How do you plant a garden?

  1. I want to grow some crops but i dont know how to start a garden.

    User Info: Dragons_Rock12

    Dragons_Rock12 - 6 years ago


  1. Dear user if u need help to plant a garden its easy first u will need ur seeds u can find some around town or just stop by the sim market and buy some sort of vegtable or fruit when u buy theese items plant themor it on ur house lot in a nice space outside then u will go to ur inventory and click on hte lant if it is a fo it will give u hte option o eat it or plant it when u plant it put it on a space and then it will send the sim to go plant when its done whith that u will need to make sure u water it everyday and make sure to weed itand most of all dont forget to put nutrigen in it it helps the plant to grow faster and when it grows fruit u will need to harvest it hope u have fun

    User Info: madelyn546

    madelyn546 - 6 years ago 0 0

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