Happy Easter!

In this application you will find 3 different games, each with 3 different themes, for a total of nine games.

The games are all quite simple, and should be playable by all ages (4+).

The three themes include: Easter Eggs, Rubber Duckies, and Easter Bunnies.

The three different games include: Drop, Match, and Attack.

As a special bonus, there is one additional game that's hidden (an Easter Egg). Here's a hint - "Hoppy Easter".

So, what are you waiting for? Download it, and have some holiday fun for less than the price of a candy bar (and it won't rot your teeth either).

Brought to you by the fun loving folks at who say "Easter is a time for celebration and renewal, so enjoy the celebration".

NOTE: If you find the hidden game, please DON'T tell folks about it in the reviews, let them find it on their own.

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