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    Walkthrough by GabrielAPetrie

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/30/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This document is narrower so it can be more easily read
    from the screen of an iPod or iPhone without scrolling.
         ______ |\____ _______ _____________  ___   /|     
        /  ___ \/ |__//   __/ /  _  //  ___ \ \  \ / \__   
       /  / /  / /__ / __/ __/__// //  / /  // _  \\    \  
      /  / /  / / _// / __|  /__/ //  / /  // / \ /^\   )  
     /  /_/  /  \ _/ /_/ /\___   _/  /_/  // /__/// |\  /  
     |_/\/\_/\__ \/\_____/ /_//__/\_/\/\_//_____//__|/  /  
     * * * * *  \  | /____/   * * * * * * *         / /    
       \_____,   \ |        ... * * * * * *         //    
     * |\\\\\\/   \|        .@@..* * * * *          /     
      * *__/*/* * *         .@@@@.. * * *                  
      __",_/ * * * *         .@@@.!. * *                   
    \/*_*\ ____,  * *        .@@.!!!. *                 *  
    |\\\\\\\\\\\/  * *        ..!!!!!.               * * * 
        * * * * * * * *       .!!!!!!.   ......   * * * *  
           * * * * * * *     * .!@@!!....!!!!!!..  * * * * 
    iOS       *  ...* * *    *  .!@@.@.@@!!!@@@!!.  * * *  
               ...MM.* * *   * * ...@.@@@@!!!!!@!!.  * * * 
              .mmm.MM.* * *  *  *  ..@@@@@!..!!...  * * *  
             .mmmmm....* * * * *    .@@@@!.@@.!!.  * * * * 
             .mmmmm.MMm.* * * * * *.@@@@..@@@.!@. * * * *  
     * * *...Mmmmmmm..m. * * O * * .@@..%..@%.!@.. * * * * 
      * ..MM.Mmm%@@@mm@.* * * * *   ...@%..@.!..!.         
     * .m.MM.Mm%@@..%.@.   * * * * * .%%%%%%.!.!.@.        
      .mmm.MM.m%@@..%.@. ... *  * *  .%....%..!.@@.        
     .mmmm.MM.m%%@@@%@%..mmm.*   * *  .%%%%.!!!.@@.        
     .mmm. .MM.m%....%. .mmm.*    * *  ........@@@.        
     .mmm. .MMM.%%%%%.M..mmm.*     * ..@.!!!!..@@.         
      ...  .mMMM.....MMMmmm. *     ..@@@@.!..!!.@.         
     *  .. .mmmMMMMM.MMmmm.  *    .@@@@@@.!@@@!!.. * *     
       .mm..mmmmmmM. .Mmm.   *     ..@@@@.!..!!..@. * * *  
      .mmmm..mmMMM.   ...  * *       ..@.!!!!..@@@@. * *   
     .mmmmmM..mMMMM.  * * *  *      .@@........@@@@!. * *  
     .mm.mmMMM..MMMm.* * * * *     .!!@@@.   * ..@!!!. *   
      ....mMM. .mmmm. * * *  *    .!!!!.  * * * .!!!!.. *  
     * *  ...  .mmm... * * * *  ..!!!!!.   * * * .!!!!!..  
      * * * * .mmmmmmm. * *  * .!!!!!!!!.   * * .!!!!!!!!. 
     * * * *  .........* * * * ..........    *  .......... 
                           MEGA MAN 2 
                for iOS (iPod/iPhone): A Guide
                 Version 1.1 - March 29, 2001
       Mega Man 2, all the characters, themes, and names
           are the intellectual property of CAPCOM
       Series Creator:      Inafune Keiji
       Soundtrack Composer: Tateishi Takashi
                            "Ogeretsu Kun"
       DEVELOPERS:          Tokuro Fujiwara
                            for   CAPCOM
        Some (including the Creator) consider Mega Man
        to be strongly based on "Astro Boy" created by
                                          Tezuka Osamu
    [                                                     ]
    [ This guide is not an official/licensed publication;]
    [ This guide is not for distribution for profit;     ]
    [ This guide must only be distributed freely;        ]
    [ This guide copyright  2011 Gabriel Arthur Petrie. ]
    [ eyenot@gmail.com                                    ]
    [                                                     ]
    |[ Table of Contents ]================================|
    |[ Guide Version History ]============================|
    |[ Intro ]============================================|
    |[ Controls ]=========================================|
    |[ Basic Play ]=======================================|
    |[ Bosses ]===========================================|
    |[ Strategies ]=======================================|
    |[ Recommended Path ]=================================|
    |[ Dr. Wily's Bosses ]================================|
    |[ Tips ]=============================================|
    |[ Game Version Differences ]=========================|
    |[ Guide Version History ]============================|
    Version 1.0 (Mar.28,2011)
       ... was full of errors, bad information, and an
       incomplete and bad walkthrough.
