"Something awakens you. In the midst of the darkness, you suddenly come to. You are pouring a cold sweat, and your body aches everywhere. Was that all a dream? Or were you really bitten by a creature of the night? Warm, sticky blood covers your sleeve, but the gaping wound on your neck has already begun to heal. Something about you has changed forever, as if waking from a deep slumber – into a new, dark reality!"


Turn your fledgling vampire into the most notorious, powerful clan in the Vampire underworld.

- FREE graphically-enabled, immersive massively multiplayer online role playing game for iPhone and iPod touch
- Gain vampire cred for your clan with numerous missions
- Train your vampire with abilities, curses, and items
- Fight ONLINE with other people
- Countless hours of gameplay
- Global leaderboard to recognize the top vampire
- Connect with your friends through email and texting

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Keywords: live, online, multiplayer, rpg, mmorpg, werewolf, zombies, twilight, vampires, undead

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