Brick Game is a collection of 5 games in classical retro-brick style of old handheld consoles and mobile phones.

Now they are running on iPhones and Touches with classical BRICK graphics and SYNTHESIZED sound. Nostalgia!

Brick Game includes FIVE amazing games:

- Classical Snake
You play as a brick snake that eats bricks and becomes larger and faster. One day it will eat its own tail.

- Brick Ball
You are rectangular pad bouncing the ball and trying destroy *awful brick structures* to make the world a better place. If you've ever played Breakout or Arkanoid -- you'll get the idea.

- Brick Shoot
You protect your motherland with a rectangular gun shooting bricks from *dreadful brick structures* and avoiding falling blocks. Fun-fun-fun!

- Ping-Pong
You are rectangular pad trying outwit A.I. opponent and to kick a ball into the goal. And the worst thing -- the ball is square!

- Double Brick Ball
Classic Brick Ball returns! Now you control two pads simontainiosly -- at the top and bottom of the screen. Same idea, twice as fun!

We hope that you will enjoy the result!

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