map. See the Deserted Forest 2 section for more information.

    Skill Obtained: Air Shot

    Upon completion of the quest "A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth", the Elf Ranger will reward you with this skill. Air shot comes pre-empowered, so there's no need to use a skill point to begin using it - it's immediately accessible! Air shot will attack targets directly in front of you (the direction Feanor is facing) up to three spaces away. Useful for enemies that will flee when they take too much damage.

    Deserted Forest 2

    • Recommended Level: 13~15
    • Enemies Encountered: Goblin, B. Wild Boar
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth
    • Skills Learned: None

    Another map, identical to Deserted Forest 1. Completely different enemies in this one, however. The Black Wild Boars hit pretty hard if you're a low level, so make sure you spend a little time grinding before taking them on in higher numbers.

    Completing the A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth Quest

    From the Deserted Forest section.

    Pretty easy quest to complete. Eyeteeth drop from the Black Wild Boars in the area, although their drop rate is low. Gather the five you need and take them to the Elf Ranger in Deserted Forest 1 to complete this quest. You'll be rewarded with the Air Shot skill. (The information regarding the Air Shot skill can be found in the Deserted Forest section - link is just above this paragraph.)

    The Orc Camp 1

    • Recommended Level: 14~16
    • Enemies Encountered: Wolf, Orc
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    A basic map with new enemies. The Wolves will run if they take too much damage, so use your Power Slash or Air Shot to take them out while they run. The Orcs will hit a little hard if you're a low level, so once more, grind as necessary to improve your recovery rate.

    Also, Take note of the sleeping Ogre. This sleeping NPC is critical to the progression of the game. For now, just ignore him, since talking to him will prove he's sleeping (and is useless).

    The Orc Camp 2-1

    • Recommended Level: 15~16
    • Enemies Encountered: Wolf, Orc, Gnoll
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    An exact duplicate of The Orc Camp 1, with the addition of Gnolls. Gnolls are invisible, so use Potions or Penetration to locate them.

    The Outskirts of Elf Forest

    • Recommended Level: 16~18
    • Enemies Encountered: Pixie, Trant
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: None

    Time for another change in scenery! Pixies are flying enemies, and thus can navigate through obstacles. The Trants are tree-like monsters that hit moderately hard if you're a lower level. Don't be afraid to back-track and retreat to a previous map if the monsters are taking off too much HP. As with the other maps, grind up a level or two, then locate the warp to the next map.

    The Retreat of a Sage

    • Recommended Level: 18~20
    • Enemies Encountered: Pixie, Fairy, Sharr
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: Help of a Sage
    • Skills Learned: None

    An extension of the Outskirts of Elf Forest. Trants are removed and replaced by Fairies, which hit MUCH harder than Trants. Also, Sharrs can be found in this map, which is a boss-class monster. They can be identified easily, since they're larger than both the Fairies and Pixies. If you're going to fight a Sharr, make sure you've got plenty of potions, as she not only hits hard, she attacks fast as well. She'll also run away when she suffers a large HP drop, and she hauls ass! Sharr is one of the hardest enemies to take out thus far in the game, so if you're attempting to score a kill, shoot her with Air Shot as she flees. If you don't get her on the first try, don't beat yourself up. Continue grinding through the level until you encounter her again - she won't have full HP, so you should be able to score a second chance at killing her.

    Bear in mind though, if you're a low level or have a low armor class, the Fairies and Sharrs will hit quite hard. This is the first time up to this point in the game where I'm not suggesting grinding here. If you have the intestinal fortitude to grind here, hats off to you. Just don't be afraid to run when necessary, and it'll happen sooner than you think.

    Completing the Help of a Sage Quest

    From the Elftown section.

    Arith told you that you could find the old sage in the Outskirts of Elf Forest. But she lied to you. The sage is the only NPC you'll find here in this map, so talk to him. He'll tell you about his knowledge concerning the sleeping Ogre and present to you a simple question. Answer [To save the world from a dreadful disaster] (or something to that effect - I forget the exact phrasing of the question) and he'll reward you with a Piece of Meat. Remeber the Ogre in Orc Camp 1? That's who you need to go see next.

