TouchMyApps GRAB IT! Chess Online Pro is a well-detailed Chess simulator with some great options. Online play, puzzles and cheating - it is great. It is classy, has adapted modes for the beginner as well as the expert and is easy to pick up.

ThePortableGamer - Chess fans on the go will get an extra kick out of Chess Online Pro, being that theyre now able to test their skills against the world For the price, I dont think anyone can complain about the amazing job that G5 Entertainment did with this classic pastime.

Chess OnLine Pro is the ultimate all-in-one chess pack for chess enthusiasts, at reasonable price. It is already enjoyed by thousands of online players around the world. The game features:

- Online multiplayer play against friends or random opponents, chat while playing
- Superb computer AI with 6 difficulty levels
- Hot seat multiplayer (shared phone mode)
- 40 chess puzzles
- Global leader board
- Solo Mode includes time-limited game, start position setup and handicap game modes
- When playing online, the game is saved on the server if you lose connection
- Save/Load Game options in Solo Mode
- Highlighting of valid moves, move hints

Highly recommended for fans of online, strategy, war, puzzle, and board games like Chess, Checkers, UniWar, Sudoku, and others.

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