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"3D Tunnel Vision is a fun maze racer "


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It’s time to jump in and get sucked into Tunnel Vision!!! If you ever wanted a game that is fun, challenging, & obsessively addicting, look no further. Duck, dodge, dip, dive, and your way through beautiful, full 3D rendered tunnels while avoiding rotating walls, obstacles, and mines!

With four modes to choose from, there are plenty of ways to play. Test your skills in arcade mode by surviving ten levels with 5 lives. Replay mode lets you revisit and play through completed levels. Take on survival mode, and see how long you can last with only 1 life! Lastly, Mine mode, fly through tunnels while dodging mines! There are also power ups you can collect along the way to help you reach your ultimate goal!

Earn medals upon game completion, get ranked based on performance during the game, and challenge others to beat your distance with global high scores.


Arcade - Get through 10 Levels with only 5 lives.

Mines - Duck and Dodge mines.

Survival - See how long you can last.


Super simple controls!

Awesome 3D tunnels.

Various pick ups!

Able to unlock and reply levels with replay mode.

Global high scores so you can challenge others to beat your distance.

A helpful tutorial mode.

Mine mode! Dodge mines!

AND SO MUCH MOAR! *crashes into wall*

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