    The Orc Camp 2-2

    • Recommended Level: 20~22
    • Enemies Encountered: Orc Warrior, War Wolf
    • Quests Obtained: Elf Boy Gone Missing
    • Quests Completed: Elf Boy Gone Missing
    • Skills Learned: None

    Back the dingy, desolate-looking maps! The Orc Warriors and War Wolves will hit hard, just like the enemies in The Retreat of a Sage. It's advised to make sure all your armor is current (within what you can afford) to get your armor class as high as possible. If you can handle the hordes of monsters, draw them into a part of the map in which there's one way in and one way out, then fight them off one by one. You'll rack up XP quickly, and you'll get a fair bit of pocket change in the process.

    Quest: Elf Boy Gone Missing

    Somewhere in the map, you'll see a little kid. He'll cry and tell you that his brother went missing and needs a weapon to fight.

    To complete:

    This is probably the easiest quest to date. Stand in a spot adjacent to the kid and drop a spare weapon. If you don't have a spare weapon, go to a merchant and buy the cheapest weapon you can find - more than likely, it'll be short sword.

    Fortress of Urc

    • Recommended Level: 23~25
    • Enemies Encountered: War Wolf, Orc Warrior, Orc General, Urc, Grunt (Boss)
    • Quests Obtained: Search the Monument
    • Quests Completed: Get Rid of Grunt
    • Skills Learned: None

    Upon your first entry into Urc, your first thought might be, "What the hell? Did the developers misspel 'orc'?" After a short bit of research (through mindless wandering), I discovered that the developers did NOT misspel "orc;" as there is a monster named "Urc." Urc is apparently the big, bad guardian of the Orcs, but falls second-in-command to Grunt, the orc leader. Grunt can clearly be identified, as he is a solid green color, wearing tattered clothing and carrying what looks to be a hammer.

    More Orc Warriors appear in this map, as well as the addition of a new foe: Orc Generals. These guys hit much harder than their subordinates, and will even summon War Wolves. The number of wolves summoned is determined by how many open slots adjacent to the orc general.

    The best way to tackle the enemies in this map is to find an area of the map that only has one access point (a dead end, for example). Lure a mob of monsters into that spot and take them out one by one, and watch your XP slowly creep up. When your mob of baddies is defeated, collect the loot and move on.

    Quest: Search the Monument

    When Grunt is defeated, a small cutscene will begin, with the Elf Queen talking about her sister being unconscious. The possibility of the orcs being possessed will be revealed, and Elf Queen will send you on your next task - to investigate the monument in search of the cause of the Orcs becoming possessed. You will then receive the Ring of Teleport Control, which acts exactly like a Scroll of Return. The best part? Unlimited uses! That's right, you can spam this baby to your heart's content, causing an instant link back to Elf Town! Say goodbye to all your Scrolls of Return! Sell them to a merchant for 66g.

    To complete:

    Defeat Hellkite in The Hellkite Nest. See the Hellkite Nest section for more information.

    Completing the Get Rid of Grunt Quest

    From the Elftown section.

    Once all the monsters are slain, Grunt will spawn somewhere on the map. Grunt is a huge, dark blue Orc that weilds a large axe. When you encounter him, rush for your dead end spot and make sure you're at full HP. Grunt moves quite fast, so make sure you're timing your taps so that you can make a seamless, uninterrupted trip to your safe haven. When Grunt is two or three spaces away from being directly in front of you, use your Yellow and Green potions, as well as your Ogre Blood potion. When your buffs are in place, proceed to slaying Grunt, spamming all of your skills as soon as they become usable. Grunt should be no problem if you're around Lv 23~25, and should only cause you to use three or four Red Potions, depending on your AC.

    Sutmok Monument: First Floor

    • Recommended Level: 24~27
    • Enemies Encountered: Skeleton, Zombie, Mimic
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: Rampage

    Sutmok is a dungeon similar to Snake Cave, with the only difference being harder monsters and more levels. The monsters here hit considerably hard, especially if you're under Lv 24 and/or have a low AC. Use the same tactics you used in the Fortress of Urc - get a mob of enemies, lure them into a corner with only one access point and take them down one by one. Do, however, take into consideration that there are fewer corners than in Fortress of Urc (or any of the Goblin Camps for that matter), since the map is more open. Make an effort to grind up a couple levels before you proceed to the next floor.