    Version 1.1 (Mar.29,2011) 
       The biggest difference here is that I closed up the
       width of the text column, so that it's easier to see
       it all (without scrolling) in an iPod. And some
       characters aren't "real" fixed-width in iPod, and
       those had to be replaced.
       I went back through the game and came up with an 
       "ultimate path", which strikes me as the best path 
       laid out by the designers. I also tried to keep it
       relevant to the constraints you play under in the
       original NES version, so I'm pretty happy with it.
       If you came to this guide looking for that path:
         FM -> WM -> AM -> CM -> MM -> BM -> HM -> QM 
       I added even more version differences (the last
       section) and fixed a lot of errors. I also decided
       to be more thorough with the walkthrough. 
    |[ Intro ]============================================|
    In the year 2009...
    CAPCOM released a version of Mega Man 2 that installs 
    and runs on your iPod touch. So now you can play this 
    amazing 1988 classic action platformer anywhere you go!
    Just like Mega Man! Like you absorbed Mega Man's Mega 
    Power and now it's ready for you whenever you want! 
    That's pretty close to augmented reality!
    You might be asking yourself, "why did I pay $2.99 at 
    the Apple Apps Store for this game to be on my iPod?"
    1. This game woke a lot of people up to the full video
       and audio capabilities of the NES console. The most 
       frequent comment I heard back in 1989 was "it looks 
       so good it's like having Saturday morning cartoons
       except it's a GAME!" And we would play just to hear 
       the music. "Which level do you want to go to? 
       CRASH MAN!" (It's my favorite song in the game.)
    2. Because you want to hear the Crash Man song (or any 
       of the many songs in the game that are your own 
       favorite) any time you want, wherever you are!
    3. Because you like the original so much and the 
       differences that CAPCOM put in -- like returning to
       boss levels or any Wily level after you beat them --
       make it totally irresistable. Mega Man forever!  
    4. This iPod version shows a lot of insight and
       foresight on behalf of the programmers. Things that
       frustrated players in the original game were changed
       or taken out, mostly towards the easier end. The 
       result is instant fun.
    |[ Controls ]=========================================|
    The built-in help file is pretty straightforward.
    You can set the screen to be locked into vertical vs. 
    horizontal ("portrait" vs. "landscape") or leave it so
    that whichever way you tip the screen it will adapt. 
    The game play screen will be the same size either way,
    but the controls will be a little bit different. 
    In portrait mode, your controls are a traditional 
    arcade joystick and two red buttons. Those are set into
    a dashboard that has artwork from the game. The stick 
    and buttons are set close together, and the two buttons
    are exactly side-by-side.
    I found the portrait mode controls a little difficult
    to get used to, and I usually play with the game locked
    into the other orientation, landscape. Here you have a
    directional pad (also known as a d-pad or cross-pad) on
    the left side of the screen, and two blue buttons set
    diagonally next to each other on the right side. 
    I found this much easier to use.
    In landscape orientation you might find (as I have) 
    that holding your thumb on the touch screen isn't very
    accurate or fast. Maybe my thumb is getting old. So I
    found the controls are very easy to master using the
    tips of pointer and middle finger, holding the right 
    side of the case between your thumb and ring finger. 
                   *           Another way to hold it would       
            A ___  *\          involve putting the ring
          B _(__ o)*o)         finger over the pad and the
           (___o)\ \ |\        thumb underneath. That way
      *********\  \  | |       may be more free-flowing for 
        (__ o)\_)^ ^ >^ )      some people and some qi.       
             \ <        | 
               \_       /
                  \( ) | illustration: how a robotic hand
                         might grip the iPod to play this
                         game in landscape orientation. 
    You could also hold your thumbs underneath the pad and
    all your fingertips on top. Whatever works for you.
    The two orientations don't "flip"; in portrait the 
    bottom is the same as your case bottom, and in 
    landscape the left side is the same side as your case
    bottom. This is a little bit of a problem for me since
    I play with my headphones in (which, by the way, comes
    highly recommended for this game, because it is some of
    the best music in video game history) and my left hand
    has to get around the headphone jack for my thumb to
    reach the d-pad. Easily solved by an L-shaped plug.
    The directional control makes Mega Man run to the left
    or right, climb up or down, fire one way or the other. 
    Most weapons only fire in the direction you're facing.
    A few (like Metal Blade) fire up, down, or diagonal. 
    You fire weapons by pressing the (B) button.
    You change weapons by pressing the (PAUSE) button,  
    which is in a different place depending on orientation.
    For portrait it's at the bottom right, for landscape it
    is at the top right. In the pause screen you use the
    pad to move to which weapon you want to use and you 
    press (A) button to select it. The weapon "P" is your
    normal "Player" weapon (I suppose), the Buster Cannon.
    FINALLY, you can jump by pressing the (A) button!! 
