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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MushuPork222

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/18/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Written By:           Mushupork222
    Version:              1.3
    Original Post Date:   7-14-2009   
    ~ Copyright 2009 Mushupork222/S.A. ~ 
    Table of Contents
    **If you want to find a specific place in this walkthrough, press Ctrl+F and
    copy the code listed below.**
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Basics
         1. Paladin..................................(RT1)
         2. Warrior..................................(ID5)
         3. Assassin.................................(UM3)
         4. Combining/Enchanting.....................(XU7)
         5. Set Effects..............................(QK3)
         6. Tips & Tricks............................(KV8)
    IV. Walkthrough
         1.  Ayles...................................(VE2)
         2.  Adonis..................................(YU3)
         3.  Seal of Deceit..........................(WP0)
         4.  Hades...................................(FE1)
         5.  Seal of Despise.........................(NC8)
         6.  Chronos.................................(QH6)
         7.  Seal of Greed...........................(PP7)
         8.  Libra Oasis.............................(JB2)
         9.  Seal of Betrayal........................(NU9)
         10. Leo.....................................(GY0)
         11. Seal of Shame...........................(ER6)
         12. Canyon of Despair.......................(JG7)
    V. Special Item Dealers
         1.  Item Gal................................(DM9)
         2.  Dark Merchant...........................(AO2)
    VI. Contact......................................(OF4)
    VII. Legal.......................................(TB5)
    VIII. Credits....................................(GU1)
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0 - First submission. Walkthrough is complete, Loose class bios &
    Basics section are finished.
    Version 1.1 - Slight alterations to class bios, added Set Effect section, 
    Foreword and afterword for the walkthrough. Also amended the Ghost of Ladon
    strategy at the Seal of Betrayal.
    Version 1.2 - Added sections on Item Gal and Dark Merchant, and other minor
    touch-ups. Also includes a major revamp of boss details, courtesy of Gamevil
    Inc. themselves. Sections on the three classes also saw a minor renovation, and
    now contain each respective class' skill tree.
    Version 1.3 -Includes minor renovations to the walkthrough, clarifications I've
    made in regard to some E-mails, and the addition of a very detailed breakdown 
    of each class' active skills; including SP use, duration, and other factors the
    skill comes with (Contributed by Kaelon).
    II. Introduction
    Zenonia is a game developed and published by Gamevil Inc. which was made 
    available to America via the iTunes appstore on 5/24/09. It is a fairly linear
    game by traditional RPG standards with very few extras apart from the main
    storyline. Nevertheless, I hope this guide will help some of you get through 
    the tougher parts of the game, while also informing you of some commonly 
    overlooked aspects. If you find any errors, in grammar or content, as well as 
    any questions, my contact information is located near the end of the guide.
    III. Basics
    Zenonia features three classes: the Paladin, the Warrior, and the Assassin. 
    beyond what the game explains, here is a small description on each class:
    Paladin (RT1)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +2 Str, alternate between +1 Con and +1 Spi
    -Posesses healing spells
    -Has passive abilities which can greatly increase effectiveness
    -Heavily reliant on SP, and thus damage suffers
    -Lacks a screen-clearing skill
    Paladin Skill Tree
    |Active Tree:                                        |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Compact Slash                                   |
    |         |                                          |
    |7   Rising Slash         Restore                    |
    |                            |                       |
    |15  Soul Impact         Holy Bless                  |
    |         |                                          |
    |24  Blade Spirit--------Blast Boom      Holy Shout  |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Grace of the Crow        Illusion of the Swan   |
    |                                                    |
    |7   Strength of the Bull     Howl of the Lion       |
    |                                                    |
    |15  Tear of Orion            Eye of the Lynx        |
    |                                                    |
    |24  Life of the Wolf         Leather of the Bear    |
    Active Skill Breakdown:
    |Compact Slash|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|
    |1.  |100   |30%    |
    |2.  |120   |40%    |
    |3.  |140   |50%    |
    |4.  |160   |60%    |
    |5.  |180   |70%    |
    |6.  |200   |80%    |
    |7.  |220   |90%    |
    |8.  |240   |100%   |
    |9.  |260   |110%   |
    |10. |280   |120%   |
    A slightly more damaging attack. Very inexpensive, however the delay before you
    strike hampers its usefulness.
    |Rising Slash|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|KD|
    |1.  |200   |40%    |3 |
    |2.  |240   |55%    |3 |
    |3.  |280   |70%    |3 |
    |4.  |320   |85%    |3 |
    |5.  |360   |100%   |3 |
    |6.  |400   |115%   |3 |
    |7.  |440   |130%   |3 |
    |8.  |480   |145%   |3 |
    |9.  |520   |160%   |3 |
    |10. |560   |175%   |3 |
    Similar to Compact Slash, except slightly more powerful.
    |Lvl |SP Use|HP Restore|
    |1.  |300   |20%       |
    |2.  |400   |25%       |
    |3.  |500   |30%       |
    |4.  |600   |35%       |
    |5.  |700   |40%       |
    |6.  |800   |45%       |
    |7.  |900   |50%       |
    |8.  |1000  |55%       |
    |9.  |1100  |60%       |
    |10. |1200  |65%       |
    One of the Paladin's most useful skills. It instantly heals the amount it says,
    and is very cheap for how often it will save your life.
    |Soul Impact|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Confuse|Duration|
    |1.  |500   |50%    |40%    |60F     |
    |2.  |580   |70%    |44%    |75F     |
    |3.  |660   |90%    |48%    |90F     |
    |4.  |740   |110%   |52%    |105F    |
    |5.  |820   |130%   |56%    |120F    |
    |6.  |900   |150%   |60%    |135F    |
    |7.  |980   |170%   |64%    |150F    |
    |8.  |1060  |190%   |68%    |165F    |
    |9.  |1140  |210%   |72%    |180F    |
    |10. |1220  |230%   |76%    |195F    |
    When combined with Tear of Orion, it can be a devastating spell; but it, like 
    Compact and Rising Slash, has the unfortunate side effect of a cast delay.
    |Holy Bless|
    |Lvl |SP Use|HP Restore|Duration|
    |1.  |300   |8%        |160F    |
    |2.  |450   |10%       |200F    |
    |3.  |600   |12%       |240F    |
    |4.  |750   |14%       |280F    |
    |5.  |900   |16%       |320F    |
    |6.  |1050  |18%       |360F    |
    |7.  |1200  |20%       |400F    |
    |8.  |1350  |22%       |440F    |
    |9.  |1500  |24%       |480F    |
    |10. |1750  |26%       |520F    |
    The other bread and butter of the Paladin. While it doesn't heal as much as 
    Restore on the spot, using it before a difficult battle will guarantee your 
    |Blade Spirit|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Cont Dmg|Bleeding|Duration|
    |1.  |800   |20%    |5%      |50%     |200F    |
    |2.  |900   |30%    |10%     |54%     |240F    |
    |3.  |1000  |40%    |15%     |58%     |280F    |
    |4.  |1100  |50%    |20%     |62%     |320F    |
    |5.  |1200  |60%    |25%     |66%     |360F    |
    |6.  |1300  |70%    |30%     |70%     |400F    |
    |7.  |1400  |80%    |35%     |74%     |440F    |
    |8.  |1500  |90%    |40%     |78%     |480F    |
    |9.  |1600  |100%   |45%     |82%     |520F    |
    |10. |1700  |110%   |50%     |86%     |560F    |
    A progressively useful skill as you play through the game. It 
    starts with a hefty SP cost, but as the spirited Paladin you are, you'll be
    able to cast it multiple times at later levels. This skill, mixed with Blast
    Boom, can obliterate enemies in seconds.
