Think you're pretty smart? Take on Brain Freeze Trivia for a REAL challenge. Brain Freeze features thousands of questions from six categories: Entertainment, Sports, History, Geography, Science and Animals.

Brain Freeze Trivia is played in three game rounds, you pick the category in Round 1, Brain picks the category in Round 2, but beware of Round 3, it features questions from every category. Wager on the number of questions you can answer correctly and win bonus points.

Brain Freeze Trivia features:

3,000+ questions
Easy-to-use interface
Multiplayer support for 1 to 4 Players
Fast play
High score database
A great knowledge builder
Built-in program instructions


Finalist - Best Trivia Game of the Year
Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine


"Sometimes trivia games don't really challenge you, but this one does. Lots of interesting categories and well thought out questions. Also, some of the questions are very current - asking about recent movies and events. Lots of fun."
L. Mayo

"Kept me playing. Lots of interesting questions. Some are easy, and some are REALLY hard. Good game!"
Max Whittingham

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