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Welcome to the Temple of Arkadoom! Laren was sent to investigate the temple by the village elders after Undead monsters started to appear on the outskirts of town. The temple has been in the forest at the edge of town for as long as anyone can remember. No one has been inside it, or for that matter anywhere close to it, for generations. Legends of the evils here still frighten the children of the village.

However when Laren was asked by the elders to go to the temple to investigate as the town protector he had to go. In fact he was happy to go as he saw this as his chance to once and for all dispel the myth surrounding the temple.

Not expecting to find any evil there he did not take much gear with him, just the usual hunting items. Little did he know what he was getting himself into.

As such the story of Laren starts. How will you guide him in the depths of the temple? Will you be able to save his life and that of his fellow villagers? Or will you remain lost in the dungeons, doomed to wander aimlessly until you die...

Are you ready for Temple of Arkadoom: Laren's Quest?

Featuring 3D graphics and great depth of play, enjoy this dungeon crawling game. Play either through the story or just generate random dungeons of any type you like. Chain them as you move from level to level and become stronger. Marvel at the enchanted items the enemies you encounter will drop. Battle fierce enemies from Firey Skeletons to powerful Sorcerers!

Enjoy the adventure!

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