Chicago Typewriter? Unlockable Wepns?

  1. Does it have the Chicago Typewriter if so how do I get it? What are the other unlockable wepons and how do I get them?

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    Solid_snake137 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you completed separate ways, you would unlock the Chicago Typewriter for Leon in the main game.
    To unlock the Chicago Typewriter for Ada, you must beat Assignment Ada.
    Infinite Launcher : beat the game once.
    Matilda (This is the handgun type but it fire like the TMP and the capacity after exclusive will be 100). To get this gun, simply beat the gane once.
    Handcannon (This gun is the same type of Killer7 and Broken Butterfly but it will infinite ammo when you spent 790,000 ptas to upgrade it). To get this gun, you must beat mercenaries with five star ranking for all lever of all chacrater.(Seem to be very hard, huh?)
    P.R.L 412 (Plagas Remove Laser 412). With this gun, you can kill any enemies or bosses in one hit except the El Gigant. To get this gun, you must beat the game in PROFESSIONAL MODE. I think you should beat the game in normal difficult to unlock the Separate Ways (Scenario for Ada, If you play this, you would discovered meny secrets in game). Play Separate Ways to unlock Leon' s mafia costume. If you wear this costume for Leon, Ashley would weared the knight armor (This armor will not allow any enemies or bosses to carry her away. Especialy, when Ashley weared this armor, she will not take any damage from enemies or bosses) to make Professional mode become easier.

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