    |Holy Shout|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Mag Resist|Duration|
    |1.  |120   |-50%      |200F    |
    |2.  |160   |-55%      |240F    |
    |3.  |200   |-60%      |280F    |
    |4.  |240   |-65%      |320F    |
    |5.  |280   |-70%      |360F    |
    |6.  |320   |-75%      |400F    |
    |7.  |360   |-80%      |440F    |
    |8.  |400   |-85%      |480F    |
    |9.  |440   |-90%      |520F    |
    |10. |480   |-95%      |560F    |
    While it sounds like it can be a useful skill, you won't see much benefit until
    it reaches level 6 or 7. And by then, it's just more plausible to use one of
    your attack skills twice.
    |Blast Boom|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Numbing|Duration|
    |1.  |900   |25%    |60%    |30F     |
    |2.  |1020  |40%    |64%    |45F     |
    |3.  |1140  |55%    |68%    |60F     |
    |4.  |1260  |70%    |72%    |75F     |
    |5.  |1380  |85%    |76%    |90F     |
    |6.  |1500  |100%   |80%    |105F    |
    |7.  |1620  |115%   |84%    |120F    |
    |8.  |1740  |130%   |88%    |135F    |
    |9.  |1860  |145%   |92%    |150F    |
    |10. |1980  |160%   |96%    |165F    |
    While this skill is disappointing compared to the other two classes' respective
    'ultimate' skills (Mateo for the warrior, and Thunderstorm for the assassin), 
    it definitely holds its own when mixed with Tear of Orion. It shoots off three 
    powerful blasts of light with a high chance of paralyzing the enemy; if the 
    attack doesn't kill them, you'll most likely finish them off before they can 
    The Paladin can be seen as the beginner's class because of their ability to 
    heal. However, they will have a little trouble making it through the earlier 
    stages of the game. SP costs are just too high early on, and they don't have a 
    reliable, cheap skill at their disposal. In the late game, though, their skills 
    Holy Bless and Restore can keep them alive through anything at relatively low 
    SP costs. Except killer traps.
    Warrior (ID5)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +3 Str
    -Highest damage potential through devastating skills
    -Can strike enemies from further than two tiles away
    -By far the slowest class
    -Posesses many useless skills
    Warrior Skill Tree
    |Active Tree:                                        |
    |                                                    |
    |1      Crash                                        |
    |         |                                          |
    |7   Rising Spine------Double Strike                 |
    |                                                    |
    |15                     Panic Shout    Shining Blade |
    |                                             |      |
    |24  Blessed Armor---Berserker Spirit       Mateo    |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Grace of the Crow        Recovery of the Eagle  |
    |                                                    |
    |7   Focus of the Archer      Eye of the Lynx        |
    |                                                    |
    |15  Howl of the Lion         Scale of Libra         |
    |                                                    |
    |24  Wrath of the Dragon      Strength of the Bear   |
    Active Skill Breakdown:
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|KD|
    |1.  |100   |30%    |3 |
    |2.  |120   |40%    |3 |
    |3.  |140   |50%    |3 |
    |4.  |160   |60%    |3 |
    |5.  |180   |70%    |3 |
    |6.  |200   |80%    |3 |
    |7.  |220   |90%    |3 |
    |8.  |240   |100%   |3 |
    |9.  |260   |110%   |3 |
    |10. |280   |120%   |3 |
    A highly useful skill throughout the game. It's cheap, fast, and powerful. What
    else can you want?
    |Rising Spine|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|KD|
    |1.  |200   |40%    |4 |
    |2.  |240   |55%    |4 |
    |3.  |280   |70%    |4 |
    |4.  |320   |85%    |4 |
    |5.  |360   |100%   |4 |
    |6.  |400   |115%   |4 |
    |7.  |440   |130%   |4 |
    |8.  |480   |145%   |4 |
    |9.  |520   |160%   |4 |
    |10. |560   |175%   |4 |
    It gets pretty close to being a ranged attack. Six spines shoot out forward, 
    damaging anything it touches over approximately 4 tiles. It has its uses until
    later in the game, when you can use Shining Blade on command.
    |Double Strike|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Cont Dmg|Bleeding|Duration|
    |1.  |300   |20%    |5%      |40%     |200F    |
    |2.  |360   |28%    |10%     |44%     |200F    |
    |3.  |420   |36%    |15%     |48%     |200F    |
    |4.  |480   |44%    |20%     |52%     |200F    |
    |5.  |540   |52%    |25%     |56%     |200F    |
    |6.  |600   |60%    |30%     |60%     |200F    |
    |7.  |660   |68%    |35%     |64%     |200F    |
    |8.  |720   |76%    |40%     |68%     |200F    |
    |9.  |780   |84%    |45%     |72%     |200F    |
    |10. |840   |92%    |50%     |76%     |200F    |
    This skill's surrounding area of effect can and will get you out of many tight
    spots, but it's far too expensive to use on a regular basis. Save this skill
    only for when you're in trouble. Otherwise, crash will work just fine.
    |Panic Shout|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Numbing|Duration|
    |1.  |100   |50%    |50F     |
    |2.  |130   |55%    |65F     |
    |3.  |160   |60%    |80F     |
    |4.  |190   |65%    |95F     |
    |5.  |220   |70%    |110F    |
    |6.  |250   |75%    |125F    |
    |7.  |280   |80%    |140F    |
    |8.  |310   |85%    |155F    |
    |9.  |340   |90%    |170F    |
    |10. |370   |95%    |185F    |
    Often regarded as the Warrior's most useless skill. It does have a high chance 
    of stunning enemies for a long time, but the points, SP and time are much 
    better spent elsewhere. If you're surrounded, then Double Strike would always
    be the better option.
    |Shining Blade|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|KD|
    |1.  |600   |50%    |4 |
    |2.  |690   |70%    |4 |
    |3.  |780   |90%    |4 |
    |4.  |870   |110%   |4 |
    |5.  |960   |130%   |4 |
    |6.  |1050  |150%   |4 |
    |7.  |1140  |170%   |4 |
    |8.  |1230  |190%   |4 |
    |9.  |1320  |210%   |4 |
    |10. |1410  |230%   |4 |
    This enormous sword can reach almost all the way across the screen in one 
    direction, and thus it is tremendously useful. It's not quite as expensive as 
    Mateo, but it does a loosely similar job.
    |Blessed Armor|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Def up|Duration|
    |1.  |150   |10%   |200F    |
    |2.  |190   |12%   |240F    |
    |3.  |230   |14%   |280F    |
    |4.  |270   |16%   |320F    |
    |5.  |310   |18%   |360F    |
    |6.  |350   |20%   |400F    |
    |7.  |390   |22%   |440F    |
    |8.  |430   |24%   |480F    |
    |9.  |470   |26%   |520F    |
    |10. |510   |28%   |560F    |
    While the increase in defense helps, the buff you get from Berserker Spirit is
    much more worth your time. That is, until you get a critical rating over 100%.
    |Berserk Spirit|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Crit|Duration|
    |1.  |150   |100%|200F    |
    |2.  |190   |100%|240F    |
    |3.  |230   |100%|280F    |
    |4.  |270   |100%|320F    |
    |5.  |310   |100%|360F    |
    |6.  |350   |100%|400F    |
    |7.  |390   |100%|440F    |
    |8.  |430   |100%|480F    |
    |9.  |470   |100%|520F    |
    |10. |510   |100%|560F    |
    Another one of the Warrior's most useful skills. When activated, this skill 
    will guarantee critical hits every time the warrior strikes. Not only will it 
    blast monsters in every direction for you to make a quick escape, it'll deal 3
    times more damage per attack.
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Cont Dmg|Bleeding|Duration|
    |1.  |900   |55%    |8%      |60%     |200F    |
    |2.  |1080  |100%   |16%     |64%     |200F    |
    |3.  |1260  |145%   |24%     |68%     |200F    |
    |4.  |1440  |190%   |32%     |72%     |200F    |
    |5.  |1620  |235%   |40%     |76%     |200F    |
    |6.  |1800  |280%   |48%     |80%     |200F    |
    |7.  |1980  |325%   |56%     |84%     |200F    |
    |8.  |2160  |370%   |64%     |88%     |200F    |
    |9.  |2340  |415%   |72%     |92%     |200F    |
    |10. |2520  |460%   |80%     |96%     |200F    |
    The warrior's ultimate skill, and possibly the best in the game. When maxed, it
    will deal 460% damage to every enemy on the screen, and it has a 96% chance of
    causing bleeding (That is, enemies will continue to take damage for a period 
    of time). It's a must-have for any Warrior's arsenal, and a must-have if you 
    intend on achieving the coveted level 99 status.
