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- Improved and faster controls
- Increased speed and performance
- Fixed issues with control response


Play the best T20 cricket game on your iPhone! Swipe, slash and slide your fingers in this action packed game featuring two exciting modes of play that will have you hooked on your iphone for days to come! Upload your scores and compete against rivals to be the true master blaster. Play at the worlds Durban Cricket ground in South Africa where the IPL mania is on.

Super Sixes: Did you know that IPL had the maximum number of 6’rs in cricket ? If T20 cricket gives you a rush then you’ll love this mode - hit only sixes to get the highest score possible in 5 overs! It’s not as easy as it sounds ‘cos you’ll need to have be on the money to hit a six – timing and confidence is critical to do so. Remember, it’s only the sixes that count, so don’t waste those balls! Upload your scores online to compete against other players!

Quick Play: For a more well rounded cricketing experience, play this mode in which you can score runs in any possible manner. Strategy is the key. Do you launch an all out assault from the go, or do you play the ball on its merits thereby ensuring you don’t run out of wickets too soon? You decide! Again upload your scores online to check where you stand against other players.
"The new 3D fast-paced game is meant for iPhone users in the U.S., UK and Australia." - Rediff News.

"The game allows the players to upload scores and compete against rivals to be the true master blaster. For a well rounded cricketing experience, there is Quick Play mode which allows the players to score runs in any possible manner making strategy the key." - AnimationXpress

"Players need to use the power of their fingers to swipe, slash and slide in
this action packed game that features two exciting modes, namely Super Sixes and
Quick Play. Both these modes promise to keep users hooked on to their iPhone for
days to come." - Techgadgets

"The game enables the players to slash and slide across the screen and play the favorite cricket shots. It also offers real life player animation with the game based in Durban. Using your fingers, you can play the favorite cricket shots with gesture controls." - The smart Techie

Features of Game:
• Full 3D graphics using cutting edge 3D Indiagames proprietary technology – “ICE 3D”
• Real life player animations for that true cricket experience.
• Play in South Africa’s Durban Stadium - one of current venues of the IPL.
• T20 mode of play
• Use your finger and slash away your favorite cricket shots….Fully supports gesture controls!
• Play over 25 different shots including Square Cut, Cover Drives and your favorite Hook Shot.
• Fun filled, challenging and addictive gameplay
• Spin balls add variety and challenge.
• 2 Modes of play which includes the popular Super Sixes mode. A true tribute to T20!
• 2 Levels of difficulty, Beginner & Expert modes.
• TV Broadcasting style cameras.
• Engaging AI
• Immersive Sound

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