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    Speed Walkthrough by tectactoe

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        SM              M.   XMMWXS8       ;M@MMM     MMMMMM    7MMMMMMZrZMMMMMMB
        7MM            MMa      MMMM        MM     2M.    7MZ  MM7     MMM      M
        ZMMM          MMM:       XMMM      MM     XMM      S8          MMM      M
        MMMMM        MMMMM        2MMB    MM      7MMM                 MMM
        M 0MM7      WM MMM,        MMM8  MM        WMMMM               MMM
        M  MMM,     MS MMM           MMMMM           MMMMMW            MMM
       MM.  MMM    MB   MMM           MMM              SMMMMr          MMM
       Mi    MMM  MM    MMM           MMM                MMMM          MMM
       MS    aMMMMM     MMM           MMM         M        MM          MMM
      MMr     WMMM       MMM          MMM         M       .MW          MMM
    7 MM0,     MM       ,MMM S2.   X;:MMM Sa      MMMXXSrMM         iX MMM Xr
    A "Quick" Myst Guide For The Surreal PC Game That Change The Whole Wide World.
    *IMPORTANT! READ FIRST* It is vital that you know that this is not a super
    long and in-depth FAQ/Walkthrough for this game. This FAQ provides the fastest
    and easiest way to beat the game with all of the minimun requirements. It just
    skips all the long, in-between puzzles and gets right to the point. If you
    want to enjoy this game like everyone else has, beat it the real way, by your
    own self. If you want to just see the ending(s) or show a friend how fast you
    can beat this game after it took him hours, then this is where you want to be.
    GAME:          Myst
    SYSTEM:        PC/Computer
    FAQ WRITER:    tectactoe (Tony)
    VERSION:       1.0 (Final)
    STARTED:       January 13, 2005
    FINISHED:      January 14, 2005
    I.   Getting Started
    II.  System Requirements
    III. Controls
    IV.  Walkthrough
    V.   Contact
    VI.  Legal Stuff
    I. Getting Started
    Before you go any further, read the IMPORTANT notice at the top of 
    this FAQ. It will help you better understand what I am getting at,
    and you won't be all confused while you are reading this guide.
    II. System Requirements
    - Windows 3.1; or Windows 95
    - 386DX 33 MHz (486 recommended)
    - 4MB of RAM (8MB recommended) for Windows 3.1
    - 8MB RAM for Windows 95
    - Super VGA (640 x 480, 256 colors)-with compatible drivers
    - Windows sound device with compatible drivers
    - CD-ROM drive (double-speed drive or higher recommended)
    *PLEASE READ* Myst will only run on Windows 95, but you can get it
    to run on newer OS, like 2000/NT, ME, or XP. Here's what you do:
    1. Install Myst
    2. Shortcut Myst (right click desktop, New > Shortcut. Find where you
       saved it and click OK)
    3. Right click the shortcut, go to Properties
    4. Click the tab labeled "Compatibility"
    5. Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
       and make sure you select Windows 95
    6. Check the box by "Run game in 265 colors" (if there is one)
    7. Click Apply, then click OK
    8. Double click on the Myst shortcut and everything should be fine
    *NOTE* After doing the above trick, you may notice that when you 
    minimize Myst, the rest of your computer will be in 256 colors and
    look old and outdated. Don't worry. Once you exit Myst, everything
    will go back to normal.
    III. Controls
    Myst is simple. On screen there is a hand. Move it around and
    click when you want your character to move to something. Sometimes
    the hand will point left/right. Click like this to turn the way
    you are facing. Clicking on certain things on the screen (like
    buttons) will activate them and whatnot. Click on other things
    (like pieces of paper) will pick them up, and you will carry it
    until you do something with it.
    One important thing you will need to know for my FAQ is how to
    turn ON things we call Markers. They are wooden boxes that have
    levers on the top of them. You must be close to one to turn it
    on or off. Lever up is on. Lever down is off.
    There are some keyboard shortcuts in Myst. Here they are:
    - ALT+N:  Starts a new game
    - ALT+R:  Restore (load) game
    - ALT+S:  Save game
    - ALT+F4: Exit the game
    IV. Walkthrough
    Ok first you need to know a few things before you read. This will
    help you understand this FAQ alot better. If you already know alot
    about Myst, you can just skip these guidelines.
    - When I say "Markers" I am referring to things that look like
      wooden boxes with a lever on the top.
    - To turn a marker on/off, you must get as close as possible to
      it and click the lever. The lever up means it's ON. When the
      lever is down, it is OFF.
    - When I say click up, it means click on something when the little
      hand cursor is pointing up. Click left means pointing left, click
      right is right, down is down.
    *NOTE! IMPORTANT* I played about half of this game with Zip mode on. This
    lets you transport to certain spots more quickly. I'm not sure if it was
    on when I was making my guide, so for certain things, the number of clicks
    may be slightly off. I still do give you a description of where you are
    going though, so it shouldn't be a problem. E-mail me if it really is.
    Ok, now you are ready to beat Myst in record time...
    When you first start off on the dock, click stright ahead once to
    ahead a litte bit. You see that thing on the right of the screen?
    That's a marker. Click the lever on top. It should go up. Now it
    is ON. Yay, you have just turned your first marker on.