    Warriors will have no trouble clearing screens of enemies when they reach 
    levels beyond 30 and 40. Getting to that point, though, requires much patience
    and care. They run slow, and thus have great trouble getting themselves out of
    a pinch. The skill Berserker Spirit, however, gives the warrior a 100% chance 
    of critical, so they can bash their way out of most situations. Their screen-
    clearing move, Mateo, is an ultimate tool of destruction, which in the late 
    game is capable of hitting higher than 100k.
    Assassin (UM3)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +2 Agi, +1 Str
    -Incredibly fast
    -Invisibility mixed with a very high natural critical rating makes quick work
    of dungeons
    -Very weak when surrounded by enemies
    -Generally cannot hold as much as the other classes
    Assassin Skill Tree
    |Active Tree:                                        |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Frenzy Sword                                    |
    |         |                                          |
    |7    Explosion                         Ice Spear    |
    |                                           |        |
    |15                Burning Spirit    Chain Lightning |
    |                         |                 |        |
    |24  Invisibility     Illusion        Thunder Storm  |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Grace of the Crow        Will of the Unicorn    |
    |                                                    |
    |7   Focus of the Archer      Recovery of the Eagle  |
    |                                                    |
    |15  Tear of Orion            Howl of the Lion       |
    |                                                    |
    |24  Agility of the Lynx      Wrath of the Dragon    |
    Active Skill Breakdown:
    |Frenzy Sword|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|
    |1.  |100   |30%    |
    |2.  |120   |40%    |
    |3.  |140   |50%    |
    |4.  |160   |60%    |
    |5.  |180   |70%    |
    |6.  |200   |80%    |
    |7.  |220   |90%    |
    |8.  |240   |100%   |
    |9.  |260   |110%   |
    |10. |280   |120%   |
    Very similar to the warrior's Crash. It's both useful and cheap.
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Stun|Duration|
    |1.  |200   |40%    |30% |30F     |
    |2.  |240   |55%    |34% |45F     |
    |3.  |280   |70%    |38% |60F     |
    |4.  |320   |85%    |42% |75F     | 
    |5.  |360   |100%   |46% |90F     | 
    |6.  |400   |115%   |50% |105F    |
    |7.  |440   |130%   |54% |120F    |
    |8.  |480   |145%   |58% |135F    |
    |9.  |520   |160%   |62% |150F    |
    |10. |560   |175%   |66% |165F    |
    It's a damaging area of effect attack, not much more to say. It'll have its
    uses until you reach some of the class' stronger skills.
    |Ice Spear|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Slow|Duration|
    |1.  |300   |30%    |40% |75F     |
    |2.  |360   |40%    |44% |90F     |
    |3.  |420   |50%    |48% |105F    |
    |4.  |480   |60%    |52% |120F    |
    |5.  |540   |70%    |56% |135F    |
    |6.  |600   |80%    |60% |150F    |
    |7.  |660   |90%    |64% |165F    |
    |8.  |720   |100%   |68% |180F    |
    |9.  |780   |110%   |72% |195F    |
    |10. |840   |120%   |76% |210F    |
    Another area of effect attack that slows enemies. More useful than Explosion, 
    yet still not one of the Assassin's best.
    |Burning Spirit|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Accuracy|Duration|
    |1.  |100   |50%     |200F    |
    |2.  |130   |55%     |240F    |
    |3.  |160   |60%     |280F    |
    |4.  |190   |65%     |320F    |
    |5.  |220   |70%     |360F    |
    |6.  |250   |75%     |400F    |
    |7.  |280   |80%     |440F    |
    |8.  |310   |85%     |480F    |
    |9.  |340   |90%     |520F    |
    |10. |370   |95%     |560F    |
    Seeing that the assassin specializes agility and has enough ability as it is to
    hit, this skill won't do you any good. It's a prerequisite for a skill you may
    or may not find useful.
    |Chain Lightning|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Numbing|Duration|
    |1.  |600   |50%    |50%    |60F     |
    |2.  |690   |70%    |54%    |75F     |
    |3.  |780   |90%    |58%    |90F     |
    |4.  |870   |110%   |62%    |105F    |
    |5.  |960   |130%   |66%    |120F    |
    |6.  |1050  |150%   |70%    |135F    |
    |7.  |1140  |170%   |74%    |150F    |
    |8.  |1230  |190%   |78%    |165F    |
    |9.  |1320  |210%   |82%    |180F    |
    |10. |1410  |230%   |86%    |195F    |
    This attack shoots lightning in all four directions, damaging everything it 
    touches. Use it only when Thunder Storm isn't available; it's a very expensive 
    |Lvl |SP Use|Duration|
    |1.  |150   |300F    |
    |2.  |190   |330F    |
    |3.  |230   |360F    |
    |4.  |270   |390F    |
    |5.  |310   |420F    |
    |6.  |350   |450F    |
    |7.  |390   |480F    |
    |8.  |430   |510F    |
    |9.  |470   |540F    |
    |10. |510   |570F    |
    The best skill for plowing through dungeons and escaping the enemy's clutches.
    You will be rendered untouchable for a short duration, and thus you can easily
    dodge monsters if you aren't looking for a fight.
    |Lvl |SP Use|Evade|Duration|
    |1.  |150   |50%  |200F    |
    |2.  |190   |55%  |240F    |
    |3.  |230   |60%  |280F    |
    |4.  |270   |65%  |320F    |
    |5.  |310   |70%  |360F    |
    |6.  |350   |75%  |400F    |
    |7.  |390   |80%  |440F    |
    |8.  |430   |85%  |480F    |
    |9.  |470   |90%  |520F    |
    |10. |510   |95%  |560F    |
    Invisibility does this skill's job and more, so it isn't recommended investing 
    points in this one.
    |Thunder Storm|
    |Lvl |SP Use|Add Dmg|Numbing|Duration|
    |1.  |900   |55%    |60%    |30F     |
    |2.  |1060  |100%   |64%    |45F     |
    |3.  |1220  |145%   |68%    |60F     |
    |4.  |1380  |190%   |72%    |75F     |
    |5.  |1540  |235%   |76%    |90F     |
    |6.  |1700  |280%   |80%    |105F    |
    |7.  |1860  |325%   |84%    |120F    |
    |8.  |2020  |370%   |88%    |135F    |
    |9.  |2180  |415%   |92%    |150F    |
    |10. |2340  |455%   |96%    |165F    |
    Assassins can't function properly without this skill, just as warriors can't 
    function properly without Mateo. It deals the same percent of damage as Mateo, 
    and it has a high chance of stunning every monster on the screen.
    Assassins are popular among many because of their high speed and damage ratio.
    They must be careful, though, because getting surrounded without means of 
    escape (Invisibility/Thunder Storm) can result in multiple rapid-fire deaths. 
    On the plus side, Their speed and critical rating is able to take down enemies
    without being harmed themselves. Most passive abilities largely augment the 
    Assassin, much unlike the other classes.
    How to Combine/Use Enchantments (XU7)
    Combining isn't explained the best in the game, so here are the basics on how
    to combine.
    1. Gather two items of the same magic, rare, or epic quality (the color of 
    their name should be blue, yellow, or purple, respectively)
    2. Find your nearest blacksmith (there's one located in every town) and select
    3. In the two slots allowed, place your armor, weapons, or accessories OF THE 
    SAME QUALITY (Magic with magic, etc). In the third one, place a combine scroll
    (available from every item shop for 1000 each).