    (Jump command using another button on the controller is
    something invented by Yokoi Gumpei -- who as it happens
    also invented the cross-pad or d-pad NES controller.
    He invented the concept of jumping back when he was on
    the development team for the smash-hit arcade game 
    Donkey Kong with Miyamoto Shigeru; one day he suggested
    that the character should be able to jump the barrels.
    The creator of Mega Man credits the roots of his design
    work to Mario from Donkey Kong and to Manga animation.) 
    Besides the two orientations, there are also two 
    control modes, and the details are covered in the last
    section, "Version Differences". 
    I recommend playing Classic Mode (and Hard setting). 
    As for options, and anything else, there's a great help
    file which you can access from the title screen! A very
    good thing to install, thanks to the programmers.
    |[ Basic Play ]=======================================|
    You run, jump, climb and shoot your way through the 
    level and at the end you reach a boss (behind a gate) 
    that you have to beat. 
    When you beat robotic bosses, you absorb their powers.
    Some things will appear in the level:
    E-Can, a glowing blue can of pure energy. You can carry
    up to four of these inside Mega Man, and if you ever 
    need to refill your health meter, open the weapons 
    screen (Pause) and select the blue dots -- ONCE. You'll
    use one E-Can for each time you hit the button, so be 
    careful not to tap tap tap tap. I am more or less 
    Especially Unsure of the location of all the E-Cans in
    the game. Most of them can be passed up and, if you
    spend some time, have a little patience, really enjoy
    the game and give it your best effort, you will be able
    to beat the game without ever using a single E-Can, and
    without losing a single life (unless you intendod to).
    Even though this is true, grabbing an E-Can makes your
    chances of survival much higher!! That means you can
    get through the game more readily.
    Health Pellet, a blinking black and white ball. 
    If you pick one up, it fills up some of your health. 
    The bigger ones fill up more.
    Energy Pellet, glowing the same color as Mega Man.
    This one fills the energy bar for your current weapon. 
    The Head of Mega Man, this gives you an extra play.
    Try to collect all these things! They also fall at 
    random out of defeated enemies.
    |[ Bosses ]===========================================|
    This is the greatest thing about the Mega Man series: 
    you get to choose which order to play the levels in!
    In the original, it was a pretty big deal which order 
    you  would play the game in. That's because originally,
    if you beat any level, you couldn't go back to it. So
    the choice you made had a huge impact on what you got
    in the game. If you did not get Crash Man early, you
    would miss out on short-cuts and items that the Crash
    Bomb lets you to get. If you didn't get the mobility
    "Items (1, 2, 3)" early, the same would happen.
    In this version, though, you get to return to any level
    after you beat it and get things you want. It's still
    sort of important to follow some loose strategy,
    because having the right weapons and items makes it
    easier to get through the levels and beat the bosses.
    And that is really what the game is all about!
    You can beat the whole thing without ever using 
    anything but your main weapon (the Buster Cannon) and 
    that's how I used to play, but I find it's more fun now
    to freely use all the different weapons and experiment
    with what effects they have on enemies and bosses. 
    That being said, I'll describe the bosses. I don't know
    their real stories, there are guides about that, too.
    In fact if you want to find a whole lot of stuff about
    the Mega Man stories, histories, worlds and everything,
    check out the websites at the bottom of this guide. 
    The basic idea is that Dr. Wily created these robots to
    cause problems, so I'll try to figure out their stories
    based on that context.
    Bubble Man   ( BM )
       This robot lives under the water. Obviously, it's a
       water proof robot. His own weapon won't work against
       him at all. His weapon is a falling, rolling bubble.
       He stays near a huge waterfall so he must have gone
       to take over a hydropower generator nearby. 
    Air Man      ( AM )
       This robot lives up in the sky. He has a fan built 
       into his chest. His weapon is a blast of tornadoes. 
       His world is inhabited by robots that phase in and
       out of dimensions, and is a place with a lot of
       techno-supernatural activity. There are signs up to
       warn people that this is a place with demons.
       It seems like a very taboo place -- maybe he went
       there to command a weather manipulation facility.
    Quick Man    ( QM )
       This robot was made to cut things up really fast. It
       lives inside a partical accelerator or plasma fusion
       reactor or something with plasma going on inside of
       it. His weapon is loads of super-fast boomerangs.
       If it's a Tokamak he lives in, then maybe it's Flash
       Man's magnetic tracks that form the fusion torus?
    Heat Man     ( HM )
       This robot also apparently lives in a reactor but I
       think it's a fission reactor, because his weapon is
       known as "Atomic Fire". He's encased in a super-
       heavy suit and can actually turn into a stream of 
       fire. Maybe he uses nanotechnology or spirit power. 
       Probably good friends with Quick Man. They must be
       in the city's nuclear power supply to drain energy.
    Wood Man     ( WM )
       This robot lives in a metallic replica of a forest.
