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Clueless Crossword is a crossword puzzle without clues. This game is fast-paced, easy to learn, and solves in minutes. Being clueless has its advantages.

OBJECTIVE: Insert letters in the white circles so words form horizontally and vertically that match the puzzle's solution.

The player moves a cursor from circle to circle by pressing the arrow buttons. A push of a letter button will insert that letter in the circle at the cursor. Only one of the selectable letters at any circle match the puzzle’s solution.

AUTO-CHECK: Every 30 seconds any incorrect letters entered change to red, and any correct letters change to blue. Also during an auto-check, a new score is computed based on the number of correct letters entered so far, elapsed time, and level of play.

IMPORTANT: Red letters must be changed to solve puzzle. Player can make changes at any time.

1) Stick and Move
2) Jump
3) Converge

1) Stick and Move. Don’t remain idle at any circle more than a few seconds. If the correct selection is not obvious, just enter a guess and move to another circle. Every 30 seconds, the auto-check awards points for correct guesses, changes letter colors to reflect correctness, but provides no added info for empty circles. There is no scoring penalty for incorrect guesses. Player can change guesses at any time.

2) Jump. Use the jump button (double arrow) almost exclusively when moving the cursor. The jump button skips cursor over blue letters (ie. letters confirmed correct by auto-check). The direction of the jump button matches the last press of either the right or left arrow button.

3) Converge. Whenever guessing is necessary, use a consistent process of elimination so as not to repeat incorrect choices (eg. guess in some easy-to-remember order, such as alphabetical order). No more than 3 guesses are needed to pinpoint the correct letter at any circle. All puzzles can be solved within 3 traversals of the puzzle grid.

UNLIMITED PUZZLES: The paid version includes an unlimited puzzle subscription via updates with an initial set of 100 puzzles. The Lite version has same feature set, but limited puzzles.

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