Chav World... the day after tomorrow...

A mysterious plague has spread through the once peaceful Chav World.
Where once stood proud Chavs and Chavettes, now stand only the Living Dead!

Zombie Chavs! Empty husks, with only a vague remembrance of their once proud
existence, roam the streets.

Only one human Chav remains, Nev Perry, the last Chav on Earth!
He fills his days hunting and hoping that one day the terror will end.

Specifically designed to be played in short intense bursts, Zombie Chav Hunt
is the hunting game with the difference you've been waiting for.

New Zombies and Features to be added via future updates.

- 3 weapon types for Zombie blasting.
- Addictive gameplay.
- Fun, colourful graphics.
- Intense first person game-play.
- Challenge of the High Score Table.

Designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch, Zombie Chav Hunt perfectly combines the touch screen and accelerometer functions for fast paced action.

Cobra Mobile's other award winning titles include, iBomber, Low Grav Racer, Mouse About, Stuck Genie and Color Now.

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