Diabolika is the fiendish turn-based game of chain reactions! Use an assortment of exploding monsters to fight back the horde of invading red demons. From the simple straw man to the bombastic black cyclops, to the powerful cannon... each of the 9 different monsters yields a different explosive pattern on the playing field. Together, they're like destructive dominoes - place them on the board and detonate them at will!

But use your noggin! There are many ways to succeed, and many strategies to try. To obtain a high score you'll have to blow up large chains of demons. But be careful! If too many appear on the board you'll lose and they'll get the last laugh. It'll take luck and planning to survive for very long against the ever-increasing onslaught.

We think the game works great for both casual players and deep thinkers. Hope you enjoy it and happy playing!

"Diabolika might just be the best little strategy game you’ve never heard of. Fun and engaging gameplay coupled with wonderful, cartoony graphics make Diabolika a true hidden gem." -appVersity

"It's the little touches... that make Diabolika a stand-out on the App Store." -iPhone Roundup

"You're like the Bobby Fischer of exploding eggs in this game." -Bytejacker

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