    Don't be fooled by the Mimics! Mimics appear to be a regular treasure chest, but attack when Feanor is adjacent to it. To determine whether a chest is a Mimic, take note of the ripple color after you tap the chest. If the chest shows the regular green ripples and disappears, it is a chest. However, if you see the green ripples disappear and a solid red ring around it remains, that is a Mimic. Use this tactic to your advantage and avoid fighting them if you are running low on HP.

    Skill Obtained: Rampage

    Somewhere on the map is an NPC who apparently has suffered fatal wounds. He complains that he wishes he had more time to perfect his skill, then tells you that you could perfect what he couldn't. After the short exchange, you get the Rampage skill. Rampage is similar to an AOE skill in MMORPGs, except it will attack enemies to your side, rather than all enemies in an area. The best way to use this skill is to have your back at a wall, let enemies surround you on the three other sides, then spam Rampage as soon as it's available, focusing your atacks only on the enemies in front of you. It's risky, but kills quicker.

    Sutmok Monument: Second Floor

    • Recommended Level: 26~29
    • Enemies Encountered: Zombie, Mimic, Specter
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    Similar to the first floor, with the addition of Specters. These are invisible enemies that appear when you get within their attack range. Find them by using Potions of Penetration. The tactics of drawing your mob into a corner and fighting them off one by one is nullified on this floor, since Specters can travel through the walls. It's advised not to pull large mobs, especially if there's several Specters around and you're a low level. Focus on taking enemies out one by one or in small groups, preferrrably not more than two or three at a time. Allow yourself sufficient time to recover your HP, using potions to expedite the process. If you're feeling bold and you think you can handle it, take on a small mob and use Rampage to attack adjacent enemies and you'll notice your XP slowly creep up.

    Sutmok Monument: Third Floor

    • Recommended Level: 28~31
    • Enemies Encountered: Golem, Skel. Warrior, Mimic, Uga Uga
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    I'm going to start this one off with a statement: If you have an armor class (AC) lower than 35, stay away from this map. Both the Golems and Skeleton Warriors hit hard and fast, and unless you have a high armor class, you'll get cut down to size quickly. The Uga Uga monster in this map is a little hard to distinguish between it's other rocky counterpart. The Uga Uga however, is a bluish color, so that should help identify him. Apart from the seemingly overwhelming monsters, this is a good place for XP if you're between the levels of 28 and 31. When you have a competent AC, grind it out a couple levels in here and move on to the final floor.

    Sutmok Monument: Fourth Floor

    • Recommended Level: 30~34
    • Enemies Encountered: Salamander, Black Knight, Horror
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    For the final floor in Sutmok Monument, the enemies hit harder than anything you've ever encounter. I strongly recommend staying away from here until you have an armor class higher than 40, because the monsters here hit so hard and so quickly, you'll be wondering where your health went. However, the Salamanders are the bigger threat. Not only can the pass through walls, but they have a ranged attack as well, making them the first enemy in the game that can hit you from a distance. Be mindful about where the Salamander's location is, since their attacks can go through walls just like they can. Their attacks can be avoided by keeping it in a diagonal direction from you, as the Salamander can only attack when it is directly in front of you.

    Also, take care when navigating through the map, as you may run into a Horror. The Horror monster has the same attributes as the Sharrs located in The Retreat of a Sage. What makes it worse is that it's an invisible enemy, so you'll only run into one if you come within its attack range or if you use a Potion of Penetration.

    Hellkite Nest

    • Recommended Level: 33~36
    • Enemies Encountered: Firedrake. Hellkite (Boss)
    • Quests Obtained: Save the Queen
    • Quests Completed: Search the Monument
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    Aww, all that work and you're still not done? Suck it up and keep progressing - this is last floor.

    The Firedrake monsters here possess the same qualities as the Salamanders from the previous floor, with the exception of the ranged attack. They don't attack as frequent as the Salamanders and their damage is comparable to that of the Black Knights, therefore these should be a little easier to manage.