    Once that's done with, click up on the stars to the left, then click
    to the right to turn, and then click up straight ahead TWICE, and you
    should be on a platform with a huge gear and another marker. Now turn
    that marker on. Woo-hoo, two down and six to go.
    Now click right to turn around, and click up four times. Make sure 
    that on your third click, you click on the higher platform slightly
    to the right and do not go down the second set of steps to the dock.
    After four clicks, you should see some stairs to the right. Click up
    on them to face them. Click up them twice. You will see another one
    of those markers. Click up on it and you will move close to it. Now
    click on the lever to turn it on.
    Okay, now click left to turn around and face the path. Click up, but
    on the right side of the wooden path to turn that way. Now go ahead
    and click up again and you should see a circular, gray platform in
    front of you. Click up on that to move closer, and up on it again to
    stand on top of it. Now click up three times on the platform and you
    will see a rocketship and a marker. Turn the marker on.
    Click left again to turn around, then up three times again so you'll
    walk back across the platform. From this point, click up around the
    middle of the screen. Now you should see a subtle path two the right
    side (it is outlined with ropes strung by stakes). Click up on these
    ropes to face the path. Now click up twice, straight ahead (be sure
    not to accidentaly click down into the fountain). After doing that,
    you will see a marker to the left side of your screen. It is facing
    away from you. Oh well. Turn it on.
    From here, click up three times and then click right to face a small
    building with a marker in front of it. Simply do what you have been
    doing and turn that sucker on.
    Click left above the marker to turn back to the main path. Now from
    right here, look very closely to the left of the screen. You can see
    a small path cutting between the trees. To help see it, the grass is
    sort of a lighter shade of green. It's near the bottom of the screen.
    Click up on this path to face a cabin with a marker out front. Guess
    what? Click up once to move close, then turn it on.
    After that, click right to turn around and then click up thrice along
    the grassy pathway to come to a box with two gears on it. A small one
    and a big one. When you turn the small one, the hour hand on the big
    clock tower in front of you will move. The big wheel moves the minute
    hand. Skipping past puzzles and whatnot, you need to make it 2:40. In
    simpler terms, click the small gear 2 times and the big gear 8 times.
    Make sure you are looking down at the box. If you can still see the
    tower, then click on the box to face it. Now turn the gears as I said
    above, and watch a gear brigde magically form. Cool. Click up to look
    up, and then click up twice along the gear path and turn the marker
    that you see to the on position.
    Now click right to turn around, and click up five times to backtrack
    along the grassy path you took to get here.  After going up five times
    you should be facing a builing. Now click right and you should see the
    wooden path from earlier. Click straight up four times and you'll be
    on the platform above the dock. Now click left, and then click up one
    time and now in the lower right of the screen, you should see a wooden
    handrail. Click up on this to face some stairs. Click up on the stairs
    and you'll be on the dock. Now click right to turn around and you will
    see the first marker we turned on. Now turn it off by clicking on the
    lever again. Gasp!
    If you've done everything correctly up to this point, the marker door
    will open and a piece of paper will be inside. Click it to grab it.
    The cursor will now be a hand holding a piece of paper instead of it
    pointing up, so when I say click up, it means click while holding the
    paper. You know what I mean.
    Now, click up on the stiars at the left, and click up again to get up
    on the ledge. Click on the stairs in front of you twice to face them.
    Now click up the path four times and click right to face the library.
    Click up twice to go to the center of the library. Click to the right.
    You should now see half of a fireplace. Click up on it to face it, and
    click once more to go inside of it. Look on the left very closely for
    a red button. Click it and a gray slab will come down.
    When you click the gray slab, a square becomes indented. The slab is
    actually a 8x6 grid of squares. To advance, you must find the secret
    combination of squares to put in. But this is a quick guide so I will
    just tell you what to do. Look at the map below.
                                   O O + + + + O O
                                   + O O + O + O O
                                   O + O + + + O O
                                   O + + O + + O O
                                   O O + + O O + +
                                   O O O O O + O +
    The O's are the spots you need to press in. The +'s are the spots you
    need to leave alone. Click all the spots on the grid to match up with
    that. Make sure everything is correct and hit that little red button.
    Now a green book appears!
    For here on out, everything is pretty much straight forward. Click on
    the green book to open it and click on the picture inside to teleport
    to Dunny, a little cave thingy.
    Once inside Dunny, click around untill you see a dude alone at a desk.
    Click to him and give him the page when he asks. Listen to what he has
    to say and pat yourself on the back - you beat the game. Not quite the
    ending you had hoped for? Oh well. Just make sure you have that white
    page before entering Dunny or you will be trapped and you will have to
    start all over.
    V. Contact
    Questions? Comments? Problems? Feel free to e-mail me. I will answer you
    back as long as your e-mail is pointless. tectactoe(at)gmail.com.
    VI. Legal Stuff
    This guide is copyrighted. You may not post it on a site without my
    permission. The only place authorized to use it at this moment would
    be www.gamefaqs.com. If you want to post it one your site, e-mail me
    about it first.
    And lastly...
    Thanks to the creators of Myst for making a great game.
    Copyright (c) 2005 tectactoe

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