       There was a book written about that once, that you
       could replace the world with a virtual copy. But the 
       Mecha Forest doesn't have to be made out of fractal
       geometry and digitally stored -- it could be made 
       out of minerals! 
       Could the Mecha Forest become a reality?!
         "Artificial Leaf Could Provide Cheap Energy"
         "Spinning the Sun's Rays Into Fuel"
         Science Magazine, Mar 28 2011
       Maybe Wood Man is there to grab the energy from the
       leaves like ones developed at MIT?
       Anyways, his weapon is the game's purely defensive
       weapon: a spinning shield of leaves! It's also the
       "Green Technology" weapon, allowing you to switch it
       off without spending any energy. This is a major
       difference from the original!   
    Metal Man    ( MM )
       This robot lives inside a giant machine full of cogs
       and dangerous moving parts. He throws gears! He's
       pretty slow compared to the other robots, sort of
       like a steam engine compared to a maglev train, or
       a delicate gearworks clock instead of a digital.
       His level has some potentially deadly obstacles.
       He's obviously there to throw a gear in the cogs.
    Flash Man    ( FM )
       This robot lives in something that makes Mega Man 
       slide. It looks sort of like an alternating magnetic
       track (like the kind that runs a mag-lev train) and
       like it might be encased in ice. Maybe both! His
       amazing power is the ability to slow down everything
       else but himself! He fires a Super ... machine gun.
    Crash Man    ( CM )
       This robot lives in a high tower, so high the top of
       it is in outer space. I'm pretty sure this is a 
       programmer. It lives in a tower made of tangled-up
       spaghetti code pipes and has the ability to demolish
       sections of walls, in order to fix the bugs and
       straighten up the problems. It's his choice whether
       the whole thing crashes or not! That's what it seems
       like, any ways. Or, it's a demolition bot. Whoever
       he is he has excellent taste in music! 
    Dr. Wily
       This is the evil genius Mega Man is trying to stop.
       He can corrupt robots and turn them against people,
       or make his own robots and send them to wreak havoc.
       "He's psychotic! I'm not even sure I WANT to know
       what perverse plan his sick, evil brain is capable
       of conceiving. And to think he was once my closest
       confident..." -- Dr. Light on Dr. Wily
       (source: Mega Man the Movie) 
    |[ Strategies ]=======================================|
    As you might have guessed, some of these robots would
    not do well against one another if they fought.
    What if Heat Man went stomping through Wood Man's 
    forest? Or swam through Bubble Man's watery complex?
    Luckily, Mega Man can absorb the powers from the boss 
    robots without taking on their weaknesses!
    When you beat a boss, you get the weapon from the boss.
    If you beat Bubble Man, you get his bubble weapon. You
    can then take that to Heat Man and instead of having to
    shoot him some dozens of times with your Cannon, you 
    can just hit him with a few Bubbles and he'll crack!
    Sometimes when you beat a boss, Dr. Light (the Creator
    of Mega Man) will show up and install a new Item into
    your hardware. These items are for extra mobility, and
    they allow you to access places you normally couldn't.
    After I go through some strategies for each level and
    boss, I'll lay out a few paths that I like to follow 
    when I play. I'll use the boss' initials instead of the
    whole name, so I can fit the path on a single line.
    You'll find your own way, though, which is all the fun.
    Something else I'll discuss is Eating. That's what I
    call a tactic where you find a good spot with a
    regenerating enemy, camp there and destroy that enemy
    to fill your health and your weapons' energy meters,
    and to earn extra plays. There aren't good places to
    eat in every level, so levels that are good to eat at 
    will be marked with stars, more stars meaning it's a
    better dining experience! :)
        "The tiny metal bird was * * * *!" -- Gourmand
    One thing I keep in mind is that a lot of new players
    would give up if the first level they go to is one of
    the hardest, and they couldn't get through. So one
    thing I did was to provide a difficulty rating for each
    level and boss, but, you really shouldn't give up. Just
    pick a different boss to go after, and if you beat it,
    maybe that weapon you absorb will give you what you
    needed to beat what you couldn't beat before!
    The numbers for difficulty rating are between one and
    four (1-4), four being harder and one being easier.
    I rate the levels based on annoyances, difficult spots,
    and so on, as if the player didn't have any weapons to
    use to make it easier. And I rate the bosses based on
    how hard they are to beat using just the Buster Cannon.
    A final note, when I describe a weapon as "expensive" 
    that means it uses more of its energy bar per firing.
    "Cheap" ones are the Quick Boomerang and Metal Blade,
    which barely use any energy. "Expensive" ones are Leaf
    Shield or a full-blast Atomic Fire.
    { Boss (Weakness), Level Difficulty / Boss Difficulty }
    { ITEM # : an item you get if you beat this boss      }
    {    *stars if there's an eating spot, 1-4 stars*     }
    {   Strategy                                          }
    Bubble Man ( MM ), 3 / 1 :
        * * Crab
       There's an easy spot near the end of the level where
       lots of crabs fall down the huge waterfall. You can
       wait around here and shoot them with your Buster
       Cannon to get a few quick supplies.
