******** New update (v1.2) is available!*********

The globe is covered with GloBall players, and more are joining every day!

GloBall was #1 game in the US in July!
GloBall was #2 app in the US in July!
GloBall was #1 app in the UK in July!

GloBall v1.1 added:
- 12 new levels.
- New challenges.
- New enemy type.
- Improved connectivity to global high scores.
- Tilt calibration.

GloBall v1.2 is here now!
- 15 new high-scoring (and challenging) levels!
- Teleporter tubes.
- Lava.
- Money bugs.

GloBall is simple and addictive. Tilt to roll the ball and break blocks! Avoid or squish your enemies, and conquer the globe! As your score increases, so does your sphere of influence on the GloBall globe. Can you become the best player in your neighborhood or even the world?


"This game rocks! Everything about it, from the graphics/animations, to the sounds, to the powerups and gameplay... totally polished."
- Matt Dunn, iPhone Games Network

"GloBall is one of those games that's not only pretty, but incredibly well done. It's got tons of visually engaging power-ups, bonuses, and enemies to defeat. Not only is it visually gifted, it's also incredibly responsive."
- Michael Johnston, iPhone Alley

"In a phrase, GloBall is pure fun."
- Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

"GloBall is addicting fun for all ages."
- Dorothy, App Chatter

"Globall is a unique experience on the iPhone. Combining great gameplay with great visuals and you have an App Store hit. Globall goes beyond that with the best integration of global high scores to date. Globall is a super fun experience that should be had by all, and is a definite must have."
- Trevor Sheridan, App Advice

"What do you get when you combine Breakout, Pac-Man, Pinball and Duke Nukem and then truss them all up in graphics that Industrial Light and Magic would have been proud of? You get GloBall, of course."
- Steve Litchfield, iPhone Application List


- One-of-a-kind global high scores system. See if you can get the highest score in your neighborhood, your city, or even the whole world!
- Beautiful graphics.
- Easy controls. Tilt to control the ball, shake to destroy enemy tar blobs!
- 70 levels.
- Secret bonus areas!
- Listen to your iPod while playing.
- Awesome powerups! Fire Ball! Ice Ball! Bomb Ball! Lightning Ball! Nuclear Ball!
- Strategy! Collect color bonuses to maximize your score. Find the best path through each level to become the GloBall champion!
- Danger! Tar monsters, spike balls, spike wheels, fire walls, and more.
- Instant save. Pick up right where you left off.

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