Our classic, award-winning, action-strategy game (also known as an artillery game) features incredible gameplay coupled with fantastic graphics, audio and humor for your iPhone!

If you enjoy games such as Worms, Scorched Earth, Tank Wars, or even the old MS-DOS Gorillas game, you will love this! Featuring humor and story-telling similar to the classic Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games such Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island.


-Incredible Graphics, including professional art and animation

-Special Effect Eye-candy, like smoke trails, flames, vectors, alpha-blended sparks, explosions, and weather effects!

-Smooth Game play, with intuitive controls, a clean interface, and silky-smooth frame rate!

-3 Different Snail Races: The Moogums, Lupeez, and Nooginz! Each with their own personality, including: special animations, voices, texts, root beer preference, and culture!

-15 Unique Levels ranging from the Ancient Desert Sands, to the chilly Snowfields, up into Outer Space, and down below the sea!

-25 Destructive Weapons including Pistols, Machine Guns, Staple Guns, Rockets, Dynamite, Grenades, Napalm, Tear Gas, C4, Air Strikes, Bugs and more!

-Realistic Physics including gravity and weather which affect the way your Snails move, and the affect weapon's reactions to the environment. E.g. Windy Snow in the Snowfields and Zero Gravity jumping in Outer Space.

-Amazing Audio, including professional music, hilarious sound effects, and voices tailored specifically for the game!

-Humorous weapons including the cartoon Anvil Drop and the infamous Exploding Toad, Monsieur Frog!

-3 Different Playing Modes including: Missions, Deathmatch, and 2 Player Hot-Swap

Worms is a trademark of Team 17. Scorched Earth is trademark of Wendell Hicken. Monkey Island is a trademark of Lucasarts. Leisure Suit Larry is a trademark of Sierra. Tank Wars is a trademark of Kenneth Morse. MS-DOS and Gorillas are trademarks of Microsoft. These trademark owners are not associated with PDAmill Game Studios or Nav N Go Kft.

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