    4. Touch "MIX" with your finger, and you will receive a Sheath Stone.
    Sheath Stones will be given a random benefit, the enchantments on your 
    equipment before combining will NOT effect your result. Enchantments made from
    two Epic pieces will yield the best results, and two magic pieces will yield 
    the worst results. 
    Select the Sheath Stone you created, and then select the weapon, armor, or 
    accessory of your choice. IMPORTANT: Normal equipment (Name colored in white)
    can only hold one enchantment, while magic and greater can hold more. For 
    weapons and armor, the limit is two, but accessories can hold three 
    enchantments each.
    Set Effects (QK3)
    You may have noticed that every piece of equipment you can find may have a 
    suffix (of Heal, of Evil, of Rex, etc.) attached to the end. If you can find 
    two matching pieces of equipment with the same suffix (see the table below), 
    they will be outlined in green on your equipment screen, and will receive a 
    considerable boost to any enchantments they may contain. They are definitely
    worth seeking out, especially with higher-end equipment where the already
    large effects they hold have dramatically increased effectiveness.
    Equipment Table
    Any piece of equipment located above or below another is a possible candidate
    to put together a set effect. Keep in mind that the bonus is invisible; that 
    is, even though it gives a large benefit, exact values won't show up under your
    --Weapon----------Helm-----------Body Armor----------Gloves---------Boots
        +               +                +                  +             +
    Tips Before you get Started (KV8)
    -When training, it is generally more beneficial to fight monsters 2-3 levels 
    above you, as they give more experience and are usually not too much more 
    -Have multiple Teleport scrolls on you at all times. If you're caught deep in a
    dungeon with a broken weapon and no scrolls, it can be near impossible to
    return to town.
    -Remember to set each progressive town as a return point, it will save you the
    cost of travelling between towns, along with the addition of a nice 
    convenience factor.
    -Don't update your equipment religiously. Buying brand new armor/weapons every 
    3-4 levels will take a lot of money out of your paycheck, and you will most
    likely find better equipment from the monsters you're fighting.
    -If you're getting annoyed with bad results from Combining, then do the 
    1. Go to your nearest Blacksmith with your magic and above equipment and 
    combine scrolls
    2. Save your game directly in front of him
    3. Combine as usual
    4. Check your Sheath Stone as soon as it's made. If it isn't the enchantment 
    you were looking for, quickly press the home button and try again.
    You will have to be fast, as the game autosaves often (to protect lost data
    when those with iPhones are called).
    -Whenever you eat (And you'll be eating a lot), quickly press the menu button 
    twice and you will skip the animation. This will save you from a couple monster
    hits if you happen to get hungry in the midst of battle. You can alternatively 
    press the action button, but it does not work 100% of the time.
    -When on the search for money, find an area dense with monsters far under your 
    level. The difference in money dropped by monsters from level 30-70 is a little
    above 100, so killing many monsters quickly will net you much more money than 
    if you were to look for it the traditional way.
    IV. Walkthrough
    Zenonia is primarily a linear game, with very little to do outside of the main 
    storyline. While the world map and dungeons themselves are extensive, there
    will usually be no more than two possible directions you can go.
    You may also come across a place in the game where you are simply not strong 
    enough to fight the monsters in the area (especially when traversing later 
    dungeons). In this situation, it is wise to stock up on food, healing items,
    Holy Medicine, and whatever else you may need. Proceed to the area in the 
    dungeon or world map where you are having trouble, and fight monsters ~3 levels
    above you. Work through the dungeon as usual when you feel strong enough. 
    Without further ado, here is the walkthrough for Zenonia (Again, if you need to
    find one specific place in the game, use the three digit codes located in the 
    table of contents).
    Ayles (VE2)
    After you watch the delightful opening cutscene, you’ll find yourself waking up
    to a bad dream. Watch the scene, and afterwards head outside. After the scene,
    you’ll have free reign around Ayles. Take a walk around town, get the feel, and
    when you’re ready, smash the boxes on the southwest part of town. Enter the 
    house with a potion on it, and talk to Billy. He’ll give you a tutorial on how 
    food works, foreshadow a bit, then give you a heavy package. Mr. Brown is 
    fairly hard to miss, look for the huge golden question mark at the north end of
    the map, and lumber on over there. Mr. Brown then tells you to find Tender, 
    whose house is all alone behind the Item Gal in the northeast. Talk to her, and
    When you regain control of Regret after that scene, you’ll find that your first
    job is available from the Item gal. Accept it, then head southwest to the 
    weapons/armor shop. During the scene, Greg tells you to chop down the Cori tree
    that Tender holds so dear, while Billy foreshadows a little more off screen.
    You’ll get a couple more job offers around town. Accept both of them, then 
    head to East Ayles. You’ll get a stone-moving tutorial, and shortly afterwards
    your first taste of battle.
    East Ayles
    Fight enough slimes to fulfill your two assignments, and feel free to train as
    much as you like (I would recommend being at least level 3 at this point). When
    you feel ready, head to the eastern part of the forest and hunt 5 spin bugs.
    Return to Ayles when you feel amply trained and get your rewards from Benny, 
    Dustin, and the Item Gal. Get one more job from Dustin, then go back out. Head 
    through East Ayles, and into Garlic Lake.
    Garlic Lake
    Your first order of business here is to fight off 7 Mucakas. In case you didn’t
    know, those are the big brown bears walking around. Don’t think too much about
    hunting them, you’ll spend enough time training in this area anyway. Get 
    yourself as strong as you please (I would recommend being around level 8 when 
    you enter Cori), then head up the north path to the Cori Woods.
    Cori Woods
    This area is just one big scene. You’ll find the tree guarded by a Dragon 
    Warrior, and hide in the bushes. He spots you, but thinks he’s looking for 
    someone else and leaves. Billy gets mad, then leaves too. Chop down the tree 
    and get out of there. If you haven’t yet killed 7 Mucakas, do so now then head
    back to Ayles.
    Return to Dustin for a small reward and an explanation behind dark merchants, 
    and then make your way back to Greg at the weapons/armor store. It turns out he
    was just being greedy, and Tender yells at you a few hours later. The scene 
    gives you your next mission of finding Rokane in the big city of Adonis, and 
    that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Adonis is located out the east side of 
    Garlic Lake.
    Adonis (YU3)
    After speaking to Rokane in the building with a moon and star south of where 
    you spoke to Sun immediately upon entering, you’ll be faced with one of the big
    decisions in the game. Saying yes will put you far down the Evil side, and 
    saying no will put you on the Good side. It is possible to reverse this 
    decision, but you have to do either a lot of good or a lot of evil for that to 
    happen, so choose wisely. Either way, you will be given the task of chasing 
    down Roland for a stolen scroll. Before you depart the city, pick up quests 
    from Rina, Philia, Juno, and Medium. Juno can be found in the blacksmith on the
    west side of town, and Medium is located in the restaurant one building to the 
    left. Also, take this time to set your return point to Adonis at the portal 
    guide on the southwest piece of land. When you’re ready, head South of Adonis 
    for some training and story progression.
    South of Adonis
    Hunt your monsters, train accordingly, and when you’re ready to progress, talk 
    to Roland on the southern end of the map. He’ll escape, so after the scene head
    back to your guild. At your guild, you will be given the next task of seeking 
    out the Cave of Deceit. Pick up any and all of the jobs you want, make sure
    your equipment is well-repaired, and head back to South of Adonis. Go to the 
    south end of that map, then east out of the next. Once there, you will be 
    treated to an argument between two nymphs, after which you will be allowed to 
    enter the cave. I would recommend training yourself to level 15 before 
    Seal of Deceit (WP0)
    The first enemies you see will be level 15 bats and level 16 zombies. They all 
    poison you, so be prepared. To the right of the purple sludge moat you’ll see a
    small block puzzle blocking a chest. Stand in the space that isn’t trapped and
    push that stone up. Break the three boxes to the right, walk around, and claim 
    your WOODEN VEST. Head out the north door into another chamber. The chest you 
    see immediately is a Mimic, so only fight it if you feel you need the 
    experience. Otherwise, follow the path right. When you get to the fork, know 
    that the south path takes you to another mimic. On the north side of the fork 
    you’ll come to another block puzzle. Push the only one you can one square to 
    the right, break the box, walk around, and push the final one two squares up. 
