THIS JUST IN: AFTB! has received a 4.5-mice review from the good people at! Also, new promo video posted! (see below)

Zombie hunting season has just begun! It's up to you to fight off the undead hordes in this addictive horror send up of the classic arcade "whack-'em" games. Will you survive the nightmare of the zombie invasion? Can you save the Civilians trapped in the zombie wasteland? Download now to join the fight!

• Combat a "cast" of 20 unique zombie enemies!
• Battle in three richly detailed levels with unique soundtracks!
• Avoid civilian casualties and beware the dreaded super zombies!
• Choose between three difficulties or select Quickplay for fast zombie smashing action!
• Accuracy rewards you with higher multipliers and bonuses!
• Keep track of your zombie crushing high scores on the Scoreboard!
• Gore on/off mode for non-bloody zombie smashing fun!
• NEW GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS! Compare your undead skull-smashing skills with elite zombie hunters from across the globe!

Developed in conjunction with Perfect Dork Studios. Visit to check out their other great projects!

Read's 4.5-mice review for us here:

To see Aim for the Brain! in action, check out the promo video at:

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