    So what's the hard part of this level? The second of three main bosses lies in wait here. Hellkite is a large, flying dragon that attacks and moves in the exact same manner as the Salamanders - He can fly through walls, his attacks can fly through walls, and he can attack from a distance. The difference between him and the Salamanders, however, is (obviously) their damage. Hellkite hits twice as hard as a Salamander. But that's to be expected, since he's a boss.

    Quest: Save the Queen

    When you finally defeat Hellkite, a small cutscene will begin, with you talking to Ellia. She'll ask about the amulet that you found, and once you give it to her, she transforms into this massive monster and runs. Arith appears immediately thereafter, asks about her sister, then recruits your help to save her once more.

    To complete:

    Defeat Ellia in the Nest of the Fallen Elf Queen. See the Nest of the Fallen Elf Queen section for more information.

    Completing the Search the Monument Quest

    From the Fortress of Urc section.

    The trick to beating Hellkite is to drag him to one of the four corners of the map. Literally. Since both Hellkite and the Firedrakes can move through walls, putting yourself into the corner is the safest place to be, since you can only be attacked from two different sides (as opposed to three or for from anywhere else on the map. Take out the Firedrakes that accompany Hellkite (if applicable), then focus on Hellkite himself. Make sure you have plenty of health and buff potions, because it may be a long fight (depending on your armor class).

    The Contaminated Forest

    • Recommended Level: 38~40
    • Enemies Encountered: Elf Warrior, Cann. Fungus
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: None
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    After what seems like an eternity spent inside the monument, you're finally out! If you're under Lv 35 and you come into this map, the Elf Warriors will overwhelm you - they're crazy fast and spawn quickly, so they'll swarm and trap you if you're not careful. Fortunately, they don't do too much damage, especially if your AC is higher than 45. The Cann. (abbreviation for Cannibal, perhaps?) Fungus is a massive variant of their relatives back in the early stages of the game - they're still nothing impressive. I highly suggest that you take a considerable amount of time and grind up multiple levels - aim for at least Lv 40 before progressing to the next map.

    Nest of the Fallen Elf Queen

    • Recommended Level: 40+
    • Enemies Encountered: Dark Elf, Ellia
    • Quests Obtained: None
    • Quests Completed: Save the Queen
    • Skills Learned: N/A

    The final map! If you had any problems in The Contaminated Forest, you'll definitely have problems here. While the Dark Elf monsters don't move as fast as the Elf Warrior monsters in The Contaminated Forest, they hit much harder, so do everything you can to get your armor class up as high as possible. Sadly, there's nothing of real interest in this map, unless of course you're tying to beat the game. Ellia lurks around in this map, and you can't miss her.

    Completing the Save the Queen Quest

    From the Hellkite Nest section.

    As I mentioned before, Ellia roams around this map. If you notice when you walk into the map, she shows her disgust for you coming after her, but don't let this deter you. If you try and take her on with your armor class lower than 55, she's going to slaughter you. It's highly recommended that your armor class is higher than 60 so that she does minimal damage.

    The easiest way to drop Ellia is to drag her to a spot where there's only one way in and one way out. There's a large cluster of trees near the upper right hand corner of the map. These trees section off a small portion of the map and create a single entrance. If there's a horde of Dark Elves chasing you, try and rally them all up to where they can't get higher than the opening (the computer AI isn't smart enough to find a way to get to you - they just try to get to you the quickest way possible, which is almost always a direct route). Since Ellia is essentially flying, she can go through obstacles, so this little refuge is the safest place to be. Once you get her alone, load up on your buff potions and hit her for everything you're worth. Make sure to bring LOTS of health potions - I beat her at Lv 41 with an AC of only 56 and ended up using 25 potions.

    When you finish her off, a cutscene will begin, thus ending the game.

    Wooo! You've finished the game! Pat yourself on the back for completing it! So what's next? Try beating the game using different stats, or even at the lowest level possible. Or better yet, compile your own walkthrough if you feel up to the task. After you beat Ellia in the final map, it is possible to continue playing - work on getting higher in levels, or getting the absolute best armor and weapons you can get.


    I don't need to explain what an appendix is or the purpose it serves, right? Here you can find all the goodies relating to the game: items, experience charts, quest lists, and like.


    First up in the appendix is the items that can be obtained throughout the game. Equippable items list the essential information relating to them (such as damage, purchase price, etc.); usable items have their effect listed. All items also have a chart that tells which enemy (or enemies) drop that particular item.