    Every chest in this open space is a mimic, so don’t bother. Just head out the 
    right side of the map. 
    The only point of interest in this room is the ORIGIN OF LIFE, which you can 
    obtain by crossing the bridge on the right side of the map. Push the stone into
    the socket, then claim the chest that appears. Afterwards, prepare yourself for
    the boss, save the game, and head in.
    |Boss Info: Pale                 |
    | Level:  20     HP:    6768     |
    | Attack: 213  Defense: 183      |
    Here’s your first taste of boss fighting. You’ll immediately be informed that 
    there are three switches on three corners of the map. In order to damage Pale,
    you must first place stones on all three switches. Once that task is 
    accomplished, Light will shine through, and Pale will be vulnerable to your 
    attacks. Pale himself isn’t too big of a threat, it’s his army of zombies that
    he can summon at any time which have some serious killing power for the 
    unprepared. Focus as little on the zombies as you can, and isolate them from 
    Pale as much as possible. One strategy (if you have enough HP and defense) is 
    to bring Pale with you and stick yourself in a corner of the map. That way, you
    won’t be bothered by his zombies, but at the same time you have no escape if 
    your life drops too low. Either way, pound on Pale until he falls.
    After the fight, you’ll be given the option of destroying the seal. Saying yes 
    adds to your good rating, and saying no adds to evil (it's counter-intuitive, I
    know). The cave collapses, and you appear outside. The nymph of your affinity 
    (Langue for good, Parole for evil) will comment on you being heavy, and then 
    you’ll wake up in your grandfather’s house. After that scene, head back to 
    Adonis and report to your guild. A long, story-filled scene will ensue, and 
    when you regain control you'll be in the snow city of Hades.
    Hades (FE1)
    After you get a feel for the town, your first order of business should be at 
    your respective guild. Either path you choose, your destination will be the Sky
    Bridge. Before we head out there, though, you have a couple quest and item 
    opportunities. Take the job from Ian and anyone else you feel deserving in the 
    town, then head about halfway down the stairs to the south. Two tiers from the 
    top, follow the skinny path to receive a MOTHER EARTH. When you’re done 
    exploring the town, set your return point at the Portal Guide, and take the 
    exit east, where you will be treated to a scene. You’ll finally be able to 
    continue your mission when you regain control outside of the inn. Head out to 
    the East Hades Snowfields, and train/finish jobs as necessary. When finished, 
    head out the south side of the map, along that winding path, where you’ll watch
    a scene, then be forced into a battle.
    |Boss Info: Choi                 |
    | Level:  24     HP:    10170    |
    | Attack: 267  Defense: 226      |
    Choi’s just a beefed up regular enemy. Keep your health high, hit him with your
    best stuff, and he’ll fall without much trouble. One strategy that works 
    particularly well with a Warrior with rage or an assassin with a high critical 
    rating is to run either above or below Choi (seeing that the bridge allows for 
    two tiles to walk on), and to continuously pound him into the wall. After the 
    fight, you can return to Hades for your reward, and another mission. Head back 
    to the snowfields.
    East Hades Snowfields
    Head directly east here, follow the path on the far northeast of the map, and 
    wade through the water for a decent weapon for whichever class you chose. Head 
    out the east side of the map to the Argos Monument for another scene. When it 
    finishes, make your way back to Hades and return to your guild. Your next 
    mission will be to either protect or destroy the seal of Despise. Before you 
    leave, talk to the Chief of Hades for a useful job and a comical scene, repair 
    your equipment, and travel back to the sky bridge.
    Sky Bridge
    When you enter this area, you’ll see that the cave entrance is blocked. Lucky 
    for you, there’s a switch on the south side of the map. Head directly south, 
    breaking both sets of ice cubes, and resist the tremendous urge to push the 
    stone blocking the chest upwards. Instead, run on top of it, and push it south 
    as far as it will go. Claim a CORAL RING from the chest, then push the stone
    all the way right onto the switch. Now that the area’s clear, cross the bridge,
    break more ice cubes, and head into the Valley of Despise.
    Valley of Despise (NC8)
    Heading up the staircase immediately to the right of the entrance will lead you
    to a chest with a WILD JACKET. Train in this room if you feel the urge, 
    otherwise head around the perimeter of the map until you reach the next area.
    The chest you find north of your starting point is a mimic, so don’t bother 
    trekking up there. Instead, find the stairs on the left side, and walk across 
    the walkway. At the top of the next staircase, you’ll see a small block puzzle.
    Push the middle block left, then push either the one above or below left until 
    you open a path. Continue down it.
    As a side note, this room provides excellent training opportunities. Borjiginos
    are incredibly abundant, and you can corral 6 or 7 of them to beat down 
    simultaneously. When you’re ready to progress, head through one of the many 
    possible paths, and out the north doorway.
    In this large area, head right the first opportunity you get, and proceed up 
    the stairs and around the ground floor to another block puzzle. Smash the 
    middle block, push the one it was blocking forward, then break the two cubes at
    the top. Follow the path until you reach a chest containing a STONE GEM. Make 
    your way back to where you started, but head north instead of south at the 
    The only point of interest in this room is the helm located in a chest at the 
    far north end of the room. Once you reach that chest, go out the left side of 
    the map. Before you head off to face the boss, go south at the fork and claim 
    an OMNI HERB from the slightly concealed chest. When you’re mentally and 
    physically prepared, enter the boss chamber and prepare for a fight.
    |Boss Info: Vicious (Good)       |
    | Level:  29     HP:    17200    |
    | Attack: 370  Defense: 259      |
    | Experience Given:     32498    |
    |Boss Info: Vague (Evil)         |
    | Level:  29     HP:    16040    |
    | Attack: 370  Defense: 259      |
    | Experience Given:     32498    |
    If you chose the good path you’ll fight Vicious, otherwise you’ll have to take 
    on Vague. Either way, both opponents have fast, powerful attacks which you 
    should be mindful of at all times. Don’t let your HP drop below half, and if it
    does, run laps around the arena while healing yourself, then go right back to 
    fighting when you’re amply healed. Especially keep up the attack when their HP 
    falls below 1/4, as they are both able to heal themselves.
    After a lengthy cutscene, you’ll get orders from your guild to seek out the 
    Seal of Greed, located near Chronos. In order to get there, make your way back 
    to the sky bridge, and head east. In the following area, fight your way south 
    to the only way out. Don't bother searching out the area; most monsters are 
    located on your way to Chronos, and there are no chests in the map.
    Chronos (QH6)
    Welcome to the rainy forest city of Chronos! As usual, you should report to 
    your guild immediately upon entering. After receiving the next mission of 
    finding the Seal of Greed, set your return point, grab your jobs, 
    upgrade/repair your equipment, and head out the south end of town.
    South Chronos
    There's only one chest in this large area. Trek down the right side of the map,
    and before you reach the south exit, take the skinny path left and down until 
    you find a chest with a BASIC GEM. Don't bother taking the south path in this 
    area. You'll be greeted with weaker monsters, and if you took the Acorn quest 
    back in Chronos, you'll need to head west anyway. In any case, make your way 
    back through the map, heading south on the large, muddy middle area until you 
    reach the next area.
    North Lamis Woods
    As soon as you enter this map, take the stairs you appear right next to, and 
    follow the path, breaking the zigzag of boxes until you reach the bottom to 
    claim a powerful weapon for your class. If you took the Acorn quest, the 
    locations of the oak trees are as follows (If you didn't take it, disregard 
    1. At the far northeast end of the map, just below a flight of stairs.
    2. The bottom center of the map, tucked away to the right of a fence.
    3. On the large, center piece of land. Run to the northwest side, and it's the
     (smaller) second tree from the bottom.
