Melonchi Minecarts is a unique and extremely addicting puzzle game including Gems, Minecarts, and Exploding Tracks while enjoying the visuals and ambience of the Arvale world!

If you love games like Hiroimono, Sudoku, Sokoban, Chip's Challenge, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, or Lode Runner games, then you will love this game!

Play with three different characters in three separate hilarious stories
from the same wacky writers of the Arvale series.


-Immersive Graphics, Art, and Animation
-Choose from 3 Unique Characters, each with unique, fantasy tales
-High Quality Music and Sound Effects
-Separate Difficulty Levels for Beginners and Experts
-Extra Arcade mode allows for infinite gameplay
-Different Play Styles for each character

Melonchi Minecarts features fantastic graphics and art, whimsical music and audio,
intuitive controls, and of course, Melonchi, Gems, and Arvale!

Chip's Challenge is a trademark of Epyx. Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a trademark of Nintendo. Lode Runner is a trademark of Broderbund. These trademark owners are not associated with PDAmill Game Studios or Nav N Go Kft.

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