Glass Tower is a game with physical collisions and gravity simulation.This game is made to give You a lot of fun, in it's developement process we always think about interesting and theoretically endless gameplay.Due to phisical-based engine every level can be passed in many different ways, also amount of levels is unlimited, when You pass predesigned levels others are generated randomly.Your game progress is always saved, so You can continue playing last levelyou reached any time.And finally we have many new ideas to implement in next updates to make the game more dynamic and interesting.- real-like physical simulation- endless gameplay- fast game engine with many effects- bright and clear graphics- pretty sounds and music- different backgrounds to chooseTap on the block to shatter it, but be carefull - the tower can loose its balance and fall down.Your mission is to destroy all blue blocks, and to save as much red blocks as possible.Blue blocks add a score. Its amount depends on the size of the block.Red blocks subtract your score. Blue blocks that fall outside platform give You a half more scores.Red blocks subtract twice more.If Your score falls below zero the game is over.DEVELOPER COMMENTS FOR v2.0 UPDATE:In this update we made two game modes - easy and hard.Easy mode is an old-style Glass Tower game.Hard mode differece is an "undestructible blocks".Undestructible blocks can't be shattered by tapping them, but when one of these blocks falls outside platform it subtracts 500 scores independently of the block's size.Each game mode has its own hi-scores, and Your game progress saves separately for each mode.It's like two games in one.Keywords: glass, physics, simulation, shattering, skywardsgames, krabe, shmele

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