? Game process
A. Starting game after give 1 minutes to shake box
Will be show the saving box on the screen, at the same time shake the ipob hard and drop the coin below broad

B. When finished time to shake let begin to separate coins
According to arrow separate the coins to upper under right left side, pay attention to unit.
Move quickly to separate the coins

? Point
-> Finish game when time shows zero
-> if you separate coins, limited time will be increase the 1 second
If you use this game features, will increase the limited time to play game more
-> If you succeed coins separation will occurring the combo and receive more of the time when combo time’s increasing.

? Features
A. You can view the many country’s coin in the game
B. It will be take you exciting moment when you shake the ipob hard

? Update
•Update: 1.10 (7/24/09)
1) Added temporarily stop effect feature.
2) Modified combo time reward and image.
3) Added world ranking.

•Update: 1.12 (8/18/09)
1) Coin the easier, the more.
2) Decrease the badness coin occurding rate from 20% to 15%

•Update: 1.13 (9/14/09)
1) World Ranking - Added the flag.
2) Eliminating conflicts between the coin and the coin can be divided easily.

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