    4. Only slightly north of the west exit on the map, located on the bottom side 
    of the backwards "c" of land.
    5. Slightly south of that same western exit. It is up a flight of stairs on a 
    hill of its own.
    After completing that task, take the southern exit to the center of Lamis 
    Seal of Greed (PP7)
    The first thing you'll notice is that this part of the woods is considered a 
    dungeon, as your minimap disappears. You'll also see a locked gate close to 
    your starting position, but we'll get to that later. Run all the way south, up 
    the stairs, and down the other side. Run across, and up the stairs blocked by
    two stones. Push the southern one two spaces right, and start pushing the other
    block down the stairs, and all the way across the ground level. Be mindful that
    you don't trap your block against the wall on this lower level, as you push it 
    up the stairs all the way to that back wall. Push it all the way north, and 
    then onto the switch. A chest will appear; get your RED KEY, and unlock the 
    Prepare yourself: this here is the premiere block puzzle of this game. Refer to
    this diagram:
    X          = Unpassable object (Bush, Fence, Stump)
    1,2,3,etc. = Blocks
    A,B,C,etc. = Each block's respective switch location
    [ ]        = Empty, walkable space
    [*]        = Entrance
    [X][X][X][X][ ][ ][ ][X]
    [ ][ ][1][ ][ ][ ][3][ ][A]
    [ ][ ][2][X][E][X][ ][X][4]
    [ ][X][ ][C][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][X][ ][X][ ][X][X][ ][ ]
    [ ][X][B][X][ ][5][ ][X][ ]
    [ ][ ][X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ][D]
    1.  Push Block 1 one tile to the right
    2.  Push Block 2 onto switch B
    3.  Run north of Block 3 and push it one tile down.
    4.  Push Block 4 onto switch D
    5.  Push Block 1 two tiles right
    6.  Push Block 3 one tile down
    7.  Push Block 3 onto switch C
    8.  Push Block 1 onto switch A
    9.  Push Block 5 one tile left
    10. Push Block 5 onto switch E 
    That wasn't so bad, was it? Upon completing the puzzle, a stone previously 
    blocking your path will disappear, but a group of monsters will appear to fight
    you. Fend them off, and push the remaining block on the switch to the right. 
    Doing so will disable the trap, and reveal the Seal of Greed. Examine the Seal,
    and teleport back to Chronos. Return to your guild, watch a scene, and you will
    be automatically teleported to your next city.
    Libra Oasis (JB2)
    Welcome to Libra Oasis, the penultimate city of this game! Your first order of 
    business, as usual, should be to set your return point at the portal guide. 
    Upgrade your equipment, then head off to your guild. You'll be told that the 
    guild captain hasn't returned from the shrine in days, and so your task is to 
    find it. Get whatever jobs you wish around the Oasis, and when you're ready, 
    head south.
    In the south oasis, complete your jobs (If you took the fortune teller job from
    Pandora in the Item Shop, the ghost only appears at night), and make your way 
    to the tents in the southwest portion of the map. Slightly north is a chest 
    containing a glove for your respective class. After you open the chest, return 
    to town for your rewards. Go back to the south oasis, and exit out the right 
    side of the map. This area is a prime training location, as well as a bountiful
    moneymaking spot. It is possible to corral up to 10 monsters to wipe out in one
    attack because of the area's size. Train to your liking, and when you are 
    ready, head in the temple for the next seal.
    Seal of Betrayal (NU9)
    The chest you see immediately upon entering is a mimic, so don't bother going 
    after it. Instead, follow the ground floor, ignoring both flights of stairs 
    (There's another mimic on the other side) until you reach the north stairwell 
    past the statue, and out of the area.
    Here, you are placed in an open room full of enemies. There is no treasure in 
    this room, so just proceed northeast. There will be a door on the right side of
    the map; head through there, and watch the scene that follows.
    You'll have to save your guild captain, but he's guarded by tons of traps. 
    First, head south, ignoring the two blocks near the bridge, and push the one on
    the elevated platform. A couple of blocks disappear to make things easier for 
    you. But, there are still numerous traps you have to deal with. What do you do?
    You have two options: The brute method, and the sneaky method. The brute method
    is to run up to a diagonal of a fire trap, and to wail on it until it breaks. 
    Continue this process until you reach the captain. The sneaky way is to wait 
    for a break in the traps' fire, where you will then dash across to safety. 
    Starting at the beginning of the room, dash right past the first trap, up, up 
    again, then finally left. Break the boxes, talk to the captain, and after a 
    short scene, walk up the north staircase.
    You'll enter another large chamber, where you should definitely ignore the 
    block puzzle guarding a staircase. All that's up there is a jar or two. 
    Instead, be mindful of the traps east of the bridge. Push the stone one tile 
    up, and walk around to the next large chamber. Head left, up a flight of 
    stairs, and grab the chest that holds a piece of armor. Backtrack to the 
    bridge, cross it and head left to the next area.
    Quickly smash the jar and push the block, otherwise you will be surrounded by 5
    Mandrakes with nowhere to run. When you're out in the open, fight them off, and
    head north. The only thing south is another mimic, so don't bother.
    In this room full of griffins and gnomes, begin by going up the staircase, and 
    around the left side of the room. In the chest you will receive a DEVIL'S CAPE.
    Proceed out the northern door of the room. Big surprise here, the two chests on
    the ground floor are mimics! Just go straight up the staircase after freeing 
    yourself from the block puzzle, push the block upstairs all the way left, and 
    smash the pots along the side of the map until you reach a small chamber with a
    chest; in it is a pair of boots for your class. Work your way right, until you 
    find a door on the east side of the map. Enter it, and you'll find an old 
    'friend' from back in Adonis. After the scene, prepare yourself for a little 
    Mini-Boss: Gorgon x5
    Alright, don't panic. These 5 level 53 brutes aren't as tough as they look. The
    scene places you in striking distance from one of the Gorgons; kill that one 
    first. Then take out the one either right or left from where you're standing. 
    Keep in mind that they cannot pass 1 square tiles, so use the middle of the map
    to your advantage. Once they are all defeated, head out the north part of the
    map in pursuit of Roland.
    (Alternatively, you can only kill the first gorgon and escape out the north 
    side of the map, but they drop too much money and give too much experience to 
    pass up.)
    Take a deep breath, and save your game. You're almost done. Walk down the long 
    corridor, and turn left at the first opportunity you get. Collect your BOOK OF 
    MAGIC for Pandora's quest, and exit out the right side of the map. Fight your 
    way past the guards and up the lengthy staircase.
    The Chamber of Chaos can be a very irritating area, as there are about 5 
    chests, 4 of which are mimics. Of course, they wouldn't give you the key so 
    easily, so start by climbing the left set of stairs and then central one 
    afterward, pushing the blocks to clear yourself a path. At the fork atop the 
    second flight of stairs, walk left along the skinny path and then head up until
    you see a chest. This one contains your BLUE KEY. Return the way you came, and 
    make your way all the way left in the large T shaped room. Continue left until
    you reach the locked door. Unlock it, heal and save, then ready yourself for 
    another boss fight.
    |Boss Info: Ghost of Ladon       |
    | Level:  56     HP:    20845    |
    | Attack: 859  Defense: 487      |
    | Experience Given:     285810   |
    The first thing you should be aware of is that Ladon cannot be attacked when 
    his hands are out in front of him. That being said, he has three offensive 
    attacks, and a healing spell which he won't use until his health drops below 
    1/2. He has a simple bite attack that he will use if you get close, a Mateo-
    esque spell that you can only dodge on rare occasions and is only triggered
    when you remain in the middle of the screen for too long, and then his most 
    devastating attack. If he ever goes off screen, IMMEDIATELY run either up or 
    down. He will plunge across the screen, and be prepared to take over 1000 
    damage if you get hit, not to mention that you'll also be paralyzed. Apart from
    that final one, none of Ladon's attacks are altogether devastating.
