Geometrix is a collection of three games, Chain Reaction, Star Chaser, and Orb Assault.

In Chain Reaction, you tap the colored squares to destroy them and begin a chain reaction. Score as many points as you can in the timed mode or play as long as you want in the free play mode.

In Star Chaser, you move the square by tapping on the screen. Run into the stars to gain Star Points, but avoid the red circles. There are three game modes for Star Chaser, Challenge, where you must get a specific amount of Star Points, Timed where the clock counts down to zero and gathering stars restores the clock, and Free Play.

In Orb Assault, you move the square around the screen by tapping on the screen. Change the square's color by tapping the colored squares at the bottom of the screen. Run into the matching colored circles to score points. Three difficulty settings.

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