The classic labyrinth game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. Download and play over 1000 levels created by the community.Features:-Download new levels directly from within the game.- 1000+ (yes one thousand) levels.-60 FPS (Frames Per Second) gameplay.-Shadows.-Optional 3d-walls, changing perspective when tilting phone.-Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makes it possible to slide on a hole edge without falling.-A carpenter level with calibration.-Autosaving of completed levels.-Easy starting levels for newbie players.-Sound.-Tactile feedback.-Many more...Testimonials:"iPhones are already great, but how you got this to work SO well and SO realistically is nothing short of incredible." - Stan"This is really amazing! Looks great, feels like real, simply fantastic!" - Thomas

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#94 highest rated IOS simulation game (#1555 on IOS, #21945 overall)


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#4 shortest IOS simulation game (#130 on IOS, #3387 overall)


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