Sokoban is a block pushing puzzle game. Objective of game is to put all the boxes in designated locations. Rules are very simple - only one box can be pushed at a time, and they cannot be pulled.

Originally Sokoban was made to be played in top view.
3D Sokoban adds new level of complexity and fun - it is played in first person.

Game has two views - in top view you can see level configuration, all the boxes and where they have to be moved. But it is a first-person view where you can walk around and move the boxes. You can switch between views as many times as you want.

- 50 levels of various complexity with no particular order - you can choose any of them at any time;
- Intuitive, easy to master touch screen navigation;
- Quick gesture guide available under your fingertip;
- Game progress is saved between sessions;
- Unlimited undo/redo;
- Sound effects;
- Game Help;

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