        * * * Frog
       If you manage to beat Wood Man before you come here,
       then get your Leaf Shield ready because it's time 
       for Frogs' Legs wrapped in Leaves! Or something! 
       When you get to a frog and need to fill up, turn on
       the leaf shield and let it burp machines on your 
       head. You could walk away at this point and come 
       back later with all the extra plays you could want.
       You can also shoot through all the frogs with a 
       regular blast of Atomic Fire or with Metal Blade.
       The Leaf Shield also comes in handy against shrimps,
       but it's an expensive thing to use there. You'd be
       better of pulling out the Metal Blade which is cheap
       and just as effective. As it turns out, the Metal
       Blade is also effective agains Frogs and Bubble Man.
       So, it's a good idea to bring Metal Blade out here.
       This level has a long, submerged passage in it, 
       lined with deadly spiked mines. You will probably
       either land on or jump up into several of them 
       before you get it right. Just keep in mind the 
       spikes are either against walls or else stuck to the
       ceiling. And you can tap the jump button instead of
       holding it down, and make a little frog hop instead
       of a mega leap.
    Air Man ( WM ), 3 / 3 :
       ITEM 2 : A hover board that flies in one direction.
        * * * * Bird   
       If you beat Bubble Man or Wood Man, you can come 
       here to easily fill up on little tiny birds. I dunno
       what kind, we'll just say Mecha Ortolan! MEGA YUM!
       When the mama birds approach, turn on the shield and
       reap the rewards. Another way to eat tiny mecha bird
       is to use Bubble Man's Lead. When the mama flies by
       and drops the egg, as soon as you see all the little
       Birds unfold from the egg and start coming toward 
       you, drop a bubble on them and it will get them all.
       If you drop it too soon, a Bird or two that didn't
       fully hatch will get past it. And if you're too 
       late, you get hit by the Birds.
       There are a lot of annoying giant red heads with 
       horns that have gremlins pouring out of their ears,
       and you have to jump on these giant demon heads to 
       get through the level. You can't have come here with
       the Item #2 (the Hover Board) because this is the 
       boss you have to beat in order for Dr. Light to give
       it to you (not in the original you couldn't have.) 
       If you revisit here after beating this level 
       (perhaps to eat Bird) just use the hoverboard from a
       nice, high spot to get past a lot of annoying stuff.
       If you have the Leaf Shield, you can use it here to
       stand still and get your bearings without worry.
       There are some guys riding on clouds throwing 
       lightning at you, and you need to get them off their
       clouds so you can ride those past a huge space 
       without platforms. The best thing to use on these 
       guys is your Leaf Shield -- contact with the shield
       itself destroys them instantly. Another thing to use
       on those guys is your Bubble Lead: wait until they
       are below you and drop the Bubble right on them. 
       Quickly drop a bunch of bubbles and jump after them.
       Some huge blue robots with fans in their stomachs 
       are waiting to try and blow you out of the air when
       you're trying to jump. One of them is placed in a
       really tricky way so that even if you destroy him,
       your backward momentum from his fan could still push
       you far enough back that when you run up again he is
       back again all fresh and new. Leaf Shield is stron
       against them but it's expensive. You could also use
       Flash to stop their blowing, run up close and get
       them with your Buster Cannon. 
       The stompers at the end of the level can quickly 
       destroy you if you aren't very quick with the
       Buster Cannon. You might prefer to use the Leaf
       Shield, again, or Time Stopper to just run past it.
       This level has benefits for you from both the Leaf
       Shield and the Bubble Lead, but you should bring the
       Leaf Shield because it's effective against Air Man.
    Quick Man ( FM ), 4 / 4 :
       This level is one of the two most difficult robot
       levels in the game. There are screens where huge 
       beams of plasma cut through very quickly and will 
       destroy Mega Man if he gets touched by them. You 
       have two options: learn how to get through those 
       rooms before the beams cut everything off, or, if 
       you beat Flash Man, learn where the rooms are and 
       turn on the Time Stopper -- no more worries! There 
       is even one room where you have two options where to
       fall, and if you fall on the right side you get an 
       Energy Can, a big Energy Pellet, and an extra play.
       It's on the right-side!
       There are a few big enemies here who could cause a
       lot of problems for you, but luckily they can all be
       instantly dispatched with the Air Shooter (if you
       beat Air Man). Use it on the Crucibles in the dark
       area throwing fire at you and the Walkers carrying
       the Shield Man around. 
    Heat Man ( BM ), 4 / 2 :
       ITEM 1 : A hover pad that slowly floats upward.
