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A baseball game that allows you play simple and intuitive matches is now upgraded!
You can now tap & flick your way through the game as you bat and pitch!
Play a game of baseball against AI opponents!
No cumbersome control of fielders is required!

How to play
When batting, tap the iPhone/iPod touch screen to make the swing.
When pitching, first select the type of pitch and pitching course, then flick iPhone/iPod touch screen to release the ball.
You can also swing your iPhone/iPod touch screen to operate! Go to Options to make your choice.

You can bat & pitch by tapping or flicking the screen.
You now have a choice of 4 different types of pitches!
Just like in a real baseball game, the offense and defense switches after three outs and the winner is determined by fighting it out for the designated number of innings.
Without the need for the bothersome control of fielders, you can enjoy the pure aspects of batting and pitching!
The number of innings can be freely configured to between three and nine innings.
You can choose from among six types of player uniforms.

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