    BaselardSword16~2420p 9000g6p 9666g
    Bastard SwordSword10~151p 9400g6466g
    Elven SwordSword7~108000g2666g
    HalberdSpear1~191p 1400g3800g
    IcebringerSword15~2213p 400g4p 3466g
    Long SwordSword3~5300g100g
    Orcish AxeAxe3~81000g333g
    Short SwordSword2~350g16g
    ThunderstormSword14~208p 1000g2p 7000g
    TridentSpear2~294p 2000g1p 4000g
    WarhammerAxe8~202p 8000g9333g
    Enemy Weapon Drops
    BaselardDark Elf
    Bastard SwordOrc General, Black Knight
    Elven SwordSharr
    HalberdTrant, Urc
    IcebringerBlack Knight
    Long SwordFungus, Funguses, Fox Cub
    Orcish AxeWild Boar
    ScimitarWolf, Viper
    Short SwordPunyu
    TridentSkel. Warrior


    All the armor items in the game, divided by the three different types, listed alphabetically. The drop list for each of the items is directly below the information tables for each section.

    NameDefense (DEF)Block (BLK)BuySell
    Iron Shield6669000g3000g
    Panic Shield1214410p 400g3p 3466g
    Round Shield9994p 5000g1p 5000g
    Small Shield110800g266g
    Wooden Shield3301900g633g
    Enemy Shield Drops
    Iron ShieldFairy, Skeleton
    Panic ShieldFiredrake, Horror
    Round ShieldSpecter
    Small ShieldGoblin
    Wooden ShieldOrc
    NameDefense (DEF)Hit Point Increase (HP)BuySell
    Cotton Robe1+6100g33g
    Full Plate9+631p 200g3400g
    Leather Jacket3+18750g250g
    Mithral Armo11+885p 2000g1p 7333g
    Titanium Armor14+11210p 400g3p 3466g
    Velorium Armor16+14418p 1200g6p 400g
    Enemy Armor Drops
    Cotton Robe???
    Full PlateZombie
    Leather JacketSnake
    Mithral Armor???
    ScalemailWar Wolf
    Titanium ArmorSalamander, Uga Uga
    Velorium ArmorCann. Fungus
    NameDefense (DEF)Speed (SPD)BuySell
    Frame Shoes7988000g2666g
    Greave111545p 9000g1p 9666g
    Leather Boots4521800g600g
    Old Shoes113700g233g
    Velorium Boots1421012p 8000g4p 2666g
    Enemy Boot Drops
    Frame ShoesOrc Warrior, Salamander
    GreaveGolem, Elf Warrior
    Leather BootsPixie
    Old ShoesKiller Bee
    Velorium BootsElf Warrior

    Jewelry and Accessories

    CloverBrings luck.
    Dragon's EyeUsed to obtain Ogre Gauntlet.
    Golem Doll???
    Ogre GauntletIncreases power.
    Orc DollIncreases buff duration.
    Queen Bee DollIncreases speed.
    Ring of Teleport ControlReturns you to Elftown.
    Snake DollIncreases maximum HP.
    Tear of FalconIncreases accuracy.
    Troll TotemIncreases HP recovery rate.
    Enemy Jewelry Drops
    Dragon's EyeHellkite
    Golem DollUga Uga
    Ogre GauntletNone; read walkthrough for more information.
    Orc DollUrc
    Queen Bee DollSharr
    Ring of Teleport ControlGrunt
    Snake DollBluboa
    Tear of FalconBat
    Troll TotemTrant


    Scroll of Enchant ArmorEnhances a random armor piece by +1. Glowing scrolls have the potential to enhance by +2.
    Scroll of Enchant WeaponEnhances your weapon by +1. Glowing scrolls have the potential to enhance by +2.
    Scroll of ReturnReturns you to Elftown.
    Enemy Scroll Drops
    Scroll of Enchant ArmorVarious
    Scroll of Enchant WeaponVarious
    Scroll of ReturnVarious