        * Metal Hamburger
       Want slow food? There are dozens of holes in this
       level hosting Hamburgers -- Metal Hamburgers! They
       move really slowly and follow your position. They 
       also have rotating eyes, so you might not feel great
       about eating them. They are easily removed with your
       regular cannon, just wait for some to come out of 
       the hole and shoot the lead one. There are a couple
       of safe spots to fill up on these guys. You could 
       also pull out the Leaf Shield shield and stand under
       one of their holes and munch on metal salad burgers!
       This is the other most difficult boss level in the
       game. You will run into some places where there are 
       platforms only one block wide, which materialize and
       dematerialise in three phases, and which you need to
       jump on to get through the level and most of which
       threaten to toss you into a huge bottomless pit. If
       I wrote exactly how to get past them all it would 
       require a special little language to describe the 
       phases and probably a little map to read. Just give
       it a shot! You can technically get through it your
       first time if you watch carefully and get ready to
       jump up and land on a block right before it appears.
       If you use Time Stopper to stop the blocks, the 
       problem is that the ones out of phase still aren't
       there. You need basically all of the blocks to get
       through the level, so Time Stopper won't really work
       to get past the dematerializing block parts! 
       One thing that would work well, of course, is the
       Hoverboard (Item #2). You should drop it from a high
       spot so you don't smack into a materializing block. 
       Every time you shoot Heat Man, he closes his shield
       and comes at you in the form of a stream of 
       fire. You can jump over him, but then he tosses fire
       at you and you can only get in one hit at a time. 
       So make it Bubble Lead! He can't stand against it.  
    Wood Man ( HM ), 2 / 3 :
        * * More Upset Birds    
       If you brought the Metal Blade, use that against the
       Mecha Monkeys and the birds near the end if they
       give you any trouble. The birds here are not as easy
       to deal with as in the Air Man stage and so I 
       usually don't come here to fill up. Since you're 
       higher up they can run into you, the egg drops are
       shorter, and all the way at the end of the level.  
       And these birds are likely to knock you in a pit.
       There are some fire breathing dogs in this level 
       that are a real pain to get past, probably the 
       hardest non-boss in the game. Well, besides Mega Man
       because no one harder than Mega Man. Mega Represent!
       All you can do is stand near the bottom of their arc
       of fire, jump up when it's coming and shoot when you
       jump. Or, if you brought Time Stopper with you, just
       turn it on while the dog is teleporting in (the same
       way you do, as a blue streak) and sneak past it in 
       that form. You only get one chance to do that, so it
       helps to know which rooms the dogs are in. 
       You will get stuck inside of it and the only way I 
       found to get out is Leaf Shield, but that IS the
       Wood Man weapon! You can't technically have it, yet.
       There are some Rabbits in the level that are really
       dangerous. They shoot Missile Carrots!! Just fire at
       them with the buster cannon or drop bubbles on them.
       You can destroy Wood Man with two well-placed, full
       blast, Atomic Fire balls.  
    Metal Man ( MM ), 3 / 1 :
       There are a few places in this level that can be 
       either insanely hard to get through or very easy.
       The first spot is right at the beginning, where big
       crushers pound from the ceiling to the floor in a 
       confined space. You have barely a moment to get past
       them while they're up, and you are trying to keep 
       your balance on a rotating gear. The secret is to 
       tap the pad to balance and tap the jump button to
       hop past the crushers when they are up, but if this
       is too much trouble, beat Flash Man and bring the
       Time Stopper with you. Stop the crushers when 
       they're up and skip past them all. 
       You'll also find the Time Stopper useful in the next
       spot, which is a bunch of Drillers drilling through
       the floors and the ceilings at random in a long, 
       cramped passageway. They have really high stamina
       and usually aren't in front of you long enough to be
       shot through. If you're patient you can just wait 
       for a gap and take it slowly. They will not drill
       through directly above or beneath you (unless they
       were already coming through there). If you just use
       the Time Stopper, you can run straight through here.
       You might as well bring Time Stopper to this level. 
       Those two hard spots can easily destroy you even if
       you're good at the game, because they take patience.
       Just blow Metal Man away with your Buster Cannon. Or
       use his own weapon against him, it's his weakness.
    Flash Man, 1 / 1 :
       ITEM 3 : A magnetic lift that quickly climbs walls. 
       This stage can be annoying because you slide around,
       but it's overall very easy. Flash Man is easy, too.
       You can get to this boss with only eight health bars
       and still destroy him using just the Buster Cannon. 
       The level is built like a maze and if you take the
       correct paths you get some items and an E-Can. Since
       I'm directing you here before you get any mobility
       items, I'll let you know: when you get to a room
       with a walker and large Health Pellet, take the exit
       closest to the walker, and you'll be able to skip 
       past a bunch of other walkers and get that E-Can.
       If you end up facing off against Walkers, it'd be
       nice to have the Air Blast, they're weak against it.
       But if you don't, try to take the right path to 
       skip the most of them. 
