Air Cadets is a 3D arcade flying game that pushes the iPhone and iPod touch to their limits!

Dive, climb, twist and turn your aircraft around 5 unique levels with the iPhone or iPod touch's accelerometer and touch screen interface!

Air Cadets features 4 game modes, 6 original characters, 3 original aircraft and 5 unique levels. It also includes 3 levels of difficulty with each having its own level layout per mode – so that means there are a possible 25 combinations to play! The objective of the game is to beat your own high scores in each of the game's modes.

Air Cadets also features 3 control types, each utilising the iPhone and iPod touch's unique touch screen and accelerometer interface. The first control type places all of the game's controls on screen (this mode is for beginners, or those who are after an old fashioned gaming experience!) The second control type uses a combination of on screen buttons together with tilt controls to steer the aircraft. And the third control type uses full tilt controls, allowing the player to both steer and change their aircraft's altitude by simply tilting their iPhone or iPod touch in the direction they wish to go! Each control type brings with it a unique challenge, why not master them all?

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