    Green PotionIncreases attack speed for a short time.
    Ogre BloodIncreases power for a short time.
    Potion of PenetrationMakes invisible enemies appear for a short time.
    Red PotionRecovers HP.
    Yellow PotionIncreases speed for a short time.
    Enemy Potion Drops
    Green PotionVarious
    Ogre BloodGolem
    Potion of PenetrationGoblin, Specter
    Red PotionVarious
    Yellow PotionVarious


    Ancient EggHatches into a random pet and boosts a random stat.
    BagDoubles your inventory.
    EyetoothQuest item; used to obtain the Air Shot skill.
    Magic DustQuest item; collect three and give them to the shaman in Elftown for a random scroll.
    Piece of MeatQuest item; used to access The Orc Camp 2-2.
    Snake SkinQuest item; used to obtain the Bag.
    SunduExperience points for your pet; comes in the form of a flower or apple on the map. Item does not appear in your inventory.
    Enemy Misc Drops
    Ancient EggNone; read walkthrough for more information.
    BagNone; read walkthrough for more information.
    EyetoothB. Wild Boar
    Magic DustVarious
    Piece of MeatNone; read walkthrough for more information.
    Snake SkinViper

    Experience Tables

    What RPG walkthrough is complete without XP tables? Here's the XP tables for both your character and your pet. Take note that the data contained within these tables represents the experience points you need to reach the next level, not the level you're currently at, hence the abbreviation "TNL" which stands for "To Next Level" (for those un-savvy with MMORPGs).

    Also, bear in mind that the table only goes to Lv 41, as that is the highest level I attained while playing. In later versions, I'll have a complete XP table, listing XP points for all attainable levels in the game. If you have completed such work and would like to help me out, drop me an email - read the Contact Information section if you're interested.

    Character XP Table


    Pet XP Table



    Arguably the easiest section I've ever had to do for any guide I ever wrote, this section gives info regarding the four usable skills in Inotia. The information contained in this section is in a split-table format to conserve space. I more than likely need not say this, but future revisions of the guide will contain more conclusive information regarding this section.

    Fatal Strike


    Power Slash


    Air Shot




    Quest List

    For those who are OCD about ensuring they obtain and complete every quest in the game, this handy list will help achieve just that. Below is a list of every quest in the game, along with its important information: Where to obtain it, how to complete it and any significant rewards (if any).

    A Wild Boar's Eyeteeth

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to the Elf Ranger in Deserted Forest 1.
    • How to Complete: Give the Elf Ranger in Deserted Forest 1 five eyeteeth from black wild boars.
    • Rewards: Air Shot skill.

    Elf Boy Gone Missing

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to the elf boy in The Orc Camp 2-2.
    • How to Complete: Drop any weapon adjacent to the elf boy in The Orc Camp 2-2.
    • Rewards: None.

    Find the Queen

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to Arith at the beginning of the game.
    • How to Complete: Defeat the Fungus enemies surrounding the Elf Queen in Mushroom Plantation.
    • Rewards: None.

    Gather Materials

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to the Ogre Shaman in Elftown.
    • How to Complete: Give the Ogre Shaman in Elftown three Magic Dusts.
    • Rewards: For every three dusts you turn in, you'll be rewarded a random scroll.

    Get Rid of Grunt

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to Ellia after completing the Find the Queen quest.
    • How to Complete: Defeat Grunt in The Fortress of Urc.
    • Rewards: Ring of Teleport Control.

    Help of a Sage

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to Arith after completing the Find the Queen quest.
    • How to Complete: Talk to the sage in The Retreat of a Sage.
    • Rewards: Piece of meat.

    Save the Elf Queen

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to Arith in The Hellkite Nest after completing the Search the Monument quest.
    • How to Complete: Defeat the Fallen Elf Queen in The Nest of the Fallen Elf Queen.
    • Rewards: None.

    Search the Monument

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to Ellia in The Fortress of Urc after completing the Get Rid of Grunt quest.
    • How to Complete: Defeat Hellkite in The Hellkite Nest.
    • Rewards: Dragon's Eye. Can be used on a Star Pad to change to the Ogre Gauntlet.

    The Favor of a Merchant

    • Where to Obtain: Talk to the leather merchant in Northern Elf Forest.
    • How to Complete: Give the leather merchant in Northen Elf Forest ten snake skins from Snake Cave.
    • Rewards: Bag.