       As for that last walker, BE CAREFUL! Square off 
       against it with just your Buster Cannon, and then
       take out the Shield man when he moves his shield.
       THEN BE CAREFUL! Don't miss the jumps or you will 
       have to come back and face the walker AGAIN. 
    Crash Man ( AM ), 2 / 2 ;
       There are some famous rooms in this level, where you
       have to hop on a platform that is riding on a track,
       and avoid Metal Hamburgers until you can ride it up
       to a ladder out of the room. You can lure the 
       Hamburgers around and slip past them but that 
       doesn't always work. The easy way is to put up your
       Leaf Shield and just ride the platform and not
       worry about the Hamburgers.
       If you come here without Item #1, you'll have a bit
       of trouble if you get to the top of the tower on the
       side where you pick up the E-Can. You'll either have
       to drop down all the way until you can cross over to
       the right side, or, you can pull out Item #2, jump
       and lay down a hoverboard, then jump again from the
       hoverboard and get to the ledge above!
       Crash Man is pretty tough, unless you beat Air Man
       and bring the Air Shooter. Then he's a breeze!
    |[ Recommended Path ]=================================|
    PATH:      FM -> WM -> AM -> CM -> MM -> BM -> HM -> QM
    Also get:  #3          #2                      #1
    Weakness:       (HM)   WM    AM          MM    BM    FM
    Powers {         FM    WM    WM    FM    WM    WM    FM
    useful {  (AM)               #2    #2    MM    #2    AM
    in this{  (#1)               FM
    level  {  (CM)
    Culinary:        *    ****              ***    **
    Difficult: 1/1   2/3   3/3   2/2   3/1   3/1   4/2  4/4
    This one's pretty straightforward. Flash Man is a piece
    of cake to get through, and then you can Time Stop in
    a bunch of tough spots. There's a 1up (extra play) you
    can get if you have Item #1, but you can get 1ups all
    throughout the game. There are crash barriers in Flash
    Man's level but they don't really lead any where. 
    Wood Man's level isn't so easy, and neither is he. If 
    you're persistent you can win, and you have an extra 
    E-Can by now. After that the line-up takes out Air Man
    and Crash Man in order of weaknesses. Now you have the
    Flash and the Leaf Shield to make things easy (and dine
    well) and the Crash Rocket to get through some doors, 
    all of which (except for the ones in Flash Man) are in
    remaining levels. The Metal Man level is easy and 
    could've come right after Flash (for the hard spots) 
    but there's an E-Can that you would need Item #2 from
    Air Man's level to earn without having to sacrifice a 
    life in the process. In order of weakness on through 
    Bubble Man and Heat Man, then Quick Man. This path will
    put the weapons and items you earn to the most use and
    you'll rarely find yourself sticking to Buster Cannon! 
    Any ways, you can make up your own path! :)
    |[ Dr. Wily's Bosses ]================================|
    The stages are pretty tough to get through, but you 
    should be able to go to Bubble Man stage and eat Frogs
    to get all the extra plays you need. The only thing to
    really, really watch out for is the holographic level
    with the false floors. When you get there (you'll know
    it, you'll fall through a floor) try rolling the Bubble
    Lead across floors before you step on them, and it will
    reveal which sections of floor are false.
    Also look out for a room where you'll have to go up 
    against all of the robot bosses, again, in one level.
    That means you won't get a health and weapons refill as
    you're used to. Each robot drops a large Health Pellet.
    It doesn't matter what order you face them in, because
    you're already well-equipped to deal with any of them!
    Besides those difficulties, Wily's stage has some 
    bosses that are nothing like what you faced so far.
    First there's a dragon. It's hideously hard to beat 
    compared to everything else in the game. And in the 
    iPod version, it moves so fast you can barely tell 
    what's happening. Just focus on not getting knocked off
    the platforms and staying on the top one and shooting
    the Dragon in the head. Use the Quick Boomerang to do 
    the most damage in the shortest time.
    Then there is a room that comes alive and tries to 
    crush you. If you use the Boomerang again, it gets rid
    of them the Quickest. They also speed up each time they
    come after you, so you have to be careful. They do a 
    lot of damage if they crush you when they're forming
    together each new pair. If you want to get through them
    even faster, use Bubble Lead, but you will have to get
    close to use it (and might get struck).
    Then there's a giant tank with a giant replica of Guts
    Man (from Mega Man 1) built into it. Just jump up on 
    the tank and smash its forehead with Quick Boomerang.
    You'll run into a room with a lot of walls and a lot of
    globes. Equip the Crush Rocket and take down only the 
    walls that are really necessary, because you'll want
    the rest of the Crush energy to easily destroy the 
    globes (one hit each). If you use a couple of your Item
    #1, you can get around some of the walls and save some
    of that energy. They'll shoot you no matter where you 
    are, at timed intervals, so hurry up.
