To celebrate the massive update to Battle for Wesnoth, KQ2 the PalmOS GAME OF THE YEAR is now available for free!

"Kyles Quest 2 is a treasure chest of RPG games that will keep you entertained for many many hours."

"Kyles Quest 2 is a cornucopia of role-playing games 5/5" PDArcade

Classic RPG Goodness!

A real old-school Role Playing Game like Final Fantasy on the NES or GameBoy. If you enjoy RPGs like Chronicles of Inotia, Vay, or Arvale then you'll love the value of KQ2!

Award-Winning RPG Game Engine

Kyle's Quest 2 is bundled with twenty complete adventures. Each level has custom graphics, quests, and monsters. So grab your sword, don your armor, and prepare for combat!

Create Your Own Adventures

Join the ranks of the KQ2 level authors, and create your own levels with the free KQ2ED tool for Windows.


Q: Tapping on some shopkeepers does nothing! How do I buy things?
A: Activating the stores is up to the level authors and might different in each level. In the default No Bones About It level, you must tap on the counter in front of the shopkeeper.

Q: I'm interested in making my own levels for KQ2. How can I load levels onto the iPhone?
A: The KQ2 developer's area will be opening soon. Level authors should create and test levels using the PC game engine (included with the level editor). Once the level is complete, it can be uploaded to this website and will appear dynamically from within the game on the iPhone for download.

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