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Now Sales to 0.99!!

Bored? Age Magic Calculator will entertain you!!

This Application is designed to have you interact with others to entertain them by guessing their age without asking. This process is very easy!! Just ask them to enter their age and let Age Magic Calculator do the rest!!

Age Magic Calculator uses special sensor in your Iphone or Ipod Touch to guess their age.
It uses complex mathematical formulas to guess the age. The process is simple, with just a touch! Ask a friend to follow the directions that this application will show. Tell them to give the phone back to you. Then Age Magic Calculator will tell you their age.

Age Calculator is very accurate with guessing their age with applied mathematical formulas. Have fun with it and ask others to guess your age as well

Here is an example how you can use this App:

Jack: Hey how are you? You seem bored!! Want me to amuse you?

Amy: Amuse me? How?

Jack: I can guess your age with my Iphone! Here, don’t tell me but just follow the directions.

Amy: Here! It said give back to you now.

Jack: You are 21 years Old. Am I right?

Amy: Wow that is amazing!! How did you do that?

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