Gun Runner is a trading game, inspired by the trading games on vintage platforms such as Dopewars.

The basic rules of trading apply. Buy low, sell high. What's cheap in one city may be expensive in another.

You’ll need to fund your operations by borrowing money. But be careful, the cost of borrowing in this world can be very high so you'll need to know the cost of goods to keep ahead of those interest charges…

To make progress you'll need to aim high. Borrow as much as you can get but only when you know what you’re going to buy and that you're getting a good price. The interest rates are non negotiable and the penalties are harsh.

And by the way the Interpol is after you. There’s nothing you can do about that, that’s the cost of doing business.


Thought a look behind the scenes might interest some of you. Below is the a snippet of code that controls some of the game variables. The multiples below are for the new version which has been submitted to Apple.

// set number of days a

case 1:
[prefs setInteger: 30 forKey:@"daysLeft"];
[prefs setInteger: 180 forKey:@"cargoSpace"];
[prefs setDouble: 160000 forKey:@"cash"];
[prefs setDouble:10000 forKey:@"debt"];
[prefs setInteger:180 forKey:@"loanMultiple"];

case 2:
[prefs setInteger: 60 forKey:@"daysLeft"];
[prefs setInteger: 140 forKey:@"cargoSpace"];
[prefs setDouble: 120000 forKey:@"cash"];
[prefs setDouble:20000 forKey:@"debt"];
[prefs setInteger:140 forKey:@"loanMultiple"];

case 3:
[prefs setInteger: 90 forKey:@"daysLeft"];
[prefs setInteger: 100 forKey:@"cargoSpace"];
[prefs setDouble: 80000 forKey:@"cash"];
[prefs setDouble:25000 forKey:@"debt"];
[prefs setInteger:100 forKey:@"loanMultiple"];

case 4:
[prefs setInteger: 180 forKey:@"daysLeft"];
[prefs setInteger: 80 forKey:@"cargoSpace"];
[prefs setDouble: 60000 forKey:@"cash"];
[prefs setDouble:30000 forKey:@"debt"];
[prefs setInteger:60 forKey:@"loanMultiple"];

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