Don't let the screenshots fool you, this game rocks! Just because I suck at drawing doesn't mean you should dismiss this game as crap!

This game will not be on sale after August 12, so grab the dual stick shooter that started it ALL! (Or at least Peetre seems to think he's the originator of the genre)


To liven up the online leaderboards and to promote to final days that 30 and Dirty will be on sale, Horchata Factory is holding a special contest starting August 15th. To win this contest, you must be the top scorer in the online leaderboard for one of the game modes. This contest is for US Residents ONLY. Full details will be released at later on, but you can still rack up high scores on your iPhone right now and submit them when the contest starts.


February 16, 2012.

Peetre Lamb turns 30 years old.

On this day, Peetre Lamb's high school diploma gets ripped into pieces and sucked into his ZBox gaming system. Armed with 23 years of gaming experience and 0 years of real life experience, Peetre Lamb is... 30 AND DIRTY (dirty in the sense that he doesn't shave).

"It's time to get thirty....

-- Peetre Lamb


30 And Dirty is like Geometry Wars, but dirtier.


- a 300 lb. hero ( most of the weight comes from big bones, not cellulite )

- Quick Play mode: Survive as long as you can with 3 lives. The enemies get more and more menacing the longer you stay alive.

- Bomba! mode: Dodge suicide bombers and bullets. Trickier than it sounds, because you can't shoot.

- Electronica soundtrack. You can choose from three different songs to get your dirty on. ( Four songs in the next version )

- Simple, yet innovative game mechanics, featuring "dirty zones". Kill dirty enemies to create dirty zones and destroy enemies within dirty zones for bonus points!

- Precise dual directional control system.

- Six types of distinct enemies to blow up. Unlike some other games that only have one type of enemy ( the kind that just follows you ) and re-skins them. We got suicide bombers, seekers, mines, free-roamers, leeches, and tanks. This game isn't for little girls, our enemies actually shoot at you too.

- Four weapon power-ups: shotgun, machine gun, missile, and homing puppies. Yes, you read that right, PUPPIES.

- Two super power-ups: Yaoi paddle (to grow large and hit everyone with your paddle) and Kurtis Overkill ( super fast shooting speed )

- Shames: Show your friends how sad you are with "Shames", the opposite of Achievements. If you die 100 times, the game will let you know and insult you for it!

- Unlock Shop: Spend your hard earned diploma fragments in the shop to purchase unlockable items.

- Location-based Online Leaderboards provided by Geocade. (


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