Space Hike is a very simple OpenGL ES game that you can learn how to write with the book : iPhone Games Projects by PJ Cabrera et al, published by Apress.

ISBN10: 1-4302-1968-8
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-1968-2

Learn how to write this game from scratch using XCode and then expand on it to write your own mega game!

How to play Space Hike.

Space Hike is a simple turn based game in which you command the Starship Expendable in a war against invading Mingon battleships.

Tap on the map location you want to travel to (using the powerful Whoop drive) and if a Mingon ship is there you will do battle!

Fire one of your limited number of Torpedoes to do maximum damage, or use your lasers to try and destroy your opponent before your armour or batteries run out.

Land on space bases or colony planets to resupply and make sure you have enough snacks in the onboard snack dispensers or your crew will starve!

Rid the galaxy of the evil Mingon scourge, then write your own version or modify the game for your own rules. As Space Hike is a very simple game, the chapter on writing it is very easy to understand and will get you up and writing games in no time!

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