Crystaloids™ -- finally, an outer-space game with a retro feel and realistic physics.

We are really trying to improve our game and we love to hear from you, so if you like it, please review it, and if you have ideas to make it better, please email us!

- 7+ missions around different local stars, with realistic gravity
- Resize screen with two fingers
- rapid fire
- easy, medium, and hard modes
- rotate the ship in 360 degrees either by slightly tilting the edges of the iPhone away from you, or optionally choose to rotate the ship with your finger
- Blow up asteroids using unlimited torpedos
- Pick up blue crystals by running over them
- High Score, Instructions, and Settings
- Training Center
- Retry with 3 or more ships

- improved sounds

Chase valuable blue gemstones around the solar system without crashing into space debris. Blow up asteroids and meteors to unearth their crystalline treasures.

Addictive for kids and old-timers alike, but if your memory reaches back to the golden age of arcade games, when you could obliterate hosts of marauding blips from a never-ending alien invasion for a quarter, then you’ll especially appreciate the retro charm of this game.

Up to date with modern graphic renderings, utterly realistic gravitational fields, elliptical orbital star trajectories, and other fancy-sounding terms from classical physics, this game is guaranteed to please every nerd and sci-fi addict who ever fantasized about detonating something before sling-shotting out of stable orbit.

But be careful, you'll have to learn the rules of flying in space - no brakes, just precisely timed thruster-burns. And if you go too fast, you'll overshoot your valuable treasure and have to trek back to your goal. In these wars, your biggest enemy is gravity. You remember Apollo 13, right? Then you'll get the hang of it. Give it a shot - before you know it you'll be piloting your own ship from level to level, building an enviable treasure of rare space gems along the way.

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