    Wait for him to put his head down, and take a quick shot at him.  He will 
    usually retaliate with a weak bite attack, so make sure you keep your health 
    high, because you can easily be downed in one hit if you aren't paying 
    attention. Just keep up the offensive and Ghost of Ladon should fall in a 
    matter of time.
    There are also reported problems of Ladon repeating an infinite heal cycle,
    which will obviously render him unkillable. If you find yourself struggling
    through an epic 20 minute fight with this boss, then there are a few ways you
    can deal with it. Restarting your game may or may not alleviate your situation,
    so your alternative would be to carefully damage him until he has approximately
    30% of his health left. Then, pummel him with your highest-damaging skill as
    quickly as possible. The reason: Ghost of Ladon will begin his unbreakable heal
    cycle when he reaches somewhere around the 25% health area, and heal himself
    for about 15% of his total life each time. If you manage to hurt him enough-to
    the point that he misses his 25% mark-he should stop healing.
    After the fight, you will have a heart-to-heart with your nymph, then you will 
    appear back in Libra. Talk to your guild captain, receive your award, and 
    prepare to set off for the final city once the scene ends. Sadly, you aren't 
    teleported to Leo, so we have do this on foot. Make sure your equipment is 
    repaired, and head south out of Libra. Travel as you would if you were 
    returning to the Seal of Betrayal, but go south in the region just before the 
    dungeon entrance. Now you'll be in North Leo; go up the right flight of stairs,
    and follow it until you reach a chest containing body armor for your class. 
    Return to the entrance, and continue down the main path.
    Leo (GY0)
    Here you are at the largest city in the game. Make your way through East Leo, 
    and head north to the palace when you reach the center of the city. Talk to 
    your leader, and you will be given the task of exploring the Seal of Shame. 
    Exit the palace, set Leo as your return point, retrieve high-level gloves from 
    the chest north of the blacksmith, update & repair your gear, and prepare for a
    grueling dungeon. Before you enter the Seal, though, talk to the Item Gal and  
    buy a couple MAGIC CANDLES. You shouldn't need any more than 1, but if you plan
    on doing any training in there, bring extra. You'll have a miserable time going
    through the pitch black dungeon. Anyway, take the jobs from the two men in the
    area, then proceed north into the Cave, located in the approximate center of 
    East Leo.
    Seal of Shame (ER6)
    Use a magic candle immediately upon entering. It will give more than enough 
    time to get through the dungeon. Start by breaking the boxes into the main 
    chamber of the room. Follow the path southeast, breaking the box not blocked by
    a trap, and pick up a weapon from the chest before proceeding into the next 
    This room is one very long, straight line full of Wraiths and Chimera. Hunt 
    chimera if you picked up the job, otherwise proceed through the room, moving 
    the blocks, or sprinting across the traps.
    You'll be greeted by a scene in the next room, and you'll be teleported back to
    Leo to report the news to your leader. Return to the palace for another scene, 
    then return to the seal to finish the job once and for all. Get back to the 
    room where you saw Vague/Vicious, and proceed through the linear path. Be sure 
    to pick up the weapon from the chest before leaving the room. Exit on the right
    side of the next map, ignoring the Mimic on the northeast wall.
    Proceed south in this next area. The two chests in the room are both mimics. In
    the next area, take the right door into a room with four spirals. Ignore this 
    puzzle and proceed out the east door; this particular room requires a lot of 
    work for a single EXAMINE SCROLL. Note that this room is above average for 
    training. There are enough Forbidden Books that you will have little down time 
    between respawns, and they don't give any status effects worse than confuse. 
    Take the time here to train if you need to, then move on.
    In this room that resembles a staircase on your minimap, fight your way to the 
    middle of the area, and take the fork up and around the left side. Pick up your
    OMNI HERB from the chest, and exit out the northern door. The chest to the 
    south is only a mimic.
    Here comes another major puzzle. Be careful with your every move, as messing up
    here could cost you your life. You'll see stone blocks lined up like a 
    checkerboard, push the second from the bottom one tile right. Grab the one 
    above it, and push it left; one tile away from the furthest wall. Push it north
    as far as it will go, then push it one tile right, then north again, and 
    finally west onto the switch. Don't bother with the chest in this room, either,
    it's a mimic. Green dots will appear on the floor upon placing the switch, 
    those are the ones that won't hurt you 9999 when you step on them. But be 
    careful: the dots that appear ARE NOT THE CORRECT SQUARES. Follow the steps 
    they give you, and you will eat a bowl of 9999 soup. Instead, follow these:
    Now you'll be beyond that nightmare of a trap, push the square blocking the 
    bridge south 6 or 7 tiles, and make your way on to the rectangular platform 
    with three crates and a block. Break the southern crate, and push that stone 
    until it hits the wall. Run around, pushing the side block two tiles up and 
    move back to where your other block was. Push it onto the switch, and make your
    way far south, until you find another puzzle.
    Under the square shaped river, you'll see four stone blocks lined up diagonal 
    from one another. Run north of the furthest left block and push it down. Break 
    the crates, and push the northern block as far up as it will go. Cross the 
    bridge, and don't make any hasty moves. Start by clearing out the crates, the 
    push the leftmost block one square down. Then move it all the way right, and 
    finally onto the switch. A chest containing the BLUE KEY you need for the boss.
    Collect it, unlock the gate, and hope for the best. Save your game, and prepare
    for a fight. Because the fights are fairly different, I'll split this up into 
    each individual battle. If you chose good, look at the first guide, otherwise 
    scroll down to the second.
    |Boss Info: Virulent (Good)      |
    | Level:  70     HP:     25987   |
    | Attack: 1261  Defense: 610     |
    | Experience Given:      582183  |
    Big surprise, Virulent turns himself into a dragon for the fight. He, much like
    Ghost of Ladon, has one quick attack, and a screen-clearing Mateo-esque spell.
    He is rather slow for his size, so keep moving around the arena, taking shots 
    at him immediately after he uses Mateo. It has a high chance of missing 
    (especially for assassins) if you keep moving, so keep that in mind. Keep a 
    solid offensive (Because you'll have trouble trying to heal), and he'll go 
    |Boss Info: Lady Charity (Evil)  |
    | Level:  70     HP:     28350   |
    | Attack: 1261  Defense: 610     |
    | Experience Given:      582183  |
    After a short dialogue between Regret and Charity, the queen will transform 
    herself into what looks to be a giant mechanical spider. She has one 
    devastating lightning attack and a quick, low damaging strike. As with the 
    other bosses, keep the offensive up, and keep your health high. Her lightning, 
    without up-to-date equipment will hit up to 2500. Don't stand in one place for
    too long, press the attack at all times, and Lady Charity won't be too 
    difficult of a fight.
    After the struggle either way, a scene will ensue, after which you have to talk
    to your leader. You will learn your ultimate skill (Archangel for good, Dark 
    Lord for evil) during this next lengthy scene, and you will regain control 
    outside the inn in Leo. You have one final dungeon to explore, so prepare for a
    long journey. Repair your things, upgrade your equipment, and head to South 
    Leo. Before you go too far, head right at the first opportunity you get in 
    South Leo to find a weapon in the chest. Proceed across the Sky Bridge, and 
    into the Valley.
    Canyon of Despair (JG7)
    In this linear part of the cavern, you will see a chest blocked by lava. Run 
    north around the wall, and claim a helm from that chest. Keep going north until
    you reach the next area. Run north in this room, break the crates in the 
    middle, and claim the chest further south. Proceed out the door on the right 
    side of the map.
    Here, you'll be met with some of those annoying traps from the Seal of 
    Betrayal, only these ones move. Don't fear, though, you should be strong enough
    that their bursts of fire won't bother you. Follow the linear path, eventually
    exiting out the eastern door.
