The most exciting and colorful jump’n’run for your iPhone!

Nicky Boom is an enchanting game mixing platform and puzzle for hours of fun. Nominated as 2nd best platform game for Smartphone in 2008 by Pocket PC Magazine, Nicky Boom is now available for iPhone with a gameplay completely redone to get the best user experience.

Nicky is in trouble! His Grandfather has been captured by the cruel witch Zoldrane and is being kept in the dark dungeon of her castle. The old man is the guardian of the forest tribe and Zoldrane wants him to tell her their ancient secrets. To prevent Nicky from rescuing his Grandfather, Zoldrane has turned the normally peaceful inhabitants of the woods in to monsters who are almost as evil as she is! Even though these monsters guard Zoldrane's castle, Nicky is not deterred and sets off on a massive adventure: to free his Grandfather!

• Huge worlds with many challenges to overcome.
• Make your path by unlocking ladder, building bond, unsing wrapper,
• Find the keys, discover various hidden paths and avoid traps.
• Gorgeous and enhanced graphics from the original 90’s classic.
• High quality remastered original sounds and musics.
• Save & load the game at any time .

Nicky Boom is developed by DotEmu and published by Chillingo Ltd

Here is a great review:

“This game is great fun. It’s a great time filler that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” 7.5/10 --

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