    Shoot the space ship in the front with whatever's 
    strongest, then when you see Dr. Wily flying it in the
    cockpit window, shoot the window with Buster Cannon. 
    Use your Bubble one more time against the Alien 
    creature, it is actually the only thing that hurts it.
    |[ Tips ]=============================================|
    -- If you're low on health or energy and need it to get
       through the level, find someplace where there are 
       easy enemies that you can get to re-appear after you
       beat them, and keep beating them and collecting what
       they leave behind.
    -- Try different weapons on the different enemies and 
       find out what works best and what's a good idea to 
       bring through that level. 
    -- Don't Panic!
    -- Be GREEN! If you need to use the Leaf Shield but it 
       is low on Energy, instead of throwing it away, just 
       switch it off when you're done using it. It'll 
       literally help you save the planet!! 
    |[ Version Differences ]==============================|
    The game isn't exactly like the NES console version.
    First of all, you can select a different style of 
    controls. If you want to, you can turn off "Classic 
    Style" and control your Mega Man with a totally 
    different set of physics. Instead of your jumps 
    following parabolic curves, Mega Man will jump only 
    straight up or diagonally, and will move more or less 
    like he's under water. You can still change his 
    direction while he's in the air. Some jumps that only 
    take a quick tap to make will require holding the 
    button a bit longer, especially if they are wider jumps
    since he's not following a curve, he's going up at a 
    45-degree angle. It's a little easier in some ways to 
    play like this on your iPod touch, but the classic 
    hasn't given me problems (in landscape orientation).
    Second of all, you can return freely to stages you've 
    already beaten and they always have all their items 
    intact. And, once you've beaten all the bosses, you can
    freely go back and forth from Wily's stages to the boss
    screen. And, you can also choose and return to any Wily
    stage after you beat it. All of this is intact until 
    you beat the last Wily stage, then everything gets 
    reset and you have to start a new game. 
    Third of all, there's no more password. Instead, the 
    iPod will store your progress. When you play, you 
    choose to start a new game or to continue from the 
    ongoing one. Tres chic!
    You can exit any level at any time.
    When you start your game, every time, you get to choose
    which difficulty level to play in, right off the bat.
    Easy, normal, or hard.
    The songs don't loop the same, and there's a little 
    pause when they loop. But they still sound the same!
    Extra plays are much more numerous.
    Many enemies don't show up where they used to.
    The weaknesses and invulnerabilities for regular 
    enemies aren't all intact. Some neat things are still 
    there: for instance, if you shoot the hermit crabs with
    the Metal Blade, their shell will still come off, but 
    Leaf Shields don't bounce off Frogs. 
    Speaking of frogs, the little things that Frogs burp 
    out (tiny Frogs?) don't jump in a perfect arc every 
    time. They jump different ways and no longer can jump
    clear over Mega Man with the Leaf Shield running. And
    the Frogs don't burp to the right from the mouth, they 
    end up burping from behind instead. 
    Many enemies move slightly differently than original.
    The metal hamburgers aren't as numerous or as fast. 
    The metal hoppers aren't as fast. 
    Some enemies move extremely fast compared to the 
    original game. The first Wily stage boss is really, 
    really fast. The Shrimp are pretty fast. Some other 
    enemies move faster, too.
    The Wood Man weapon doesn't behave the same. You can 
    only shoot it up if you climb up or down a ladder, and 
    you can't shoot it down.
    You can "switch off" the Leaf Shield by going back into
    the pause screen while it's running (in the original,
    you were frozen out of the pause screen while using the
    shield, to force you to spend energy on it).
    The Electric Toothpaste Dispensers will only dispense 
    their wiggly, blue electric toothpaste to the left, 
    not both sides.
    The secret attack against Quick Man doesn't quickly 
    drain between half to all of his health in one tap. 
    It slowly drains exactly half of it. 
    The Mecha Monkeys seem a bit slow to act.
    The stack of barrels with eyes can take damage in any
    barrel, not just the one with eyeballs.
    The Scrubbing Bubble Slinkies go haywire next to you 
    but for some reason do not actually strike you if you
    are on the left, while it still hits you on the right.
         ___  /_ 
      __",      ===                                               
     /*_*\       ===    
     \\\\\      ===
    |[ Websites of Interest ]=============================|
    MMKB, The Mega Man Knowledge Base
    The Mega Man Homepage
    The New Mega Man Site at CAPCOM
    Mega Man (CHARACTER), at WikiPedia.Org
    Ultimately, Mega Man is a character who is the creation
    of prominents Japanese artists and programmers. Where 
    the past or future and all truth of Mega Man lies is in
    the imagination of his creators. 
    But I am sure the interest of the creator of any video
    game lies in the fantasies of the human race, and of 
    the players of the game, and of other artists.
    So Mega Man as a game is worthy of interpretation by
    YOU, the player, as any set of symbols and meanings.
    That means Mega Man is truly a work of art!

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