    This room involves a similar puzzle to the one in the Seal of Shame. Cross the 
    bridge, move south, and push the two stones onto their switches. The one on the
    middle platform will end up on the far left side of the map. After putting the 
    stones on the switches, you will be shown a much longer trap puzzle than in the
    previous dungeon. Follow these steps, starting left of the tile third from the 
    Don't bother with the stone/switch, it doesn't do anything. Proceed right into 
    the next area. This large, open area you arrive in has four stones, with four 
    switches right next to them. Push in all four, and a bridge will appear on the 
    south end. Cross it, and exit out the bridge to the south.
    Push the stone on the switch, and you will see a chest appear back by the 
    entrance. You will also be greeted with four enemies and four more blocks to 
    put in switches. Repeat what you did in the last room, and after all four 
    switches are in place, you will be free to obtain your key. Exit the way you 
    came, and proceed down the right staircase, and up to the next area. Be 
    cautious and don't get yourself surrounded in this next compact room. Head out 
    the north end, ignoring the usual mimic. Take a deep breath, there's not much 
    In this room, first go across the left bridge to claim a chest, then head north
    back at the map's entrance. Continue on heading left, down the stairs, and 
    finally left into the next area.
    Here you've arrived at the last area before the final boss. Congratulations. 
    Unlucky for you, you still need the key. Proceed out the leftmost door in the 
    room, where you will enter another chamber. You may think the platform in the 
    middle holds your key, but that chest is actually a mimic. Very funny, Gamevil.
    Instead, find the four chests lined in a row on the left side of the map. Three
    of them are mimics, and one contains your key. You can tell the mimics apart 
    from the real chests because they are slightly elevated compared to their real 
    counterpart. Open the real chest, dispatching of the other mimics, and you'll 
    be ready for the final battle. Go back to the room before, cross the long, 
    northern bridge, unlock the gate, and save up before heading off for the final 
    |Boss Info: Ladon                |
    | Level:  80     HP:     34490   |
    | Attack: 1562  Defense: 690     |
    | Experience Given:      887358  |
    Ladon's basically a beefed up version of his Ghost you fought back at the Seal 
    of Betrayal. Use that guide if you need to, and he'll go down surprisingly 
    Ladon is defeated, and the world is safe! Right? Wrong!
    |Boss Info: Osiris               |
    | Level:  80     HP:     35067   |
    | Attack: 1570  Defense: 707     |
    | Experience Given:      922710  |
    Osiris is the seed of evil, planted in Regret at the beginning of the game. As 
    Osiris makes clear, they cannot exist without each other, and Regret is willing
    to take that chance. After that scene, you'll be forced into battle. Osiris has
    a massive laser attack, along with a lightning spell and his two hands, which 
    each have a weak attack to keep you off. In order to take shots at Osiris 
    himself, you must first destroy his hands. Simply bashing on them with your 
    stronger skills will suffice, and when his head drops, hit him with everything 
    you've got. As long as you don't hesitate, you can drop Osiris in a matter of 
    seconds; because for a final boss, his HP is rather lacking. You'll be given 
    the final scene of the game upon defeating Osiris, and you will then be taken 
    back to the main menu. Congratulations, you just beat the iPhone's most in-
    depth RPG!
    I suppose there's not much more to say other than a good old congratulations on
    beating yet another game in your collection. Do take note that as of now, there
    is nothing more to the end-game than a short ending scene and a roll of the
    credits. Don't expect some awesome weapon, any new unlocks, or any other usual
    end game happiness. You get dumped back in the main menu without your consent,
    and when you load your game back up, you'll appear right in front of Osiris.
    Sad, but true.
    For those who are wondering, Unique items do not appear in Zenonia (as of yet).
    They were widely available with Hard Mode, which was taken out during beta
    testing for the game. It may be added in, along with the harder difficulty at
    a later date, but nobody can say for sure.
    V. Special Item Dealers
    Across Zenonia you will run into a couple of interesting characters who won't
    hesitate to sell you their useful goods (for a hefty price, of course). Apart
    from the average, everyday item shop and weapons/armor dealer, you may find an
    Item Gal located in front of a tiny house and a cauldron, or a Dark Merchant 
    who only appears at night in the inn of every city.
    Item Gal (DM9)
    The item gal will become one of your best friends toward the end of the game.
    Until you get enough money to handle her steep prices, she will seem useless;
    but as the game progresses, her wares become more widely available to better
    suit your adventuring needs.
    Item Gal Inventory
    Name:        Origin of Life
    Price:       2000 gold
    Description: Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)
    Name:        Origin of Life (*5) 
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)
    Name:        Origin of Life (*10)
    Price:       20000 gold
    Description: Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)
    Name:        Examine Scroll
    Price:       2000 gold
    Description: Examine unidentified items
    Name:        Examine Scroll (*5)
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: Examine unidentified items
    Name:        Examine Scroll (*10)
    Price:       20000 gold
    Description: Examine unidentified items
    Name:        Magic Candle
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: Lights up the dungeon for 72 hours (Also reveals the mini map in
                 all dungeons)
    Name:        Heaven’s Peach
    Price:       10000
    Description: Keeps you full for 72 hours
    Name:        Holy Medicine	
    Price:       18000 gold
    Description: Gives you 50% more experience points for 48 hours
    Name:        Feather of Oblivion
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: [Permanently] Increases your carrying capacity by 20% (100% max)
    Name:        Hammer of Ladon
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: Increases your item durability by 20% (100% max)
    Name:        Stat Reset Stone
    Price:       30000 gold
    Description: Resets all stats and returns all points back to you
    Name:        Skill Reset Stone
    Price:       30000 gold
    Description: Resets all skills and returns all points back to you
    Name:        Drink of Stamina (*5)
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: SP full restore
    Name:        Drink of Stamina (*10)
    Price:       20000 gold
    Description: SP full restore
    Name:        Drink of Stamina (*30)
    Price:       60000 gold
    Description: SP full restore
    Name:        Gold Hammer
    Price:       10000 gold
    Description: Full item durability for 72 hours
    Dark Merchant (AO2)
    The Dark Merchant is introduced to you early in the game as a mysterious 
    carrier of special goods, but it is very possible that you may never see him 
    (As he is only found in each town's inn during specific hours which differ by 
    city). Make your way to the city's inn, and refer to the following list for 
    the hours of when exactly you can find him.
    Dark Merchant Hours
    2:00 Weapons
    3:00 Armor
    4:00 Items
    21:00 Weapons
    22:00 Armor
    23:00 Items
    24:00 Weapons
    1:00  Armor
    2:00  Items
    Libra Oasis:
    20:00 Weapons
    21:00 Armor
    22:00 Items
    1:00 Weapons
    2:00 Armor
    3:00 Items
    This merchant sells a wide variety of unidentified goods which progressively
    get stronger as you level, just as it works with any other shop. Be careful 
    what you buy, though, as the Dark Merchant's prices are much higher than the 
    average store owner; and there is no guarantee that you will receive a useful
    piece of equipment from him.
    VI. Contact (OF4)
    Email: Nevets21292@aim.com
    Email me only if you have questions about the game, if you found an error, 
    if you have suggestions on how to improve the guide, or if you would be so kind
    as to add a section to this guide (You would receive full credit for your 
    submission). I should be prompt in answering emails, and I will be open to 
    criticism of any sort. Just keep in mind that negative criticism doesn't help 
    VII. Legal (TB5)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. The use of this guide on any
    web site other than those allowed or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to host this guide:
    VIII. Credits (GU1)
    ~ Thanks to Gamevil for both developing a brilliant game, and personally aiding
      me in the completion of the boss information sections
    ~ Thanks to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for hosting this guide
    ~ Thanks to all who have commented and critiqued this walkthrough
    ~ Thanks to Kaelon, from the Gamevil.com forums, who did extensive work with 
      each class' skill tree
    ~ Thanks to my third grade teacher for- just kidding.

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